Odds tightening on Pacquiao-Spence

WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. opened as a massive 4:1 favorite with BetMGM to retain his belts. Since last week, the money has been pouring in on 42-year-old Manny Pacquiao, who is now only a 2:1 underdog for their August 21 PPV bout in Las Vegas.

“Two years out of the ring allowed my body to rest. My energy stores are overflowing,” said Manny. “I am so grateful to God that I can still fight at this level against the best and to still have these opportunities at age 42. I am still amazed that I have won world titles in each decade, going back to the nineties. My fight with Errol Spence is not just a battle between the two best welterweights but between two of the best fighters. There is no “B side” in this fight. I have just as much to prove in this fight as Errol does. We are going to bring out the best in each other. It is the type of fight that makes boxing so great.”

Trainer Freddie Roach added, “Working with Manny never gets old. In fact, it seems like Manny never gets old! And hearing that all the money is coming in on Manny reminds me of the song, The Best Is Yet To Come, because that has been the common thread throughout Manny’s boxing career. I am just so damn proud of Manny for picking Errol Spence for this fight. It’s a real fight and what a great example to set. You want respect? You want to establish a legacy? Look at what Manny and Spence will be doing on August 21. It’s the type of fight that returns boxing to the front page.”

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  • Marketability in ticket sales can be enhanced by using betting schematics in the media. What better way to sell PPV sales, but to say the betting odds are getting close! In addition, adds excitement to the fight, right? I never pay attention to betting odds when it comes to fights unless I am in the market to make some cash. Your mileage may vary. Have a great today!

  • All the best Pacman, but 42 is 42 no matter how great you were. Unless Spence is not fully himself anymore, and maybe the Pacquiao camp knows more about this. Other than that this is a fight that should not be happening.

      • One thing is for sure. Spence is not a Thurman and Thurman is not a Spence. Two different fighters for sure. Spence would beat Thurman in my opinion. Manny is not the same Manny we saw a few years back. I worry his advancing age will slow some of his reflexes and make him vulnerable for Spence’s arsenal of weapons.

  • On paper.. Spence should win.. easy. But we’re talking about Manny Pacquiao. He’s different. Spence has the reach and size but the problem is that he doesn’t always use it in his fights. I’m not sure if it was a left hook that caught Spence off balance that Mikey caught him with coming in. I remember talking about how Spence shouldn’t be that easy to find. So I can see Manny landing some shots depending on how Spence decides to approach the fight. Obviously Manny is not the Manny from the past but he’s still dangerous. Still.. I have to pick Spence to win. But I’ve bet against Pacquiao before in the past and lost so.. we’ll see

    • Good points. Spence has not been beaten yet and many folks thought him fighting Garcia was a mistake coming off the car accident. Hmmm… Guess we were proven wrong on that thought. Spence has youth on his side in this case. That is the factor I feel will make Manny vulnerable to getting beat in this fight. Guess we will see.

      • Well Scoob he said Mikey Garcia that was before the car wreck now Danny Garcia was after the wreck

  • Who will PBC fix as the decision winner? Pac is more money right now, but Spence has upside for years to come.

  • A 42 year old boxing legend tightening the odds tells you that this 42 boxing icon/legend/great will shock the world by beating Spence…

  • All I know is this.
    Floyd would NEVER fight Spence.
    AND would have NEVER fought him. Ever.
    Why? Because he’s scared. Period.


    • Well, Floyd is retired and has been for a number of years, not to mention Spence is one of Floyd’s prodigees, sooooo…

  • I rarely consistently see Manny experience the following:

    1) Fighting while going backwards;

    2) Fighting in the pocket;

    3) Taking heavy and consistent body punches; and

    4) Dealing with a long, authoritative jab from a fellow lefty.

    Well, regardless of the big problems (size included) Spence may present to Manny, I know Manny will at least get in great shape to provide fast movements and angles. Manny really needs to work on his defense/offense while fighting in the pocket because Spence will bring inside heat as the fights continues.

    I still favor Spence but do not count out Manny because even at his current age, Manny is still a boxing tsunami, a heart attack and a migraine in the ring.

    • E-Man- I don’t see Pacquiao winning this fight, but you can never count old legends out. They all seem to have a reserve of youth deep within them that they tap into when least expected.

  • Im going way out on a limb again and predicting KTFO by Manny. I dont see Spence surviving an onslaught like this. LOL.

    • Everyone can chime in and say their expected outcomes of this fight. Thank you for joining us today.

      • Thanx same to you. I can’t wait. I’m just feeling it. One of those angles and a hard shot Spence gets rocked panics and gets KTFO.

  • This will be the last time Pacquiao enters the ring as an elite fighter. Spence is going to make him look every one of his 42 years.Every legendary fighter takes that one, unadvisable fight they really should not have: Marciano-Joe Louis, Ali-Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard-Terry Norris, Roy Jones vs. pretty much everybody he fought after getting ko’d by Tarver, just to name a few. Pacquiao is an absolute phenom, but his best days are deep in the rear view mirror.

  • Like I mentioned on a previous post, Manny’s best chance is to fight at a fast pace and try to either get Spence out of there within 7 rounds or weaken or discourage Spence for the championship rounds. If Manny is unable to land effectively early, then he will lose his energy and either get knocked out or lose a unanimous decision.

    If Manny fights like he did against Thurman, he will lose as Spence will land more punishing shots early and thus weaken Manny so much that he might not see the final bell.

    • Rafa: Manny’s only chance to win is early, agree. Or pace himself and fight a decent fight and lose on points, but still be the hero he is and cheered by the crowd for a great effort.

      • I want to agree with you Henry but these men like to fight fearlessly going for the throat so to speak and Manny at his age might not have enough in the tank to withstand a late surge by Spence! I’m hoping I’m wrong because I do want Manny to win.

  • I see this fight playing out in 2 very contrasting scenarios:
    1. Every old, great Champion has one last great fight left in the tank…
    2. Once great fighters can turn old right before our eyes during a fight against a younger & bigger fighter.
    *Common sense tells me Spence will defeat Pacquiao BUT my heart favors Manny b/c he has performed so well for so long & it is very difficult for me to count out a Living Legend like PacMan…which is why I don’t bet.

    • Yes, this could be a “mind over matter” type of fight. Manny fighting at a very high level and simply imposing his fight game on Spence in no uncertain way!

  • Manny in six destroys Spence in blowout Manny Greatest fighter on planet earth God Bless Manny.

  • Manny is fearless…yeah Spence is special…he is not superman..didn’t look that good against Porter..is he the same fighter after the accident ? Pac-man is going to present a style Spence has never seen…can he handle Manny’s style ?…Manny has lost a step..but he has a lot of tricks..if Spence thinks he is just going to walk Manny down & take him out..I’ve got news for Errol..it’s not happening.
    I am not saying pac-man will win..but it will not surprise if it’s anyone’s fight going in the late rounds.

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