Marco Antonio Barrera back in the ring?

The beat goes on. Now it looks like the “Baby-Faced Assassin” Marco Antonio Barrera will come out of retirement for a fight on June 11 at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Pico Rivera, California. The 47-year-old Barrera last fought in 2011. There is talk of a Barrera-Morales PPV exhibition match later in the year.

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  • I wonder if other sports will follow this ridiculous trend. People shelling out $50 to watch Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson battle it out in a 12 second 100 meter dash.
    Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan in a skate off. Conners, McEnroe, and Bjorg in a round robin tournament with wooden rackets. Bruce Jenner….nah that’s pushing it.

    • Totally agree. MAB had a great career but it is over and has been for a while. They think fans must pay up to watch sparring sessions on PPV? I actually feel sorry for this lot. Watching Roy Jones getting ko’d late in career by fighters he would have toyed with in his prime was traumatic enough for me.

    • Carl Lewis. Can’t think about that dude without thinking about him losing his voice while singing the National Anthem. Great post BTW Willis. All good comparisons that you mentioned.

  • All these over the hill ring legends trying to cash in on their past glories is a bit absurd, can’t blame them for their effort at entrepreneurship in free market capitalism to make a few buck off their name, but as a life long fan of the sport, I have zero interest in dishing out money on a PPV event to watch a bunch of old men box one another.

  • When Prince took the mic after being introduced along with Barrera he said “you will all serve Allah”. Barrera went on to beat him to a pulp for 11 rounds. In the twelfth and final round Barrera backed the Prince into a corner twisted his head and pushed his face into the turn buckle and lost a point and won 11-1 in rounds! Now who serves Allah?

  • People’s minds are still trained to see those fighters as they were in their prime. Fighters think, why not expose this for a few more dollars.

  • Why NOT, its not like the best prime fighters are willing to fight each others. Let the older guys show them how its done.
    Lets have Oscar vs Tito 2, Bowe vs Holyfield 4, Vitali vs Lewis 2, Kevin Kelly vs Naseem Hamed 2, James Toney vs Vassily Jirov 2 , for starters.

  • People forget a retired Mayweather started “exhibition”. People hate on him but he made 7 figures boxing a kickboxer so you BETTER believe there is money in exhibition fights. People whine when they hear about these exhibitions but they ALL watch. Don’t be hypocritical when you know you’re going to end up watching. A lot of these past legend simply want a piece of the pie they missed out on or watch one more big payday assuming they mismanaged their funds.

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