Makabu edges Mchunu, Canelo next?

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Photo: David Martin-Warr/Don King Productions

In a rematch, WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu (29-2, 25 KOs) retained his title by twelve round split decision over mandatory challenger Thabiso Mchunu (23-6, 13 KOs) on Saturday night at the W.D. Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio. Makabu previously stopped Mchunu in round eleven back in 2015, this time it was a close tactical bout with scores of 115-113, 116-112 Makabu, 115-113 Mchunu. No handshake after this one. Mchunu pushed Makabu away after the fight. Makabu may now defend his title against Canelo Alvarez in May.

“Today I didn’t come for the knockout,” said Makabu. “I just came to show that I can box. I am going to box and knock Canelo out in my next fight, baby.”

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  • HILARIOUS!!! Back to back blatantly fixed fights! First Bryan then Makabu. I’m glad I stream this shit for free.

    • Haven’t seen this one yet. Fixed, as in a bad decision? I was thinking Mchunu was in danger of that coming into this fight…

      • I thought Mchunu won with his sharp counters, Makabu plodded ahead. Guidry won 3 rounds at best he was eating jabs all night and got dropped in the 12th when Bryan bothered to up the pace.

        • Guidry was eating jabs all night??? What fight were you watching? Guidry couldn’t miss with his jab and was slipping the slobs jab all night and countering. Also, what knockdown are you talking about? The one that came 10 seconds after the fight ended because the incompetent timekeeper never rang the bell when the fight was clearly over? That knockdown never should have counted. Notice how they never once showed punch stats for any of the fights??? What a joke of a production.

      • I can easily afford a $50 PPV. I wouldn’t buy this one of of principle. I won’t give money to a sham card full of sham champions. I streamed it as well on a bootleg feed. It ain’t about the money, it’s about not transacting with crooks.

  • I could just see they hype for this. Canelo faces his most biggest and most dangerous opponent yet! Hilarious!

    • Its obvious uve never boxed Arturo. Or am I wrong? People be laughing saying dude wldnt be a dangerous challenge for Canelo cuz they jus “fans” and dont know what its like taking a hit from a big boy. Truthfully, Canelo has no business faces these big boys. One shot cld end his career

  • Prediction, Makabu gets the fight with Conelo at 190lbs after tonight’s ‘performance’. This guy
    is just how Conelo likes ’em.

    • Chris….after the BJ Saunders fight you gave Canelo respect. Not sure what happened to you, but man oh man the hate looks bad on you. So sad to be 50 years old, looking at a 31 year old lion and thinking damn I wish I had just a tenth of his monthly income as my yearly salary. Back to the factory on Monday boy.

      • Rohan, its cuz Chris doesnt like anyone except his own kind bro. U jus gotta learn to ignore him

      • Better than working for Canelo as a cheerleader for free. This site reeks of Canelo fan boys and very few actual Boxing fans wanting to see who is the best. Canelo winning helps you sleep better at night I bet.
        Hating Hating Hating? You’ll say the same thing over and over.

    • Theres no way Canelo fights him at 190. They had reached an agreement at 180 before Makabu was forced to face Mchunu!!

  • Mchunu won the fight by far……this is why boxing is no longer the sport it used to be…..Don King still fixing fights…it seems 2 judges and the whole world were watching different fight. What a disgrace….no class at all

  • Yes, it’s cherry picking.

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful to Makabu, nor Canelo, but there is nothing I can see in Makabus arsenal that can even bother Canelo the slightest. I’m not even convinced Makabu won this fight.

    But I guess Canelo can do what he wants, and maybe deserves, I still consider him being the greates today p4p, but this is not the future fight looking forward to.

    • Zockerbit: ur right bud, definitely not a good fight for him even if he has alot more skill then either of them.. At this weight, i jus feel he is toying with disaster. One solid hit that lands flush from one of these big boys could easily ruin his career. Ive seen it happen to a stablemate. Start to a great career ends in a reckless sparring session.

  • If Canelo wants to move up and fight this guy that’s his business. But he shouldn’t get accolades for moving up in weight to fight inferior competition. There are way tougher challenges at 160(GGG), 168(Benavides), and 175(Bietrbiev and Bivol). Since the two controversial decisions against GGG, Canelo has never faced the top dog in a division. I get it, he makes a ton of money so why take the real risks. He’s certainly not in the class of a Barrera, Morales, or JMM when it comes to quality of opposition lately. If he wants his legacy to be the best Mexican fighter of all time he has a lot of work to do and fighting this “champion” accomplishes nothing. He’s listed as an 8-1 favorite. Not a competitive fight. In his last 7 fights he has never been less than a 4-1. That’s a fact. He’d be 2/1 against Benavides and Bivol and a dog against Bietrbiev. Much more competitive fights.

    • Even the real Cruiserweight Heavyweight King said he will go back to Cruiser and fight Canel! <Oleksnder The Great Usyk! Too much cherry picking by Canelo, I pick Beterbiev or Benavidez to defeat him

      • Beterbiev is probably the biggest and best fight Canelo can make. It’s also the fight he’d have the biggest risk of losing. Among all the guys thought of as potential opponents, he’d be the one that would make the most interesting fight and earn Canelo the most credit. I’d probably put Bivol #2.

    • What! He unified @ super middleweight…unless you think Benavides was the top guy.

    • WillisLV —– So beating EVERY 168lb champion, he hasn’t fought any top dog? Man please! This is the most ignorant statement I have read on here.

    • Yup, Canelo would have had more respect with boxing fans if he had fought Beterbiev or Bivol instead of old man Kovalev with only 10 weeks removed from his war with Yarde. Then wanted no part of 175 division! Canelo then wonders and complains why some fans call him out and criticize him for avoiding elite boxers! Other Mexican legends have never vacated belts for refusing to fight legit and elite champions and challengers

  • I can’t even hear Canelo’s name no more, no Mexican greats fought such poor opposition ever. He fought 2 greats, Mayweather won by shutout and a 37 years old GGG beat and make him run the whole first fight.. He’s just a weak beltholder chaser and that’s all..
    Enough is enough!

    • Regis, what r u talking about, that makes no sense. Besides benavidez, he cleaned out the 168 division. I didnt see Ur boy GGG tryna do that. I mean c’mon, besides Canelo, who has GGG fought of relevance since 2017?

  • I DO NOT want to see Canelo fight this guy. Does anyone? I doubt it. He should step it up.
    Wont watch or pay any attention if it does happen

  • This was just about the worst commentating I’ve ever heard. Ray Mancini and Bob Alexander were truly embarrassing. What do others think? Mancini somehow thought Bryan-Guidry was a great fight!!

  • Mchunu did not do enough to win with his sporadic counter punches (clean and crisp punches, but far too few). Makabu was the more busy fighter. Both are not the fighters they used to be.

    • And charlo will avoid everyone else jus for a paycheck from Canelo. If Charlo really wanted to establish dominence, he would gi fight Benavidez. Lets not forget, Benavidez has publicly called him out on multiple occasions. Whats the difference? Oh thats right, charlo fights for the paycheck not for the love/ challenge of the sport

  • The only advantage canelo will have against this dude is speed but, after putting up 25 extra pounds the speed will be in jeopardy! Makubu its a big dude and I doubt canelo will hurt him easily unless, its a fix dive fight like the kovalev match! Makubu looked wayyyyy over 220 pounds in this fight! Canelo will barely make 190 pounds if they get to fight and the extra weight will affect his endurance to go 12 rounds against dude!

  • >