Lara loses WBA feather title on the scale

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Mauricio Lara lost the WBA featherweight belt after failing to make weight on Friday. However, he will still step into the ring to face Leigh Wood this Saturday but only Wood will have the option to win the crown.

Lara weighed in at 129.8 pounds on the scale, considerably above the 126-pound featherweight limit. Wood scaled in at 125.9 pounds.

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  • That’s unfortunate Lara didn’t make weight. Maybe he did it on purpose to carry more power with the weight. It’s gonna be very difficult for Wood to win, so glad his corner stopped the fight the first time.
    I’m gonna say, Lara by Knockout inside of 9 rounds.

    • That was a bad stoppage by Davidson, the round was at an end, Wood had recovered from a similar knockdown against Conlan.

    • He stopped him already. He doesnt need more power. He needed to make the weight. Thats being unprofessional in his part. I think its time to go up a weight class

  • I’m not surprised by this, they’ve always talked about how much trouble he had making that weight. It doesn’t even really sound like he even tried to make the weight which probably doesn’t improve Wood’s chances, but hopefully they gave Wood some of Lara’s money.
    Still taking Lara, but hope Wood takes it.

  • The BBBoC had Lara do a check-in weigh on Wednesday, and then they ruled (I’m not kidding, look it up) that he was not allowed to cut weight below 128.5 for the weigh-in today. For “fighter safety” – which is nonsense, some fighters can cut weight in 48 hours safely, it depends on age and other factors. So BBBoC essentially stripped Lara because he was heavy ON WEDNESDAY. What a joke. Lara should just clock Wood and go home and never come back to the UK, and we can all watch repeats of the night he destroyed Warrington on DAZN (such a great fight to watch over and over).

    • Great info muppet. Godd insight. If true then it’s nuts, I’ve known fighters that cut the last few pounds right on up to the weigh in.

  • This kills his feel good road warrior story. What a shame. Unacceptable. I was looking forward to an all Mexican standoff at featherweight being that all the major tittles are held by Mexicans.

    • Correction, all major titles at featherweight are held by Mexicans.

  • I can’t wait to see the fight but as a Leigh Wood fan, I’m a little nervous.

  • Total bullshit, unprofessional,and fight shouldn’t be allowed to go on. Every fighter that doesn’t make weight on the day should be banned for one year, regardless of excuse and their management fined the purse bid

    • Partially agree…Pine…that is BS….fighter that does not make weight may have an unfair advantage over one that did…I agree that there should be a penalty….but fighters should have to make weight at a certain time..cause the public has committed through ticket sales…room sales…the networks …promoters ..all committed.,and to have this happen is just unprofessional and as stated maybe unfair to the other fighter and this wonderful gladiator sport…

      Don’t believe in a ban but there should be some penalty including but not limited to having another fighter ready to go ….and that fighter misses an opportunity…..This site needs to start a list of possible changes that the fans would like..,Teddy Atlas is right….that the fans can control and stop a lot of this BS…

  • Sound like Lara needs to think about moving up to Super Featherweight if he has trouble making the 126 limit.

  • Not surprised, but I believe Team Lara really didn’t want this rematch so soon after struggling to make the weight limit for their first fight, Lara does not seem interested in this bout he will move up after this regardless of outcome, If their is a trilogy in the making between these 2 the 3rd fight will most definently be 130

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