Mayweather returns Feb 28 in Japan

By Gabriel F. Cordero

Former multi-division world champion Floyd Mayweather announced will return to the ring at an event called ‘Mega 2021’ to be held on February 28 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. In a short Instagram video, Floyd stated “Tokyo, Japan, I’m coming back in 2021…me, myself, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and my team will be doing something big at the Tokyo Dome.”

Mayweather, 43, last fought in 2017 against MMA fighter Conor McGregor. He performed an exhibition match against another MMA athlete in Japan on December 31, 2018.

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  • cant be mad… He makes too much money to retire. If you could get 7 figures to attend grade school again you would. Besides, the Fuel for those private jets add up and he needs the money 🙂

  • Love him or hate him, you gotta admit he’s gotta be the smartest athlete/business man in the sport. Proven Champion and Legend…

    • Yes, he brought Canelo down a notch or two on how to properly box. I am sure Canelo learned a lot from that loss.

  • To little Floyd.. GTFOH! This dude needs to find a hobby already like get a life already who in their right mind wants to watch this overrated bore fight anymore? It’s just crazy Floyd is always bragging about how much money he has how much he bets and wins at the sports books but never talks about what he loses which is pretty obvious no one wins every time at the sports book anyone with half a brain knows he is one day going to run out of funds when he can’t do these silly exhibitions anymore because eventually no one will want to see these farces anymore he will be broke as a joke and he deserves it during a pandemic and he’s force feeding to everyone how much money he has this guy is lame he even throws a tantrum when he finds out someone else is making bank lol
    Floyd: “I made 300 million in one night who can ever claim this”. Bla bla bla, get a life already Floyd

  • It’s another luxury vacation for Floyd. Probably just do some everyday workout regimen and no sparring for $20-$75 mil payday. Good for him. Japan has less cumulative cases COVID to date (119K) than U.S. gets in 1 day so even if they do a 50% capacity at Tokyo Dome and a PPV he will make out quite well.

  • I am not a fan of retired boxers returning to the ring in any capacity, but easy money has tremendous sweet talking skills. During my footloose and fancy free days, I had a GREAT TIME in Japan!!!

    I am sure Floyd has multiple reasons for returning to Japan.

  • Don’t have any feeling either way if enters another track meet. I will say he is one of the greatest track stars of all time.

    The two times he decided to FIGHT he lost. Oscar beat him (narrowly) and JLC beat him handily on the first fight. He out threw, out landed and all at a higher connect % It was a sound beating.

    • I most certainly do agree with you that he lost the first JLC fight and he lost it clearly in my opinion. Oscar, however – no way, no how De La Hoya won that fight.

      • The scorecards of Mayweather vs. Castillo I should have been almost identical to the Lomachenko vs. Lopez fight. Oscar was trained by Freddie Roach for that fight, and he said Oscar couldn’t pull the trigger anymore, reason why he allowed Pacquia to fight him

    • Let’s not forget the first Maidana fight where Floyd got the shit beat out of him. Also, the slowed down footage of the Pacquiao fight that tallies the punches landed for each fighter shows Manny beat Floyd with harder punches and more punches landed. Floyd is the biggest fraud in boxing. Go ahead and attack me with the “Floyd schooled manny” bs. The video doesn’t lie. It’s slowed down and tallies all punches from every exchange. Floyd has nothing in that fight but his pillow fists.

  • Another easy payday for TBE.
    Love him or hate him, lot of people are still gonna pay to watch him fight.
    Let’s hope for a stoppage.

    • That could be fantastic and utterly funny, especially if the 400 pounds Sumo guy for some how, lands on top of him

  • Unless he did an exhibition in America against Pacquiao, Crawford, or Golovkin, nobody wants to see him fighting in America. That is why he goes to Japan to do whatever he is going to do in February. There might be a couple of other interesting fighters (pro boxers) out there between 140 to 154 he could fight, but Mayweather at 44 is an exhibition only guy now.

  • He goes to Japan to get paid !a lot of haters, don’t hate congratulate! Floyd is the blueprint for success in the boxing ring but I will agree he got that first decision against Castillo that is definitely debatable ! To make over 10 gz in your debut set the bar with an amateur pedigree and living in the gym when the world around you can kill you in a second how do you not root for him

  • Who cares. He’s not going to fight anyone who has a chance at beating him. Take your ego and your BS TBE and stay gone. I respect Floyd but I don’t have to like him. His career was one of evasion and security, that’s fine too, but it doesn’t make you great.

  • I remember there being a huge upset at this arena on February 11th 1990. I would love to see one again!

  • Lol. Gee thanks Floyd. Lol
    I will probably be in Japan at the time of his what ever it is.
    Wont go. But it will be on free TV

  • Mayweather makes top 100 fighters of all time but because he put off most of his biggest threats until they were shot makes him exempt from serious top 50 fighters. Mayweather tricked a whole millennial generation who have limited knowledge of boxing.

  • And the suckers will pay big bucks for another farce and they will say he went 51-0 cherry picking amateurs.

  • Credit must be given where it is due. Floyd Mayweather is an all-time great fighter. He’s a HOF fighter. Dedicated to his craft, gifted, exceptional, and unbeatable. I applaud Floyd Mayweather. He always comes well-prepared and wins. He thoroughly beat Canelo, PacMan, De La Hoya. He wiped the floor with caveman Maidana (twice). He beat Judah, Mosley, Cotto, Hatton, Gatti, Castillo, and Corrales. He demonstrated quite effectively and decisively that an MMA grunt like caveman McGregor, has absolutely no business in a Boxing ring fighting the likes of a Mayweather. I applaud this man and celebrate his success. I’d rather watch Mayweather fight, even an exhibition or replays of his old fights, than watch any ridiculous, amateurish, farcical fights involving Fury, Wilder, and Joshua.

    Whatever he has planned in Japan, may it be a resounding success!

  • All of these hater in here who type, “who cares” and yet the watch everything he does. If he fights we’ll all be watching. Stop bullshitting with yourselves. I know you hate that the black guy is the most successful combat sport figure ever but deal with it.

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