Colonel Bob Sheridan injured in robbery attempt

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Fame boxing broadcaster Colonel Bob Sheridan was a victim of attempted robbery, suffering several injuries that required hospitalization while traveling in his recently purchased $200,000 2021 Corvette through the city of Victorville, California. The Colonel told® the details.

“Two weeks ago next Monday I had to drive over to Hollywood from Las Vegas to do a shoot for a new show, ‘The Colonel Bob Sheridan Boxing Show.’ It is in preproduction. The producer is academy set producer ‘Suzette.’ We have worked together for over fifteen years. She has won two academy awards for set design. She is in the big league in Hollywood. She is the executive producer and the producer of the show.

“I was driving back home (Las Vegas) through this town of Victorville where there are only four cops with over 300,000 people. The cops cannot control it. The United States doesn’t have border protection anymore. The cartels from Bogotá, Colombia, Mexico, and Honduras, who are just walking past the border with baby prams full of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. There are so many people in that town that are criminals they cannot control it.

“There were eight guys on motorbikes. They saw my car. I knew what they were looking at. They didn’t know me from Adam.

“They are true criminals. They tried to box me in and I knew I had to save my life. They were chasing me speeding up from 40 mph to 70mph. I did a power spin to the right and hit them. There was a death involved and the police came to investigate. The cops never told me how many of those guys were down.

“I was taken home by an airforce colonel. I was pretty beat up because I was hit by one of the motorcycles. I was knocked out for about three and a half hours. That was a quiet night in Victorville. It’s worse than Mogadishu. A totally Wild West town.

“Since then I have been in hospital twice. I had surgery on my stomach and I am scheduled for more surgery on June 30 as a result of the collision.”

The Colonel is recovering at his Las Vegas apartment and would like to thank® boxing fans for their best wishes.

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  • Sad this happened, but in this day and age, nothing is out of bounds for criminals to take advantage of innocent people. Hate to say it, but sometimes we attract attention to ourselves when the lap of luxury is widely open whether we are in a ghetto or not. I realize the policing issue in this country is a debatable subject, but laws need to be enforced for everyone no matter who you are.

    • One might be driving through the the unfamiliar town on his way to the final destination. The burden is on those who commit the crime.

    • @yo Not just a bad neighborhood, but a neighborhood that is worse than Mogadishu, according to Mr. Sheridan. From the article:

      ““I was taken home by an airforce colonel. I was pretty beat up because I was hit by one of the motorcycles. I was knocked out for about three and a half hours. That was a quiet night in Victorville. It’s worse than Mogadishu. A totally Wild West town.”

  • Agreed, sorry this happened to him, wish a speedy recovery, glad he was street savvy and vigilant.

  • There are a lot of hungry wolves out looking for food. If your riding in luxury during these hard times you may end up on a plate. Stimulus checks go but so far, and not everybody gets them.
    Takes some gumption to do a “power spin” and smash your car into some riders hard enough to cause casualties.
    I’m guessing the motorcycle collided into his car after he did the spin move, is how he got “beat up” and hit with a motorcycle?

        • I third that! It sounds like the colonel was beating way his way outta there like Action Jackson! I’m also gonna call bullshit on the claim there’s only 4 cops in a town of 300,000 people! Furthermore, I’m calling bullshit that Victorville even has 300,000 people. And Colombian Drug cartels walking around with baby prams of cocaine and fentanyl? What the hell is a baby pram anyway? Sounds like the Colonel has a wild imagination and has gone off the deep end!

      • I bave a lot of questions myself. Many aspects of the story don’t really add up. But then again if there was a death involved he might be under advisement not to talk about the details.

      • There’s a lot that doesn’t add up. But if theres a death, like he claims, He may be under the advice of an attorney to not discuss it in detail.

        • If there’s a death? There are public records of it. But good luck finding them, because this is all bull****.

  • Sorry but this sounds highly suspicious to me! IDK maybe the colonel is a Trump-ian and is using this as a B.S propaganda swipe at immigration. I hope he’s ok, but this sounds a little weird to me! Also funny how he was unconscious for so long, but yet recalls every detail…….

  • Victorville. A population of 300,000, and only 4 cops? That can’t be accurate, can it?

    • There is no where near 300 people in victorville. Im not saying his story is false, but Ive driven through there. Its a small town

      • I’ve never heard of Victorville before this, but this story sounds odd. According to, the population in 2019 was 122,385. Their website says that more than 150 people work at the Victorville police department. The numbers in the article are skewed apparently.

  • Speedy recovery my friend. Your a tough New Englander. Best wishes.
    Dick Flaherty

  • I live in Los Angeles. If true this would have been a big story. Heard nothing. Victorville is patrolled by San Bernardino county sheriff’s department. They take care of business. Something fishy. Seems like he may have really been promoting his show in the article.

  • “…..while traveling in his recently purchased $200,000 2021 Corvette”.
    – I would NEVER spend $200K for a car. NEVER !!

    • Gary G, it all depends on your net worth. If he’s worth a lot more than that car and has an income higher than that car then it’s nothing for him. Not saying he is, but that’s when it would make sense. Or he’s a fool and is deeply in debt for a stupid car.

  • So he assumed it was illegal cartel criminals, kills one, then a colonel comes down to take him home. All the while the incompetent police investigate. Yeah, something doesn’t add up.

  • This gasbag is a hyperbole bs machine at the best if times. Victorville has about 120k people and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s runs the policing….with more than 4 officers. They have press releases for their highway deaths….show us the date.

  • Very peculiar. I will keep an eye on this and see how the facts/evidence develop to determine what is substantiated.

  • This guy got to be the worst boxing announcer around. He was and still Don King puppet.

  • So many things to comment about here…
    (1) That’s one hellacious stretch of the imagination to suggest that Colombian drug cartels are somehow involved in your alleged carjacking attempt. I mean, it’s possible, but c’mon. Were they snorting coke off the handle bars or something, Bob? What was the giveaway for you on that?

    (2) What the hell are you doing driving a $200,000 Corvette, anyway? You’re 77 years old and have been a dust farting attention whore for decades. There are better, far cheaper ways to do it.

    (3) “I did a power spin to the right and hit them.” So, in an interview, you’ve just confessed to a manslaughter charge – involuntary, if not voluntary. If this story isn’t entirely bull****, congratulations: you’ve just opened yourself up to at best a future criminal trial.

    (4) “I was taken home by an air force colonel?” Bull****. If you were involved in something like this? (a) law enforcement, if anyone, would be taking you home – but only you were most assuredly questioned, and rather intensely at that, and (b) this would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. At the national level, thanks to the fact that your attention whoring over decades has brought you some (inexplicable) measure of fame.

    In short? I call Major League Bull**** on this. But if someone wants to look up the police record and verify what he’s said here? I’ll be glad to retract it if I’m proven wrong.

  • Victorville is one of the towns you pass driving from LA to Vegas along with Baker and Barstow on the I15. The only reason to pull into Victorville would be gas or fast food. Area was also known as a a radar speed trap . Story is total crap.

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