Navarrete dominates and stops journeyman

Photo: Zanfer Promotions

No surprise here. WBO jr featherweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (32-1, 28 KOs) dominated journeyman Uriel “Yuca” López (13-14-1, 6 KOs) getting a KO in round six of a non-title bout on Saturday night at the TV Azteca Studios in Mexico City. Navarrete cruised through the early rounds then opened up in round five, dropping Lopez with a body shot. Lopez survived the round but went down again after taking more punishment from the champ in the sixth. Time was 2:22.

It was the sixth victory in 13 months for Navarrete.

“I have the utmost respect for Uriel Lopez,” said Navarrete. “He put forth a courageous effort, but I was coming to win by knockout. I want to unify titles, but if nobody accepts my challenge, I’ll move up to featherweight.”

Featherweight Edwin “Pupo” Palomares (13-3-1, 4 KOs) battered Carlos “Chinito” Ornelas (25-3, 14 KOs) to a knee in round five to get a TKO.

Featherweight Sergio “Chirino” Sánchez (15-1, 9 KOs) scored a third round KO over Gustavo Alan Piña (10-3, 6 KOs). Highlight reel knockout.

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  • A nothing card not much better than sparring sessions except the semi main was decent. That movie screen was horrible but the safety measures for the virus were first class surprisingly way better than Vegas

    • Wow, you’re an idiot. Safety measures? First off taking safety measures when everyone is already tested and clean is redundant and just being done for show and to virtue signal. The same reason you mentioned it so you look smart and concerned about the virus that none of them had.

      Also having boxers wear a mask to the ring and in the ring until right before the fight just for them to take it off and LITERALLY try and kill each other. Why not just cancel boxing if we wanna be safe? These guys can die from bleeding of the brain way easier than Covid. If they can risk brain damage and death by fighting they can’t risk it by not wearing a mask in a room full of people who are tested and don’t have the virus?

      You people are mentally ill. You have zero idea how to think for yourselves. The tv said you need to make a big deal out of this and social media shames anyone who doesn’t play along because it’s about virtues signaling.

      Would you wear a mask if you were home alone? No? Then why the fight would a boxer wear one in the boxing ring right before he takes it off and fights another man? When every single person in the building is tested and clean? You people are a fuckin joke. You think life is one big social media feed for you to virtue signal on. Everyone is a great person when all they have to do is type some words telling you that they are. The type of mother fuckers to film themselves giving a homeless person money and post it on Twitter. Fuck off.

      What are you gonna say if Covid disappears(won’t happen it’s here to stay, get use to it). No one has tested positive in month. Keep the lock down going? Before like they were about Mexico in boxing? And take precautions for a virus no one in the world has? Better safe than sorry right?

      • Im not going to read this essay but looking at how you start and how long it is Im just gonna assume your a whiny guy looking to vent

  • Navarrete took the first 3 rounds to warm up, then stepped it up in the 4th and finally stopped Lopez in the 6th. Once he gets going, he’s a punching machine raining punches from all angles on his opponent. He mixes up setup shots with really hard ones and he can hit very hard when he wants to.

    It was basically a get back into action fight for Navarrete, so the outcome was expected. He often doesn’t look good when he lets go with punches while out of position, but he is effective most of the time. I really would like to see him step up against the best fighters in the featherweight division. I seriously doubt he can make 122 lbs without major difficulty.

  • I didn’t watch the main event as I refuse to support these completely one sided matches. Boxing and mma right now have a great opportunity to showcase themselves to sporting fans who normally might not have the time/interest to watch combat sports. As there are few live sports happening I was hoping for boxing to jump on this and showcase competitive quality matchups that would highlight our sports great value. When top rank showcases poor quality main events or cards that overall are not compelling, they aren’t just doing themselves a disservice but they are doing it to all us boxing fans! Take note folks at top rank!!

    • Thats not exactly true. Casual fans dont wish to see Boxing matches. If its not a celebrity or superstar boxer then they want blood and guts. They want to see a KO. Somebody getting their a$$ handed to them. Hardcore fans want good competitive matches. With eyes on the sport, this could generate interest rather then watching good competitive boxers outpoint each other. Other then that, only few champions want a comp fight anyway.

  • Great to see Vaquero back. Hope to see him on again within 12 weeks at 122 or 126lbs.

  • Navarrete is the best Champion in Boxing. He dont wait around for promotional disputes, Perfect TV dates, highest dollar for lowest reward opportunities. He is an established champion that fights like a hungry prospect. True throwback

  • Absurd and premature to hold this fight, or ANY fight. We’re in the middle of a raging, deadly pandemic with no end in sight! Everyone here exposed themselves and have to wait two weeks to see if they contracted the virus. At worst, they did, and will die a painful, lonely death suffocating to death. Or they will contract the virus, recover, and be handicapped for the rest of their lives. Or they will contract the virus, recover but be diminished for the rest of their shortened life span. Or they will contract the virus, with one of the above scenarios happening, and expose the virus to their kids, spouse, parents, others in their family, and other people. At best, they will be fortunate they didn’t contract it at all this time.

    Not a risk that anyone should have to take. For who, what?

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