Manny Pacquiao Retires

“I am announcing my retirement,” said boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, 42, in a 14-minute farewell video on social media. Alternating between English and Tagalog, Pacman stated, “I never thought that this day would come as I hang up my boxing gloves. I would like to thank the whole world – especially the Filipino people – for supporting Manny Pacquiao.

“Goodbye boxing.”


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  • Does announcing your retirement really mean anything how many announce and make numerous returns

    • Yep. Seems like Ray Leonard retired about half dozen times. Most successful boxers have a hard time staying away. I guess life is boring after having been in the spotlight for so long.

        • @NJ Boxing True, and if Pac is successful in that endeavor, his boxing career is over for sure. If not, I’m guessing he’ll be back. We’ll see.

          • I agree there. When Vitali Klitschko retired to run for mayor of Kyiv, it marked the end of his boxing career. His concern for the Ukraine, was much greater than his love for boxing. Besides, there wasn’t anyone beating him at that time. And, for sure, the man was no boring boxer; his fights were typically action-packed affairs that ended with a KO. —— His last real loss was to Lennox Lewis — a great champion himself. The very best to you, champ, as you try and help your troubled country. And the very best to you also Manny, as your boxing career is virtually unparalleled in the history of the sport.

  • Crazy how a formerly homeless, semi illiterate punch drunk boxer can be elected a senator or God forbid ,president of an entire country. No wonder the Philippines is doing badly..Anyway farewell Pacman

    • Well educated, well fed, mansion raised, arrogant elitists Latin Americans politicians haven’t done such a good job “leading” their third world nations have they?

    • @Law. You are exactly what is wrong in this world. Not only do you have no control over your impulses, but you’re emotionally unstable as well.

      Not being a fan of of an athlete is one thing, but to carry on in such a childish manner without knowing Pacquiao personally is alarming.

      Again, this type of mentality is why we are struggling in several fronts. Grow up.

  • Cannot see him coming back tbh. Clearly lost his last fight. Fighting bigger men for the last part of his career and at his age, going to the well repeatedly has clearly taken it’s toll. I personally, wish him well. Entertained us all for a lot of years.

  • Manny will be remember as one of the greatest ever! Thank you for all the wars champ, it’s been an honor to follow your career

  • Many started losing fights he’s supposed to win such as Horn and his last fight. Although those guys are tough fighters he would usually win at that level. Manny was getting it with the same right hand all night with Ugas. Although Manny looked good and kept up his attack he’s obviously not the same. Maybe he does some exhibitions for the Philippines and raise a bunch of money as president. No other president would be willing to throw a fundraiser by fighting.

  • Congrats to the great Manny Pacquiao on his retirement. He gave us so many great fights! I hope he wins the election and that he stays busy as a political leader.. and can resist the temptation to return to boxing.

  • Why the negative comments? Look at that record. F*#king sensational! And now trying to serve his people. All after dragging himself up from the gutter. Enjoy the most well-earned of boxing retirements. Thanks for many happy sessions down The Royal watching you go to war for my viewing pleasure

  • What Grace and Humility! Will definitely go down as one of The Greatest fighters of his era and top 5 Greatest fighters of All Time!! Best of luck Champ….

  • Good for this true and humble boxing legend. A man who defied the odds. Has been knocked out and has come back and beaten younger fighters. Never ducked an opponent like “Runaway” Floyd towards the end of his career. God Bless You and Your Family Manny Pacquiao. You saved boxing and boxing will never forget you.

    • Ya Arturo, he never ducked like Floyd and Floyd never got KTFO’d out dead motionless on his face either..

      • Yet Manny came back from that devastating defeat to beat REAL fighters panty boy Floyd avoided LOL

        • You are right Arturo, Floyd dodged all the good fighters and padded his record with Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Marcos Maidana, Shane Mosely, Canelo, Hatton, Gatti, De La Hoya, Cotto, Berto, and Pacquiao himself. I’m getting a good education from boxing experts like you.

          • @Hands, true he fought all those boxers, but he did it after he came back from his “retirement” and all those guys fought each other in tough fights and, after most of them were well past their best years, he decided to come back. So, yes, thank you for educating us with your expertise in boxing….

          • Dude,
            More uneducated and emotional hate.. Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Marquez, De la Hoya, Hatton, Margarito, Rios, etc… were all well worn veterans when Pacquiao fought them.
            Corrales was undeated when Mayweather fought him, so was Hatton, so was a certain very big red headed roid Monster. How did that happen? They weren’t challenges I guess.. JL Castillo and Maidana twice each .. no challenge again.. Cautious does not a coward make. Dude, your statements are wishful hating.

      • That’s because he lacked the courage and heart of a true warrior and never took any meaningful challenges…Not hating on him, truth be told, he has great boxing skills. Manny, like him or not, has all those attributes and dared to be great even outside of the ring. I agree with all, hopefully he will remain retired. Thank you Manny and best wishes to you and your family, well deserved retirement!!

  • If it is the end then I hope he enjoys his retirement.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  • My Fav all time PAC fights; Morales, Marquez, Margarito, De la Hoya, Cotto and of course his sensational KO of Hatton!! Just to name a few……What a freaking career!!!!!!

  • There will never be another boxer like him. What are the odds that anyone will capture as many titles, surprise so many with victories when the odds are against them, go through as many weight classes and top it off becoming president of their country? I believe he will retire and stay retired. He wants to make a difference at home and boxing all these years has afforded him this opportunity.

  • Thank you Manny for just being you. All the best in your next phase of life.May God bless you.

  • he should have retired years back,
    let see what happens if he loses the presidential election, he will want to avenge that loss to Uganis

  • Normally, I would feel a slight bit of sadness when it comes to “retirement” but nowadays who actually stays retired. Mark my words we will see Manny in the ring again.

  • One of my favorite fighters. Always brought it except once against May weather when he was covering up a shoulder injury for money but hey I believe In forgiveness. Thanks for the effort and throwing all those bombs.

  • When your finger doesn’t let you press the trigger fast enough you know its time. Your body only allows so much before it shuts down. Manny’s the best ever. NO ONE has accomplished what he has. NO ONE. Standing ovation..

  • Mexican fan of Manny, great fights with Barrera, Morales, Marquez and many more. He did great things for boxing, always exciting and humble and more important a good person. Good Luck being president of Philippines. Boxing will miss him.

  • Every time stuff like this happens it takes a little piece of us with it. An icon actor dies. It reminds us how fast time goes by. I remember watching his career from the start. Can’t believe so many years went by by. Damn. We live and before you know it your old and die. Seems futile sometimes. Sure loved watching his career though.

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