Mayweather likely not fighting this year

Former multi-division world champion Floyd Mayweather will likely not be fighting in 2020 after the recent deaths of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children Josie Harris and his uncle and former trainer Roger Mayweather plus all the disruption to the sport due to the coronavirus. According to TMZ, the 43-year-old Floyd was planning on TWO fights this year, but with two family members passing within one week, the last thing on his mind is fighting.

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    • And what would be the point of expecting people to pay for another staged exhibition with McGregor.

      • Mayweather-McGregor was the second largest PPV in boxing history. 4 million +

      • Michael, I have to agree, looked staged to me too. Mayweather was more flat footed and lazy in McGregor’s fight than against any other fighter. Money talks…

        • I agree. They agreed on the 9th round and I’m sure they bet hard on that.
          Mayweather got his 50th win and mactapout didn’t lose too much stock in his UFC career by going 9 with ‘the greatest’ and ‘I was winning the first few rounds BS’
          Notice how quickly the ref jumped in and stopped it…… couldn’t have 100’s of memes of mctapout flat on his back in his first boxing fight doing the rounds. Both were laughing and smiling after the fight – at the amount of money they just won/conned.

          • I agree too! The first 6 rounds were fairly competitive, then after that, Mayweather toyed with him like he was hitting the double-end bag. Like it took Mayweather 6 rounds to figure out the boxing mastery of Connor Mcgregor?!- My ass!!! Then an out of shape looking, far less than sharp Mayweather completely destroyed that Japanese kickboxer, or who ever the hell he was. In hindsight, I will definitely say the McGregor fight was staged!

    • Because Dana White was gonna feed him Khabib, which is an even easier boxing match than Conor was.

  • I don’t see him competitive at the elite level, not at all.
    His return wouldn’t be good for boxing, because at this stage any fight he could be involved, has the unequivocal traces of fixed, and that takes a lot of boxing’s credibility

  • The climate not good. He likely just doesnt want to talk about Boxing right now. He’ll make an announcement in July for a Sept fight.

  • In other news, Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley Are likely not fighting this year.

  • Lol little Floyd needs a life! He needs to find a hobby all he does is try and keep himself relevant it’s like dude go away already and don’t come back.

  • No one cares!! Keep your circus show and rigged fights away from boxing. The sport is a thousand times better without you!! He was planning on fighting twice this year? Against handpicked and carefully matched opponents. No risk and high reward, that’s the Mayweather way. No one wants to see him fight some MMA guy with no boxing skills and no one wants to see him fight any one in boxing. Maybe a Canelo rematch if Canelo could make the weight but I doubt Floyd would take the fight. A Pacquiao fight?? Not interested. Floyd already won that rigged fight. Do us all a favor and stay retired!!

  • My prayers goes out to him as he’s def grieving the lost of his uncle and maybe even his ex-girlfriend. There’s been a void in boxing since he’s left but his family comes first.

  • Isn’t this kind of like saying Larry Holmes isn’t going to fight this year . . . 🙂

  • Good. Hopes he doesn’t come back at all. There is plently of good action fighters right now. We don’t need this fucker in the sport.

  • Floyd is the real deal and only haters and liars say his fights were staged. I agree he needs to retire but let’s not lie about the man’s record. I know you guys wished and prayed for his downfall and thought you had a winner in Pac-Man but he whipped him too and had Pac lying about his shoulder. Pac wanted the MacGregor fight and so did canelo but even Floyd got it they both hated.

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