Munguia, Allotey, Kingry Media Day

By Miguel Maravilla

WBO junior middleweight world champion Jaime Munguia (33-0, 26 KOs) of Tijuana, Mexico and his opponent Patrick Allotey (40-3, 30 KOs) of Ghana held a media workout Wednesday afternoon at the Azteca Boxing Gym in Bell, California. Munguia and Allotey square off this Saturday, September 14 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California live on DAZN. Here is what the fighters said prior to their workout.
Munguia La Workout08
Jaime Munguía: “I feel good and I’m ready. I’m happy to be headlining this card on Mexican Independence Day weekend. I’m very excited. My weight is fine. Working with Erik this camp he got the best out of me. I look forward to show what I learned. Allotey is a strong fighter. I plan on giving a good fight.”

Patrick Allotey: “I feel great. This is the ultimate, getting a world title shot. I will show everyone what Ghana fighters are all about. He’s a great fighter with power. He did a good job in his last fight and I don’t think he lost. This will be a great fight. I’m ready to be a world champion.”

Also at Wednesday’s media day workout was undefeated lightweight Ryan Garcia (18-0, 15 KOs) of Victorville, California, who will be taking on Philadelphia’s Avery Sparrow (10-1, 3 KOs) in the co-feature bout.

Ryan Garcia: “I’m happy to be fighting on a big date. I’m excited this is a tough fight. Chepo and Eddie (Reynoso) have all my best interests. They see my potential. I’m just a student. I will show everyone that I’m a great fighter. I feel Sparrow is going to be flashy, trying to get out of the way of punches. He’s a tough challenge. He has grit and heart. This guy moves and is fast. This is a real test. After this fight. I want that guy over there,” (pointing towards Filipino lightweight Romero Duno) “I want him next!”

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  • Ghana has a couple of guys that may be lined up for title fights at lightweight, but Allotey is the only one at a higher weight. And he’s pretty good since the Kanat Islam fight, a fight he couldn’t win unless he got a ko, because he was in Kanat’s home country. De La Hoya probably doesn’t believe in Allotey’s chances because of his performance from 2015 against Patrick Teixeira. Allotey will put all he’s got into this. He’s got a jab, he’s not a dumb fighter. If he wins, who knows, he may get a big money fight, maybe against Crawford. Munguia is going up to 160, so he could get outboxed and be like, whatever. However, he has fought 6 fighters twice in his career, he is 12-0 (10 KOs) vs 6 fighters. I think that is pretty bogus. I would take the 10 fights he won by KO and take them off of his record. He is more like 30-3 (20 KOs). His record is too padded if you look at the 40 wins. 6 of the same fighters he fought are Kofi Manu, Abdul Majit, Moses Achimbolo, Paul Achaab, Gabriel Adoku, Fuseini Ahmed.

    • You made good points here man. If you like Ghana boxing check out Real Ghana Boxing on YouTube

  • 2 privileged Mexican frauds with padded records you will never step it up to be exposed is the frauds that any aficionado can pick out within minutes of watching them fight. Munguia will be matched very soft up until the time that he gets to get cashed out versus the other Mexican fraud, in Canelo. Kingry is a low IQ glassjawed fraud who will be protected as long as he possibly can, until fishnets has no other choice but to see him get brutally ko’d and his expose fight.

    • If Kingrye has a glass jaw, how come he’s never been KO’d. C’mon now, people use the term “glass jaw” very loose these days. I agree, his record is padded, hes young. Hes being treated as any young prospect fighter shld be. With caution..a lot of great fighters fighting right now are padding records. Look at the charlos. Great fighters BUT who the hell were those guys they jus fought!! KINGRYE, is he immature, yes at times. Hopefully he grows out of it. In my opinion, he has all the tools to be great. He jus needs to be patient and continue doing what he does and not call on these superstars yet, Cuz he is no superstar.

      • Just because he hasn’t been ko’d yet doesn’t mean he hasn’t glassjaw. He got legitimately hurt from a jab off of a fighter with less than 50% KO ratio. I don’t need to see him get knocked out to know that he can’t take a shot worth a damn. That’s the difference between aficionados and groupie fans like you. I am calling Ryan Garcia a fraud and you can bookmark this posting and throw it in my face if he ever becomes a truly successful elite prize fighter. I’m saying he will never be that and you are more than welcome to try to prove me wrong and put egg on my face. Good luck with that 🙂

        • A groupie fan huh.. I’ve logged more boxing rounds in fights and sparring than a lot of people have. Although I never made it to elite status, it did pretty damn good as a boxer. So ur and aficianodo huh. How many rounds have u gone in sparring and actual fights.just curious. Because if u have gone rounds, u of all people know that regardless of the type of punch, a well placed one can affect you. I’ve been down 3 times in my career. Only 1 of them came from a power punch, the other two were calculated button shots. I’m proud to say I can take a punch as I have walked thru most of them. Sooo..IF uve logged some real boxing rounds and taken some actual shots, then I can respect ur opinion. If ur an aficionado that jus studies the sports but never taken real shots in the ring or cage, then it means nothing more than a stats kinda guy and only judges of what u can see and GUESS is happening

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