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20210606 Showtime Mayweather V Paul Fight Night Westcott 1196

Photos: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Floyd Mayweather: “He was strong, tough, and better than I thought he was. Even without much experience, he knew to use his weight to tie me up tonight.

Logan Paul: “I don’t want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again. The fact that I got in here with one of the greatest boxers of all time, it proves the odds can be beat. Anyone can beat the odds and do great things in life. This is one of the greatest nights of my life, I’m happy.”


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  • 44 vs 26, 155 vs 200, 5”8 vs 6”2 and still beat the young man. I still think it is stupid to keep risking his life and brain health for no real reason

      • Yes, I believe you are right. His apparent spending in comparison with apparent income don’t match up. I think he simply blows his money after his fights. Doubtful he has any meaningful investment returns to speak of. He will fight again and again. He will also eventually turn more to endorsements I predict.

      • yes, im not sure his wealth is what he says it is. I mean of course he has more money I do, but i seriously doubt he is a billionaire. That kardashian girl was said to be a billionaire and was fouind out to not be. He probably has alot of people on payroll. Only takes one woman and a clever accountant to lose all your money. I have no problem with joke fights, screw fans wanting a legacy. Its his brains, let him get the pay for these shows….just dont whine that the real fans don’t love you for it.

  • This is another reason boxing is going to shit, pay ppv for this and call it a boxing match for fun, if it was for fun and Mayweather is not broke it should have been free.

  • Only watched the first round but paul hit mayweather with a monster barrage of punches at the end. Surprised Floyd was still standing.

  • Not a single boxing fan happy about that. Seeing an all time great look like that against a novice fighter.At 44 Mayweather is shot, can’t get his punches off. That’s ok as age gets the best of everybody. Just don’t put us through that again. Don’t fight again! Ashamed I paid to see that.

    • Irish Joe, don’t put yourself through that again. You chose to buy. It’s all on you.

      • Yes it is on me. I was hoping we would see the intensity of the Mayweather that blew out Diego Corrales and Arturo Gatti. I know, he’s 44 now, not going to happen. I also thought he was going to take this personal n put on some kind of a show. That didn’t happen. I think he felt some of the shots Paul hit him with. He couldn’t pull the trigger. He hesitated n didn’t throw enough punches. How can a real fan be happy with that fight?

        • he wasn’t going to take it personal….he even said before hand he wasn’t going to train for it….logically, if he was to destroy Paul in one round there would be zero way to market the rematch, or a fight with the brother…..most people knew the Conor fight was a joke, so we didn’t buy it, but entertainment fans did….but he had to make Conor look good, to force a payday rematch, but the cat was out of the bag so no fan would purchase the rematch….now that these entertainment fights are a THING, he can now keep doing this AND rematch the CONOR JOKE because non fight fans are into it now. This won’t be the last joke fight. These youtubers are going to make more of them. Win or lose they got a lot of pull. People say they should get in line and earn it, but right off the bat they make money. Paul got maybe 10 million last night, he is an entertainer of casual young people, not for us.

    • He got what punches off he needed too. The basically knocked Paul silly at one point then had to hold him to keep him up. Can’t have Mayweather beating the brakes off this guy. He needs to set up the exhibition with the other Paul brother

    • So what did you think when Ali was in the ring with wrestlers and football players for paydays?

  • This “fight”/ “sparring session” / “exhibition” s%cked big time.
    – I’m glad that I did not spend a single penny to watch this garbage.

  • I’d like to see Floyd Jr. have one more fight with Pacquio then both of them retire… AND I’m not talkng about an exhibition fight.. Floyd is just too good for anyone … Pacquio would give him another great fight….

    • Are you on drugs?

      Pacman would take out Mayweather in 2 rounds. Maybe the 1st.

      Mayweather is not fit to go 4 rounders at this point. He is TOTALLY out of shape. That is why his father wanted nothing to do with this shit, and I am a loser for paying the $53.

  • They both sucked. Yes, like a fool, I paid to watch this piece of shit.

    I am giving both Floyd & Logan an F-.
    And this is being generous. As in, Santa generous.

    Arias vs Hurd was a great fight. Fantastic win for Arias.

    Mayweather was a total embarrassment, and Logan Paul was worse. Logan Paul lost 7 of the 8 rounds. And this was to an old man running on empty. And Paul has the nerve to call himself a professional fighter.

    Paul, go home and get your fucking shine box.

    Floyd, join your dad in the retirement home.

  • That had to have been fixed. There is no way in hell a novice lasts 8 rounds against a guy at Mayweather’s level. Someone had big money on this not ending in a KO. I suspect a lot of fans (myself included) thought a Mayweather KO win was a safe bet.

    Look for Bert Cooper versus Joe Savage on YouTube to see how this would have looked if it wasn’t rigged.

    • It was an exhibition. I told all the younger kids who follow the you tuber that Floyd would just smack him around a bit but not knock him out.
      I just dont see Floyd risking breaking his britle hands for an exhibition. He hand hand problems his whole career.

    • Sean, as if it’s his choice. Canelo already said it’s stupid, an embarrassment and a waste of time. Why even bring him up?

  • Just a quick money grab to throw some money around at women. I wouldnt mind tricking and flying in a few Instagram models with you’ll money neither. I aint mad at it. As a legend in his field, he’s earned this privilege. He got in shape and now has extra party money with no wife to bust his balls. He got this life figured out fellas.

  • I did not see the fight but understand it was a close fight, with some people even saying Paul should have won. How is that even possible? Obviously Floyd is well past his prime, but 44 is really not that old to have faded that drastically. There was such a huge gap in experience that the size and age differences should not have been that much of a factor. If not knock him out, Floyd should have at least been able to toy with him and slap him around the ring for 8 round like Ali did Lyle Alzado in their exhibition. I’m not sure what to make of this whole charade; is Floyd trying to set up a rematch or get a fight with the other brother? Who knows. I do know that these fights are just a trend, and soon even their little YouTuber fans will see what a load of crap they are and stop watching…one can only hope!

    • Fight not close in my view. 7-1 May. May fought as the aggressor which is not his natural approach so I think that and rust and Paul’s reach contributed to a somewhat sloppy fight, as much as it more than age did.

  • What a shit show ! These type of fights are a shame and another black eye to the sport we love ! If every asshole/Youtuber who has fame and money can challenge an ex world champ or world champ, for what do we need rankings ?! 95% of the boxers are struggling to make enough money tol ive decently and are struggling to climb the rankings or get a shot (Dilian Whyte for ex) and these freak shows are completly harming our sport.. I’m furious like i never was, i’m passionnate about boxing for more than 30 years and enough is enough !! This fight will generate a shit load more money than a fight like Pacquiao-Spence and more views too..
    I respect Canelo for not doing so for the moment… but how long can he resist to it ?!

    • Regis: agreed 100% my dude. This was stupid and ridiculous and whats worse is for mayweather to jus go in there and box “carry” this dude like that really disrespects the rest of us boxers. Makes the average person feel they wld really have a shot in hell. Total bullshit and disrespectful for us real fighters

  • Canelo can destroy both brothers on the same night, right before his scheduled 12 rounder against a real fighter. 3 fights in one night.

  • There are 0-8 active fighters who could have defeated this version of Mayweather, and Paul lost almost every single round.

    Paul, go home and get your fucking shine box.

    • Hardly. Now you go get your fucking shinebox or quit using a 30+ year old reference over and over agin

  • logan paul was 2 times bigger in size than mayweather, it isnt really the size its really the skills that count!!

  • People in this forum actually paid for this? Fightnews should suspend them for a year from posting. Almost as bad as a boxer juicing.

  • Does this clown really think he went the distance with Floyd? Floyd could have take him out in R2. But Floyd is a businessman and knows suckers will be paying for the next “fight” so he had to show that the bum can go the distance. What a joke. Sparring partners have given Floyd a lot more fight. Seen it!

  • we all know its a joke, but this fight probably has the most comments. and thats the point, the more people talk about it, the more these kind of people make money. We will see more of these things. Not just the paul brothers, but other minor celebs will call out past their prime fighters. Credit for them to at least challenging Woodley and Mayweather. They could have challenged Canseco and OCHOCINCO.

  • Paul has made a lot of money and secured a large fan base through social media a la the Kardashian family, which is financially smart. However, the “nothing is impossible” phrase should be used when facing an elite level opponent in his own weight category, not one who is 35 pounds lighter. That being said, I guess it’s relative to his own life experience and interpretation of what he may have previously thought was impossible…

  • Most of you have no clue that this was an event to make money and sell a brand. You all probably thought Tyson and Roy Jones were going to go toe to toe. That being said there is a fading shelf life for these Paul brothers fight cards. They got over a million buys for the Paul vs Askren card. This one did 600-650,000 but it wasn’t a great event and the majority of people tuning in didn’t care about what a Badou Jack is so I can see the other Paul vs Mayweather later this year which would be better since Jake is a better fighter than Logan who lost to another Youtuber in his debut

  • There was never intended to be a knockout, only two people putting on a show, for entertainment purposes only, in order to make money. They feigned competitiveness, antagonism, mean intentions, for the sole purpose of creating hype, suspense, interest, and PPV buys.

    I saw moments in this fight where Floyd could’ve unloaded, but didn’t. He held back or made sure he didn’t deliver a damaging shot to a wide open and badly tiring Paul. Paul is not a puncher. He doesn’t have much power in his shots because he doesn’t know how to throw a proper punch and he’s an arm puncher. Despite his amateurish abilities, he managed to hit Floyd flush at times, but Floyd brushed those shots off for this reason. Floyd never got hit by such shots, and did so in this fight, either because he is diminished at 44 or he knew Paul couldn’t put any real power on his punches. This “fight” seemed choreographed, pre-planned, and contrived. It was an exhibition.

    About Floyd needing money, there’s no evidence of this. I think he is capitalizing on his name and skill while he still can. He is a fascinating and gifted fighter, the likes of which many of us may not see again during our lifetimes. He made $50M-100M for the exhibition with this YouTuber. As long as he can do that, he will, regardless of how much he already has in the bank.

  • It was the best fight so far in 2021. It had it all, the greatest boxer ever having a bludge off the sport being sent into retirement by some jock that never boxed in his life. Was like a bad joke.

  • The fact that Paul got in the ring with Floyd doesn’t prove ANYTHING. This delusional kid acts as if he “EARNED” a shot at an active champion by beating top contenders. Newsflash, kid: It was a circus sideshow/exhibition comedy act that gullible people threw their money away to watch. Sad and laughable at the same time. If you want to prove something, step in a boxing ring vs a top contender that weighs the same as you and spar three rounds, wearing 12 oz gloves…away from the spotlight…for free.

  • Mayweather toyed with this guy, no matter what or how significant the differences are, the main issue is that Mayweather is not just a trained skilled boxer that has been doing this for many years, but Mayweather is an expert at this craft and maybe the best to do it….Mayweather could have finished this guy at any moment, just with a well placed body shot …….. definitely a quick finish would killed any future “entertainment” events had to carry the guy some…

    But kudos to Logan Paul had an opportunity to share a unique experience with a boxing legend, had fun , made money, did not get hurt and put on a show…..

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