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LaManna stops Gonzalez for Fedecentro title

WBA #10 super welterweight Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna (30-4-1, 11 KOs) scored a fifth round TKO over Juan Gonzalez (22-15, 14 KOs) on Saturday night at La Terraza Sports Bar in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. LaManna dropped Gonzalez with a right hand near the end of round four. He then stalked Gonzalez and floored him again in the following round to get a referee’s stoppage. LaManna claimed the vacant WBA Fedecentro super welterweight title with the win.

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  • Wow the Roger Federer WBA cornflake title was vacant!? It’s hard to believe something so prestigious would be left unfilled. Good thing a guy who retired his last 2 fights was available to win win it.

    • The guy with the 22-15 record who lost this fight should sign with Don King. He’ll be ranked in the top 5 by the WBC before the end of the week, and will get a shot at the WBC Super Welterweight Copper belt in no time, assuming the WBC Pewter and Iron champions aren’t available….

      • He retired in 2017 after winning the WBA silver Latino title, whatever that is. And then before the cota fight he said it’s win or retire and he got knocked out. Sorry buddy look it up. I root for him because he is game and seems like a nice kid, but these titles are ridiculous. Nothing against cornflake personally.

  • What female boxer top flighter should united belt by flight number one female boxer?

  • Everyone has a negative comment, did anyone happen to see cornflakes fight in August of 2020 against Brian Mendoza when he got robbed on National TV?.. all your opinions are like A holes, everyone got one. Sit back and enjoy the show and keep hating, Cornflake will fight for the world title within 6 months of this post.

    • I can’t speak for the other posters here, but it looks to me that the criticism is aimed at the sport itself and all the silly belts, not the fighters. When you say “Cornflakes will fight for the world title within 6 months of this post”, the obvious response to that is….Of course he will. Everybody who’s anybody fights for a “World” title these days.

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