Meet boxing’s teen-age hit squad

By Robert Coster

They are born with the new century, a group of 13 teenage boxers that may just have what it takes to become future stars. Some of them have already won title belts. They are young, hungry fighters from four continents and® wishes to introduce these promising boxers. We’ll be watching them in the years to come.

VITO MIELNICKI, 17, USA, record 2-0, 2 KOs, welterweight from New Jersey. The youngest registered pro boxer in the state’s history. His fights are action-packed.

AYUMU HANADA, 17, Japan, record 5-0, 3 KOs, flyweight, at his young age he has already won the WBF Asian Pacific Title. Is he another Japanese phenom?

GABRIEL FLORES JR, 19, USA, record 15-0, 6 KOs, lightweight from California, signed with Top Rank. He is already headlining cards that draw 10,000+ and should be crashing into the rankings very soon, excellent boxer-puncher

ANYERSON VELASQUEZ, 19, Venezuela, record 7-0,5KOs, he is already the South American bantamweight champion

JOEY SPENCER, 19, USA, record 9-0, 7 KOs, middleweight from California. He was an excellent amateur and has the PBC promotional machine behind him.

ALEXIS ESPINO, 19, USA, record 4-0, 3 KOs, super-middleweight from Nevada. He was an amateur star who is appearing on major undercards.

JAMES POWER, 18, Ireland, record 3-0, 3 KOs, super featherweight, don’t let his baby face fool you, he packs a punch

ENMANUEL GUERRA, 18, Cuba, record 3-0, 1 K0, fights in Florida, signed with MTK Global

RAUL RUBIO, 18, Mexico, record 8-0, 3 KOs, flyweight, from the Los Mochis boxing gyms that have produced many champs.

ANTHONY GROBLER, 19, South Africa, record 3-0, 2 KOs, super-featherweight, a lot is expected from this youngster in SA.

SEAN GARCIA, 19, USA, record 5-0, 2 KOs, featherweight from California, he may be as talented as his older brother Ryan Garcia.

JESUS ARECHIGA, 19, Mexico, record 10-0, 8 KOs, featherweight, already four fights this year, this young power-puncher is keeping busy.

KATELYNN PHELAN, 19, Ireland, record 2-0, super-lightweight, the girl of the group, comes from a boxing family, as an amateur she was 7-time Irish champion.

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  • Other nations have 13 and 14 year olds crushing adults. Add sparring, and we have 9 & 10 year olds crushing adults. This list does not impress me.

    • Give us the actual names & records of your “13 & 14 year olds crushing adults” to prove you are not a total fraud. We wont hold our collective breath!!

      • Tommy Morrison won a Toughman tournament he entered at 13. I don’t know if he showed a fake ID or just fibbed about his age. I’m guessing he was most likely the only one with actual boxing experience.

  • Nice round up. Thanks

    A lot can and will happen but judging from their accomplishments, some of these kids may well be the next boxing greats.

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