Martinez, Vargas cleared of Clenbuterol intent

Voluntary Anti Doping Agency/World Boxing Council random tests have revealed minute trace elements of Clenbuterol in the systems of WBC super bantamweight champion Rey Vargas, and WBC number one flyweight contender Julio Cesar Martinez, but the amounts are so small that no further action is being taken.

The two boxers attended the WBC`s weekly press conference, which was this week held at the Rail Workers Union Headquarters, near Mexico City`s Monument of the Revolution. Both men are part of the WBC Clean Boxing Program, which does tests on champions of its seventeen divisions and the first fifteen ranked boxers in each of these weight categories.

Both Vargas and Martinez said that there was no conscious of deliberate intent to take Clenbuterol, and the amounts found in the tests are not sufficient to register any performance-enhancing benefit. The muscle forming drug is commonly found in many meat products throughout Mexico. Previous positive tests for Clenbuterol have been registered by Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Francisco “Bandido” Vargas, also in very small amounts meaning accidental ingestion via food.

Both Vargas and Martinez have agreed to educational and nutritional advice, and have accepted to become Clean Boxing Program Ambassadors in their respective Gyms.

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    • That’s why Clenbuterol is the most popular drug in the boxing world at the moment: everyone can get away with it (by blaming tainted meat). Its the biggest loophole in the drug cheat industry.

      • 3rd world beef supply is full of clenbuterol.
        Is why Lucas Browne tested positive after being in Chechnya. Eastern Europe still give the cattle clenbuterol to lean them down
        Just seems to be an excuse for the Mexican lower weight classes to get away with it

  • Everyone makes a joke about it and blames the fighter but its a serious thing in mexico and im sure other countries. These cattle places are owned by american investors pushing these guys to make the cattle industry as proffitable as possible with minimal investment. They pump all kinds of stuff threw these animals and to make profit being that the regulation is less in mexico. Obviously these guys arent gonna have meat imported from the us to mexico. They eat what is avail. Wanna blame someone, blame american investors. That shit wldnt fly here

    • Your post makes no sense. You keep blaming American investors but then say that our regulation is too strict to allow this to happen. Why would American companies invest in foreign beef? There is no return on investment. You don’t have sufficient knowledge to make the post you just did.

      • Oh Chris buddy.. you would be surprised on what American investors invest in down in Mexico. It would be an eye opener for u guaranteed. And you would be surprised on what i know about that and some of the different farms this happens at.

        • I’m not interested in being surprised as much as I am being informed. So, why don’t you provide some proof. It is almost 2020 and anything can be proven if you have the facts. I’m waiting……..

          • Wait no more…Lookup Smithfield foods. That is jus 1 for starters. Its a huge Mexican farm that is 50% owned by a US company. This will show ya that that US folks do invest and co run farms in mexico. There r a ton of them out there that range from beef to pork and of course vegetation. Some are silent partners. Take some business and economics classes sometime. C’mon now Chris, unless ur living under a rock, u know that american investors invest in everything everywhere. I mean, half of the work these days gets sent oversees to do or build cuz of the cheaper prices of labor. I can give ya a business lesson sometime if ya want lol…This is how we keep making money long when boxing is over for us.

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