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    • lol im with you but im going to call it now….Cambell can hit and will truly test superhypes chin now the question is this which Cambell is going to show up the one who wants to be a world champions or the one who is there to collect a nice check that will go a long way in the UK……..

    Yea hes loud, popular and acts like a kid at times, but remember, he IS still a kid. At least he is willing to fight the best in his division ie…Tank, Campbell, Haney.
    Thats a breath of fresh air!

    • hes a professional and he should conduct himself as such, trying to demand for more money just because he has alot of likes on FB in cali and beating up Home depot workers doesnt warrant that he has to EARN his way up to the top! fighting the best in his division? who?

      • Well, he can only fight those that accept. I dont see very many people calling out Tank these days. And i dont know which Home Depot u go to, but it must be pretty lit and exciting in that Home Depot bro.

        • accept? are you serious those full time Home Depot workers gonna take a payday anyway they can, yea maybe he needs to step up and fight a Lowes employee those guys have alot more pop and apparently are way more lit as you say lol although i think Cambell is a the first full time fighter that Superhype has fought….

          • Well. Lets see. He called out Tank but Tank said (No, NOT YET. Let him get more experience). I think we all in the common sense world can call that a “did not accept”. I think this is gonna be a great fight. So boxing Historian. What r u gonna say IF Ryan KO’s Campbell? Campbell didnt show up??

      • Boxing Historian, I couldn’t agree with you more. I could spend hours trying to put something together and it wouldn’t be anywhere as good as what you wrote. This kid wants de la Hoya money, but what this kid doesn’t have that delahoya did was an Olympic gold medal. Big marketing tool difference.

    • Tony, this kid’s behavior is bad. At least in the media so he does need to be humbled. I don’t wish him to be KTFO as others here do, but a little be brought back down is needed with him. If it’s just for the media, then I guess he brought it upon himself.

      • lol if he the Brit comes to fight then Superhype is gonna hit the canvas, now if he has been signed by GBP then Superhype will be the 1st to stop him hell in 3 losses 2 of which were by SD the other was to Lomachencko

        • Your key word is “if” the Brit shows up to fight. The word “if” can signify a shadow of a doubt. No “ifs” in my statement. I am not convinced at this point Campbell is the man to beat Kingry. Kingry’s counter punching will be the deciding factor in this fight and will carry him to the victory.

        • This sounds like ur already making excuses for Campbell. All these IF’s. What IF they both trained their asses off (which im sure is what happened) and we have a boring fight cuz one fighter neutralizes the others game plan. Ohhh the what if’s

    • Henry: agreed. Thus has the making for a great fight. Campbell is definitely the real deal. Cant wait!

  • I expect a good solid fight. I believe Campbell is going to give Ryan a tougher than expected scrap although I believe he will have to knock out Garcia to get a fair shake so Garcia W12 is the likely outcome.

    PS. What’s up with the reddish hair he’s sporting with the pretty outfit? Looks like my ex girlfriend in the pic didn’t know he was dying his hair he/she style looks pretty feminine though lol..

  • Stop fucking hating the kid.. He’s pretty ?! He’s loud ?! He’s self confident ?! Yes but i can name 10 fighter you are actually praising who are way louder and assholes; and all of you who are hating are gonna lick his balls in 1 or 2 years when he’s gonna be a superstar and he’s gonna beat the likes of Tank and company.. He’s heavy handed, he’s fast and accurate, he has good footwork and movement, got great technique and trust me he can take a punch. He’s the Oscar 2.0 and you are just jealous..

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