Kingry says he’s not fighting

Update: Golden Boy just sent out a new bout sheet and Garcia-Petrov isn’t on it. The co-feature is now WBC female super middleweight champion Franchon Crews Dezurn against late sub Maricela Cornejo.

Lightweight contender Ryan “Kingry” Garcia says on social media that he’s not fighting on tonight’s card at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Ryan Garcia: “Due to unfortunate events, I will not be fighting tomorrow and they will not be compromising on their mistakes! I did everything in my power. I came in on weight and trained my ass off. God’s in control now. The rest will take care of itself… Thank you for everyone’s support!”

Reportedly Golden Boy is offering Petr Petrov as a last minute replacement for Garcia after original opponent Avery Sparrow fell out and no deal could be made to move Romero Duno into Sparrow’s spot as Garcia’s opponent.

We’ll see what happens.

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  • Chicken shit! Take the fight u pussy! You not even a champ and u want more money to fight someone with a heartbeat, Bitch plz!

  • This guys on social media more than a Kardashian. Get your head down and build your reputation… you aren’t there yet.

  • If there is an opponent he should weigh his options fast to adjust because Mr. Sparrow must have had an idea he may have had a warrant (?). What grown man doesn’t know he may have implicated himself [in a federal offense/warrant]? Then on the eve of the fight? That is way too scandalous.
    As for Mr. Garcia these are reasons why to incorporate a brain trust of fistic engineers and not just ‘one’ trainer. All boxers have to adjust at some point and sometimes on a whim for secondary and sometimes third case adversaries. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

  • Hard to find a last minute replacement when the cherry picking mentality is prevailing. For a reason De La Hoya doesn’t want to remove the training wheels on Garcia

  • Fight Petrov. Even though he is past his best he is still better than anybody Garcia has fought yet. Since Garcia trained his ass off he has no excuse not to accept this challenge to salvage his bout. We will see what he is made of.

    • From what I’ve seen of Petrov he is more dangerous then Sparrow. It looks like Ryan is afraid he will get the same result as Joshua by a late replacement. This guy is too full of himself. He was pissed because Devin Haney was set to fight on Independence day and headline and h e wasn’t. Dude hasn’t even established himself yet and he’s trying to call the shots. Stevenson had 4 replacements in three weeks leading up to his fight week as well as other top fighters. This is not out the norm where this happens and fighters who are confident in their skills accept the challenges and fight. He’s so self absorbed thinking he’s some star because he’s got a slew of teenaged girls following him on Instagram. I see a humbling defeat coming his way when he has to face a real fighter with talent and a will to win.

  • Ryan Garcia should change his name to Reanna Garcia who was gonna fight someone who was no match and had zero power, yet he chickens out when another more challenging fighter steps in. #Chickenshitkingry

  • I’m sure there’s a reason why they aren’t offering him more $$ to take the late replacement. Garcia should be careful, he’s bound by a promotional contract and if he keeps doing stuff like this, they’ll make sure he gets crap $$ and hold him up for he duration of his contract. They could end up ruining his career.

  • Bad look for Kingry! He should have at least got into the ring with his reflex bag and put on an exhibition for his adoring fans! I guess It would be asking too much to ask him to get in with a live opponent. What happened to fighters willing to go at a moments notice fighting anyone, anytime! I guess that doesn’t apply to the Youtube generation of fighters, or more specifically, him.

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