Mayweather-Askakura Final Press Conference

Floyd Rizin Presser

The Floyd Mayweather-Mikuru Askakura pay-per-view press conference was held today in Tokyo, Japan for this Saturday night’s Super RIZIN, presented by Japanese MMA company RIZIN Fighting Federation. Mayweather-Askakura is scheduled for three rounds. This will mark the first boxing match for Askakura, who has a 16-3 MMA record. The event can be seen across North America live on cable and satellite PPV, as well as via PPV streaming. Price is $29.99.

Floyd Mayweather: “I’m happy to be back in Japan. Great place, great people. An unbelievable turnout. This is what I do; I entertain people. I have so much experience doing this. I’m sure I have more experience doing this than anybody up here.”

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  • Who is really gonna buy/watch this shit, maybe if it was mma rules it would be more appealing trash

  • Not gonna buy this but good for Floyd who is guaranteed to make between 20 plus million for this show.

    • Damn. If that’s so, not understanding how the business folks will avoid losing money on this.

  • Who in their right mind would pay to watch this crap? They’d have to pay me to watch this ridiculous circus. This overrated boring clown that runs around calling himself TBE needs to seriously get a life already or find a hobby.

  • I don’t intend on paying to see this, but I appreciate that Floyd is still demonstrating his legendary natural ability through these exhibitions. He’s still able to make a great deal of money doing so, which Oscar De La Hoya is immensely jealous of.

  • A fool and his money are soon separated. I don’t give money to convicted wife beaters. Ever see 30 days in May? Watch it.

  • Say what? $29.99 on PPV for this? Sorry, will use my cash for a thick steak to grill this weekend. At least the steak has more flavor and is satisfying.

  • I don’t understand why folks always point to Floyd making his money?! Like who cares!! Not like I’m getting a cut, so why am I gonna comment on him making money

  • I have to wonder how enough money will be made to pay Floyd 20 million. I do not blame Floyd…although I have to wonder what he really does with all of this money. I admit my standards are not that high and I have purchased PPVs that most avoid. I have no interest in this however and have not purchased any of his exhibitions. Watched him and Paul on YouTube afterward. Probably won’t even do that in this case. But someone must be paying for this somewhere. Or some business person is losing their shirt.

  • Why would anyone pay to see this crap? And the blowhard who calls himself the best ever is not a top 10 WW or LW all time. I wish the fans who think he is great knew the history of boxing. i suggest to educate yourself you join the International Boxing Research Organization and also buy some videos of the great WW’s and LW’s. He is not in the same class with all time greats when boxing was an important sport. Now boxing is a side show, more about the ring walk than the fight.
    He does prove one thing. if you lie enough people will eventually believe you

  • >