Kingry announces new trainer

Super lightweight star Ryan Garcia has announced that he will now be trained by Derrick James. The Dallas-based James has one of the hottest stables around with Errol Spence Jr., Jermell Charlo, and Anthony Joshua, among others. Garcia parted ways with trainer Joe Goossen following his loss to Tank Davis.

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    • I like Ryan and I believe he can turn things around and I respect his belief in God. With that said something tells me he’s gonna make a terrible mistake in dressing up in women’s skimpy lingerie. I hope I’m wrong but something tells me that his promoter is grooming him to wear the skimpiest stilettos with the garter belts that I believe Oscar once wore for that photoshoot.

      I really hope I’m wrong but I believe history will repeat itself. Just a very sad thing to do but it has been done before by his promoter and history has repeated itself before. That’s all I wanna say. Good luck in your future Ryan I believe you can make big things happen just please leave the cross dressing alone bro.

      • Lol, what a bizarre comment. It started great, turn-left very fast.

    • Well, only thing if he lacked heart, he lacked a game plan even more greatly. He seemed to either have no strategy or couldn’t stick with the one he did have for more than a round.

    • I give Ryan one fight with this new trainer before he dumps him and looks for another and another …

      I remember his Promoter doing the exact same thing dumping one trainer after another. There was zero loyalty with Oscar and he brought the same thankless habits to promoting. I remember Andrew Cancio was once with Golden boy then once he lost his title was kicked to the curb, yep that’s Oscar’s way-ZERO loyalty!

      Payback is a ***** cause Canelo finally got tired of Oscar and his disloyalty trying to break up Canelo with Reynoso as his trainer when finally Canelo reversed the rolls and dumped Golden Boy Promotions.

    • Yeah, he’s only one of the best trainers in boxing. Who needs him? Just post on Instagram and get fake praise from fake fans. That’ll take you far in boxing.

  • These young fighter are so pathetic. God forbid you take any responsibility for yourself and the loss… Nooooo, it’s the trainers fault. The trainer is the reason you got knocked out with a body shot. It’s nothing you did wrong Ryan. Keep posting on social media and getting praised by a bunch of teenagers that know nothing about boxing and just want to dick ride whatever celebrities they are following.

    This kids career is over, mark my words his fragile ego isn’t going to accept this loss and instead of turning it into motivation he’s going to let it eat him alive. He’s a social media star already, he doesn’t have the heart or the motivation to last in boxing once the going gets tough.


  • I believe Ryan will be ok, he’s young and strong and will easily defeat Rolly…

    • Any decent or top 10 fighter with a punch will definite defeat Rolly. Romero needed help from Tony Weeks on his last fight to win a title. Ryan without a heart and commitment vs Rolly who needed help from the referee to win a fight. I dont know what will see if that fight materialize; perhaps, The Three amigos (Ryan, Rolly, & Weeks) doing an awful & boring comedy act

  • Ryan needed a new trainer. He needs a trainer who’s not gonna let Ryan do whatever he wants. Goosen was obviously there for the check and to show off his Hollywood look. Goosen first said this was one of his top 5 training camps. Than, after the fight he says, “You dont train Ryan, you collaborate with him”.
    We havn’t seen any footage of them working together. Only Ryan at home throwing fast punches with his friends.
    Derreck James is the new Manny Steward. The fix’em trainer.

  • Who knows what happened here but it’s unfortunate when a fighter and trainer split after just one loss. I don’t see how Ryan Garcia is going to do any better in the trainer department than Joe Goossen. Ryan could’ve decided he needed a change of trainers to wrap his mind around his first loss, but maybe Goossen decided Ryan doesn’t have the hunger needed to fully commit to being an elite fighter at this point and doesn’t want to waste his time.

  • Rygar is living up to the label I gave him years ago when I called him a prima donna. This guy is not world class and will never be a proper world champion. Now he’s blaming the goose for his loss to Tank where he gave up? Derrick James won’t be able to help him either.

  • No reason to take any responsibility when you can blame someone else

  • Derrick James should fit for Ryan but no miracle is going to be made by him.. The keys for Ryan are commitment and hard work..

  • Ryan doesn’t realize he’s the issue. He couldn’t hang in Canelo’s camp which is why he doesn’t go for the very best trainer. He should go to TMT or Tanks team and learn how to fix those holes in his game. He knows if he goes there they’d expect commitment or no deal. Ryan apparently does well with social media and endorsements so the hunger may never be there. This makes me respect Floyd Mayweather the fighter even more. Had millions upon millions and stayed hungry. That is hard to do.

  • People keep calling him a social media star but why? Our society has become so shallow. Very little substance. The whole premise of “following” people or gaining followers …just the premise of it is negative. Most of these social media personalities are self centered and have very little to offer in terms of knowledge or benefit to society. Hey, I somewhat fell for the hype. But that’s what he is. Hype. Good luck to him, but when the trainer is paid by the fighter who lacks discipline, who is really in control under that scenario?

  • blaming a body shot loss is Goosens fault is just stupid. Can you inagine any more ego? Ryan best be cherry picker careful…his “career” may be over if not..

  • cant imagine anybody buying tickets for kingry or rolly romero goosen cant protect you from body shotsor liver shots boxing is getting to and all time low trying to promote these guys

  • I’ve said for years that Ryan was the weakest link at lightweight. I did think he was improving a bit but he proved me wrong against Tank. His punches were wide and VERY amateurish. He couldn’t box for shit! As I’ve pointed out before, he TURNED HIS BACK one time when Tank was pressuring him and throwing a combo. That’s just sad!! Very very green move that a lot of amateur boxers make when first starting because they don’t know how to defend. I can’t see Ryan really ever winning a big fight especially if the other guy can punch. Sure he’s young, but he’s not all that great and has a lot of flaws that will most likely never be addressed or corrected.

  • This might be one of the smartest moves he could have made. I’d like to see what changes can be made here, Ryan has a serious career ahead of him still if he can stay mentally strong and committed. People love comeback stories.

  • Ryan won’t train with Bo Mac, and the group at Team Crawford, because he can’t cross to the other side of the street.
    Going with James and team Spence, is just another bad decision, which will show what it is worth in no time.
    But, I wish him the best.

  • I fighter may have good chemistry with a trainer and work well with that trainer. That doesn’t mean that trainer with every fighter that comes along. Once a trainer makes a name for himself by training a hot fighter, everybody wants to jump ship and train with him. In the early 2000’s everybody wanted to train with Buddy MgGirt, then Freddy Roach was the hot trainer, Floyd Sr was the man, Robert Garcia was in demand, then Virgil Hunter, half of Mexico wanted to train with Nacho Barinstein. Now Derick James is the man. It’s like these guys are “designer trainers”-they’re all the rage

  • A lot of good comments. Ryan is still is still going to sell tickets. He beats Rolly easy. Rolly is too slow and doesn’t work enough. Ryan lacks heart but won’t need it to win against Rolly.

  • Need to be more humble, willing to listen & learn and build better ethics both in boxing and life in general. No need to be changing trainers. Need to change your mind and attidude.

  • superhype got exposed finally hes done now hes gym hopping just like Delahoya hes going to never take blame and say it was his trainer lmao the difference is Oscar was a gold medalist and 6 weight division world champion who actually fought world champions, Superhype is just a no heart quitter

  • Typical actions of todays new breed of boxers. Always making excuses when they loose. It s got to be the trainers fault not there own.

  • Ryan was never an elite fighter other then having quick hands and showing them off on youtube.
    When he fought Tank you saw all his limitations-
    chin in the air,basically no boxing IQ, nothing.
    And stop with the BS comments about the “devasating” bodyshot because everyone knows it was not.Just watched Mickey Ward vs Augustus and Ward SUNK his wrist into Augustus and dropped him and Augustus gritted his teeth got up and fought. Garcia sat there watched the ref count to ten and the JUMPED right up.
    Now Garcia will get his belt vs Rolly who is a weak champion and I promise because of Garcias popularity along with Rolly looking to cash in on his limited skills that fight will get made.

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