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Loma, Teofimo, Arum Quotes

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WBO/WBA/WBC Franchise world champion Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko and unbeaten IBF world champion Teofimo Lopez have signed their contracts and they’re both good to go for their October 17 undisputed lightweight title showdown from the MGM Grand Conference Center aka the “Las Vegas Bubble.”

Vasiliy Lomachenko: “Teofimo Lopez can talk all he wants. He’s very good at talking. He has done nothing but say my name for the past two years. I am a fighter, and my goal is to win another world title. Good for Teofimo. When we fight in Las Vegas, he will eat my punches and his words. I will be the better man, and four world titles will come home with me to Ukraine.”

Teofimo Lopez: “I will beat up Lomachenko and take his belts. Simple as that. I’m coming to Las Vegas to make history. I don’t like the guy, and I’m going to have fun as Lomachenko’s face is beaten and marked up by my hands. The Takeover is here, and the reign of Lomachenko, the little diva, is coming to an end.”

Promoter Bob Arum: “Lomachenko-Lopez is the best fight that can be made in boxing, and we are delighted that it will be available to fans for no extra charge live on ESPN. Teofimo and Vasiliy demanded the fight, and we are glad we could make it happen. Vasiliy has never backed down from a challenge since he turned pro under the Top Rank banner, and Teofimo is a fearless young champion daring to be great. This has all the makings of a modern boxing classic.”

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  • This caliber of a fight on regular ESPN??? Nice work Arum. Most promoters wld definitely try and capitalize on a fight like this. Never been a fan of Arum but im impressed with this particular decision!

  • Loma will use angles and his swift counters to isolate Lopez’s offense. That being said, look for Loma to slowly break Lopez down in the later rounds and steal the show.

  • Too good of a fight, can’t really make a solid prediction here but just glad this fight is made…

  • There’s a lot that goes against the grain in this fight: Southpaw Lomanchenko is signing the contract with his right hand!, I’m surprised this high caliber of fight is even happening in 2020, most champions are just getting screen time in pedestrian defenses, leaving the blockbuster fights for more profitable and accessible times, and thirdly-It’s free on ESPN! I would consider this a pay per view fight!

    • It’s not a pay per view because neither guy is a big draw, both are very skilled and Loma’s even a pound for pound but they don’t sell out venues. Yes

  • Be greater than talking about “the little diva” mr Lopez.
    This fight will be interesting. Lopez has a quick jab with sting and a superb lethal uppercut, shows patience, behaves like a mature boxer in the ring and has a young heart. I am also convinced that Lopez will continue to get the best possible sparring out there.
    I think Loma has moved up a bit too fast, looks slower in hands and feet and has not gained as much in power as you could wish.
    Loma is still a phenomenon but his creative and unorthodox style is not given as much space in the heavier super lightweight as when he was lighter.
    Therefore this fight is not easy to predict.
    If Loma is going to win he must be fully prepared. The quality of sparring might be the decisive key to victory.

    • its a lightweight 135 fight, not a “super lightweight” 140 fight. Lopez only has Commey on his resume. Loma is much more accomplished. Youth and size will help keep Lopez in the fight, but Loma is another level. UD Loma.

      • I agree, I think Lopez is biting off more than he can chew. I think Lopez will have a hard time adjusting to Loma’s angles and quick pivots. Im not saying he won’t, but by the time he does, it will be too little too late. Loma is in a league of his own and a far cry from Richard Comey.

        • Problem to me is that I am seeing less of Loma’s angles and pivots the heavier he is. I think the longer the fight Loma will adjust and find his way when he clearly is the more technical. Lopez let other fighters in sometimes and Loma is not not fighter to let in with his hands, but in earlier rounds Lopez might manage to keep Loma at distance, if he can, his confidence will grow.

      • Thanks, thought it was 135 fight. Loma is more accomplished than anyone and I hope your prediction will be the correct one.

  • D*mn…I am still thinking on this one, but I am leaning towards Loma’s high speed boxing chess and experience.

    I know young, strong, confident Lopez’s fight preparation and natural physical attributes are a given and are very influential to some fans. However, I will wait a little longer to see/hear if “father time” is getting even closer to Loma. In addition, I will probably revisit Loma’s previous 2-3 fights.

    Wow!! I can’t wait!!

  • Lopez is a mature and intelligent fighter, he isn’t one to run his mouth, sounds like his father is having a negative impact on his son.

    Sell the fight without resorting to disrespectful comments and insults. Plenty of great fighters have proven their greatness and sold their fights being humble and respectful.

    Think Lopez will loose this fight, even though Loma has lost a step of two, but will learn and be a better fighter afterwards. He has a punchers chance but lacks the experience and footwork to deal with Lomas speed and angles.

    Loma by unanimous decision.

    • Agreed Valdez: Loma has that older brother mentality. He may get shook up a few times in this fight with the youthful and powerful Lopez, but when its all said and done, Loma will find a way to win. He has the mentality of a champion and accepts nothing less

  • I wasnt overly impressed by Lomackenko is his last couple bouts. Mere faints by Pedraza were able throw Lomachenko off his game at times. I saw him get hurt momentarily against Campbell and dropped against Linares. Lopez is fast, explosive and can punch. He has qualities that should be a big problem for Lomochenko. You have to try to dictate the pace and not let Loma operate within his comfort zone. Easier said than done. Im slightly leaning to Lopez. My biggest concern is I lve only seen him go 12 once and he got frustrated…however is was a tall awkward fighter. I see superstar level talent with youth on his side.

  • Loma is a confidence killer. After a few rounds of punching air you start to doubt yourself. Seen it over and over again. You better bring an extra arm for a guy who can see it coming a mile away.

  • Lopez has a big mouth I am going to laugh my ass off if Loma schools him! That silly feminine dance Lopez does after he scores a knockout where it looks like he’s actually twerking is not going to take place if Loma wins this fight. I have a feeling Loma is going to be one step ahead of Lopez and win a decisive decision.

  • With all of the damage in boxing and blocked fights that have happened because of his promotion its the least he can do.

  • Trash talking is the best tactic used in every sport to make the event more attractive. Putting that aside, I feel that experience and skills will always over power strength any given day. Having said that, my money is in Lomachenko. Loma is also the type of fighter that will take all the steam off his oponents to then move in for the kill. I say Loma in 7th round.

  • Teofimo is an excellent young fighter, but he is going against Hi-Tech, the hey makers are not going to land, and the footwork of Lomachenko is going to frustrate Lopez. Loma is going to win by decision.

    Armando ( Americuchi) Roldan

  • Lopez is going to take a beating. Only dumb casuals think he has a chance against the greatest talent in the history of boxing. Lopez is crude and loads up on his shots. I’m predicting Nomaschenko makes his fifth fighter quit on the stool in October.

  • Lots of people with lots of opinions, nice to have some quality boxing to argue about. My thoughts:
    1. Lopez is young, hungry, very confident, has devastating KO power and an ass.
    2. Loma has a ton of successful amateur experience, had a challenging time in pros with an old Salido, Campbell, and tasted the canvas with an OK Linares.
    3. If Lopez can dominate and catch him early, we could potentially see a stoppage.
    4. If Loma can take him late, he could win a controversial decision and a setup for Part II.
    My pick- Lopez by TKO

    • Like you said, lots of people with lots of opinions. Even stupid ones. But we will see what happens and please don’t hide or change your username on October 18th:)

  • Loma is on an entirely different level than any other fighter in boxing. He is a phenom. If these were different times, he would be mentioned in the same breath as many other P4P greats of the past. What he has done with his fights nobody has ever done in such a short period of time. Making P4P fighters quit, making guys look like rank amateurs, and really developing a completely different style and approach to the game. Lopez is a very tough guy, and hits probably harder than anybody else in the division, the real question is how will he react when Loma is making him look like a school yard bully? Loma stops this guys after the kids father throws in the towel so he does not get killed in there.This is a fight that really needed to marinate another year or 2.

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