Ortiz stops McKinson, KO streak continues

Ortiz Mckinson
Photo: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy

By Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

In a WBA welterweight eliminator, the rising star from Grand Prairie, Texas, Vergil Ortiz Jr. (19-0, 19 KOs) put on a show for his hometown fans dropping the awkward and slick Michael McKinson (22-1, 2 KOs) from the United Kingdom in round eight and again in round nine to score the TKO in the scheduled twelve at Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, streamed live on DAZN and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Ortiz Jr. retained his WBO International title with the huge win and now his hoping for his long awaited world title shot.

In the first two rounds, Ortiz Jr. tried to time the complicated southpaw from the UK, who used various unorthodox angles. By the third round, Ortiz Jr. found his mark and landed powerful combos to the head and body and found his uppercuts available. The fourth round, Ortiz Jr. was on the attack and again landed big shots as McKinson stayed in the pocket and tried to counter and did so on occasion. In rounds five through seven, Ortiz Jr. slowed the pace and was picking his spots landing an occasional combo as McKinson was difficult to hit at times. But in round eight, Ortiz Jr. landed a left hook to the body that finally put McKinson on the canvas. And then the end came early in round nine as Ortiz Jr. dropped McKinson again and although he got to his feet he was on the retreat. McKinson’s corner threw in the towel and referee Laurence Cole stopped the fight at 27 seconds of round nine.

Ortiz Jr. has been out of the ring for almost a year to the day, after stopping “Mean Machine” Egidijus Kavaliauskas last August across town at the Ford Center in Frisco. But 2022 has been a rough year for the Grand Prairie native who was scheduled to fight McKinson this past March in Los Angeles before being diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, defined by the CDC as “a serious medical condition that can be fatal or result in permanent disability.”

It was a frustrating time for the 24-year-old and his team led by his father, Vergil Ortiz Sr. It was also supposed to be the first fight with new trainer Manny Robles after leaving Robert Garcia late last year. Robles led Andy Ruiz to the heavyweight title against Anthony Joshua, before losing in the rematch.

Oscar De La Hoya, the promoter of Ortiz Jr., told Fightnews.com® at weigh-ins Friday that he is doing everything he can to get him his long-coveted title shot against either Terence “Bud” Crawford or Errol Spence Jr. Ortiz Jr. has been the WBO #1 to Crawford’s title for a very long time, who was ringside and has stated he would fight Ortiz Jr. if the Spence fights fell through. Ortiz Jr. told Crawford in the ring, he will be ready when the opportunity comes.

“We have plans to take Vergil and force Vergil to fight everybody, by being the mandatory, by forcing him through the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, we just got to force them to fight, De La Hoya said. “And that’s what Vergil does is fight. So eventually the champions have to face him, there is no running away from Vergil. So that is the route we are going to take, he is #1 in the world with everybody, so once Crawford and Spence fight, Vergil gets the winner.”

Ortiz Jr. was happy to hear things are moving forward with his chance to fight for the welterweight title.

“It’s exciting, it’s exciting just to see how far things are going and I’m going to take it all the way,” Ortiz Jr. told Fightnews.com® after hitting the scales Friday.

On the potential scenario that Spence-Crawford falls apart, De La Hoya was ready to put Ortiz Jr. in with either champ, which Ortiz Jr. was happy to hear.

“I’m ready too and I’m glad I have his full confidence, so we’ll have to see what happens and whatever happens we’ll make the most out of it,” Ortiz Jr. said.

After tonight’s big victory, time will tell if the Golden Boy has the golden touch and Ortiz Jr. can get his crack at his first world title shot. He definitely deserves it after tonight’s performance.

Ortiz Jr-McKinson Post-Fight Press Conference
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  • Ortiz is awesome exciting fighter primed to make a bunch of money with his fighting style and Hispanic support. They love to mention Crawford becuase hes always tied up with bigger fights. Lets see if they ever mention Boots or just continue to give him the protection. Im guessing Cobbs will get a shot at him before anyone else of note.

    • Cobbs is a bum. He can’t fight. He was lucky Hooker was already dinged before the fight. He looked a step behind . Cobbs is a goofy runner who throws funny looking punches.

    • So many great fights to be made in this division, but unfortunately they won’t happen any time soon. I am even skeptical about this Spence/Crawford fight happening this year. No way either side lets Ortiz/Ennis happen at this time. Not enough money. If Crawford doesn’t fight Spence this year the whole division will be on hold and it’s a shame. Sugar Ray Leonard was 23 when he fought a 21 year old Tommy Hearns. How did those guys careers work out? We should be getting fights like that in this stacked division.

  • Boots will stop Ortiz, that’s why they never mention him as a future opponent. Ortiz is avoiding him

  • Ortiz is one of my favorite fighters but I would give his performance a c- . There was a mini circus in the corner with too many voices and I’m still not sure who is the main trainer at this point. Virgil’s main attribute is his balance and combinations that were nonexistent in the first part of the fight. Virgil was exposed in front of Crawford , while watching at ringside , Ortiz isn’t ready for a big fight yet even though he has all the tools . Cleaning up the corner and putting one person in charge would be a good start.

    • he settled down from when Crawford commented. Vergil did his job. There is a lot of pressure on him. Berlanga he ain’t.His corner voice is what he is used to. It will settle down as Vergil wants. Crawford best focus on Spence who will grind much like Vergil.

  • Ortiz struggles against a guy with only two knockouts and who can’t crack an egg, but at least he kept his knockout streak. Time to give him better caliber fights against top contenders. Could Keith Thurman be next?

  • Not one of Ortiz’s shining moments. If he hadn’t been facing an opponent who punches like a feather, the result would have been a lot different. That said, I hope he eventually kicks “Boots” Ennis’ ass.

    • According to his camp they want “48 months” before they get a shot at Boots. They don’t sound as confident as you. As for me I’d love to see it. This kid ain’t ready for Crawford, Spence, Ennis. That’s why they move him like a prospect to keep him busy until Spence and Crawford move up so he can grab a belt against the next “McKinnson.”

  • Ortiz did good he was in there with a fighter that was made for his style it was a good matchup to be in after his long lay off. Unfortunately he might strughle to get the bigger fights cause of the promoters difficulty to negotiate most of the better 147s are PBC fighters and negotiations won’t be as easy as people think
    Anyways I think that if available the best fight for Ortiz right now would be Shawn Porter coming out of retirement that fight would be great, then Thurmsn or Ennis
    I see Benn being a more easier possibilty then them as far as making the fight happen
    But reality has me thinking we will see
    Ortiz vs Rocha in December

  • Before Ortiz, Jr. deals with Ennis, Crawford, Spence, Jr. and/or even Stanionis, I want to see him fight one (1) or two (2) fighters with some pop, a solid jab, good offensive/defensive rhythms; good ring movements; and good counterpunching. Keith Thurman is the only fighter who satisfies such requirements at 147.

    Ortiz, Jr. is a solid, top level fighter. However, I wonder if Ortiz, Jr. may later get exposed because he has not fought enough fighters who satisfied the requirements I previously described?

  • I think we all need to show take a moment and give a strong round of applause to Michael McKinson for going in there and giving it 110%.

    There is no shame in losing to Vergil Ortiz Jr. We all know that Vergil & Boots are the 2 top young welterweights, and the future of this division. Michael might arguably be a top 15 guy, and could get a crack at a world title in the future.

    Boxing has levels. Just like nations have laws that need to be respected. Michael is clearly not at Vergil’s level. There is no crime in losing to Ortiz. It’s not like McKinson was a dumb ass and smuggled drugs into a foreign nation like some people. Michael worked his ass off, gave it his all, and showed tremendous heart and courage. At the same time, displayed great skill that one day might manifest into a great future. He made The UK proud. And Michael, I am proud of you. A job well done.

  • i like Ortiz but He no have nothing to do with Ebonis’Crawford;Garcia and Spencer

  • Ortiz has power, ring IQ, and adaptability… and still maturing. There’s no rush but he should have a big fight no later than next summer. He has earned it. No matter what fighter, there’s always more they can do, however Ortiz is ready.

  • Ortiz stopped a an average fighter at best.
    Connor Benn will spark him out in 5 rounds.

  • Are you kidding me Ortiz is no way near a top welterweight, he fights a guy with 2 knockouts he hasn’t fought any of the top welterweights he can’t beat any of them yes, he will make Golden boy some money because he is marketable but for him to even be ranked that high is a joke. Crawford, Spence, Ennis.Thurman,Ellis just a few even Danny Garcia can beat him.

  • I see several commenters disparaging Vergil’s victory over McKinson. McKinson is a tough and tricky fighter and looked great against Alex Martin, despite his lack of pop. He was a worthy opponent and can beat many of the welterweights today.

    I believe Ortiz, Jr. is one of the top young fighters today. He is defensively responsible and can crack with both hands. He was trying too hard and headhunting too much in the early rounds but eventually settled down and focused on body shots.

    He will be a welterweight champ sooner rather than later. He is one of my favorites along with Naoya Inoue, David Benavidez and Regis Prograis. I look forward to seeing him against Thurman or Danny Garcia next.

  • Being an Oscar fighter, Ortiz will have to face and beat higher caliber of opponents than this, to get my attention. I’m just not impressed by over-hyped fighters who build a string of KOs against overmatched opposition, as they’re the next great thing since Ray Robinson, when in reality against more talented opposition, they end up looking like Nate Robinson.

  • >