Navarrete-Conceicao battle to a draw

Emanuel Navarrete Vs Robson Conceicao Action19
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

WBO junior lightweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (38-1-1, 31 KOs) and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Robson Conceicao (17-2-1, 8 KOs) battled to a twelve round majority draw in a great fight on Thursday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After Conceicao outboxed Navarrete for the first three rounds, Navarrete dropped Conceicao in round four. Conceicao rebounded well, but Navarrete floored him again with a body shot in round seven. Conceicao again had success outboxing Navarrete, but was hurt to the body in round ten. After wobbling back to his corner in round eleven, Conceicao showed great heart to win round twelve. Scores were 114-112 Navarrete, 113-113, 113-113. Navarrete retains the title.

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  • Draw is fair for both
    Robson did a great heart he brought great physical condition and desire to win this fight

    Vaquero connected less punches but with more power and damage than Robson punches

    Robson was ko in his feet

    So draw is fair and the rematch should go on right away

    Claps for both of them

  • I thought Navarrete took it late, but a draw is fair. Navarrete looked really bad the first three rounds of that fight and he did pick it up like he always does; but if they do fight again, I think he’ll want to get it going a round or two earlier.

    • One of those volume vs damage kind of fights. 2/1 connect advantage for Robson but Navaratte’s punches were at least twice as effective. A draw is fair but if I had to pick a winner I would have went with Vaquero on the basis of professional boxing is about damage done. Very game challenger but most of his punches were slaps. Still a fantastic effort though.

      • That’s what he does, slaps. He went to three Olympics and he fights like it. Always hitting the target instead of punching through it. If Conceicao had legit power, or even some kind of snappy power, Nava would have been in trouble last night.

  • Naverette is such a class act! I love a fighter with nothing but respect for an opponent and he showed it throughout each round. He was a bit sloppy with his shots and need to work on angels and balance but due to his power and aggressive style he’s been able to get away with many holes in his game!

  • I think vaquero could have won for one point or two
    And in the rematch vaquero will Tko Robson

    But regardless of this I don’t see how vaquero can beat shakur

    • Vaquero did not win this fight. He was given this decision simply because of being the A side. It was definitely a robbery. He simply did not land enough and Shaquie Foster will murder him. Robson was in control must of the rounds and the two knock down were nothing.

      • Oshaquie barely beat and Uber driver 2 weeks ago

        I don’t think he can beat Navarrete

        Navarrete style is deceiving
        He ko valdez and Robson was ko on his feet

  • I’m cool with the result but Navarrete needs to start being a bit more busier in the opening rounds not go all out and gas put put instead of throwing 10 punches throw 15 just a tad busier and he would better shelf in situations like these but it’s his style and it’s worked so who am I to say, Robson was pure game and heart and he did beat Vaquero on many rounds with just boxing but a rematch might not ne better for him, I see Vaquero doing better than Robson in a rematch

  • Great fight. Thought it was a draw, Shakur is the new Floyd. Total snoozer.. I expected that, but it way brutal. Good luck getting a fight with Tank after that performance. Awful. One of the worst title fights in boxing history

    • Floyd was not nearly as boring as this bum. He would stop guys or almost stop them by the 12th. Systematically break them down. Way better fighters than de la santos too. Stopped Corrales and Genaro Hernandez as an underdog. Beat up Cotto. Stopped Hatton. Floyd definitely not TBE but miles ahead of this fraud.

      • Don’t try to generalize Floyd’s career

        The only legimate victory of Floyd was against corrales

        Then as soon as moved to 135 lbs and up then he changed a lot kind of shakur

        Yea he dominate some old guys like Chicanito Hernandez , Judah , Mosley etc

        But he looked bad against Castillo , de la hoya , canelo and maidana

        And de la Hoya was old

  • Bad decision, had Conceicao winning this fight 8 rds. to 4. factor in the 2 knock downs would have scored it 114-112 in his favor.

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