Khan finally ready for Brook showdown?

The long past its due date grudge showdown between bitter rivals Amir Khan (34-5, 21 KOs) and Kell Brook (39-3, 27 KOs) may finally happen in 2021. “I think with Kell Brook, who has always been running his mouth, I think put him in his place now. I think it is about time now to put him in his place and shut him up for good,” Khan told the Khaleej Times.

“…the gloves are still on. I’m thinking of fighting probably next year. This year was a bit of a bad year for everybody. And boxing was off. They wanted to fight behind closed doors. I didn’t really feel like I could motivate myself, but hopefully, if it opens up next year, we can make something happen. I want to fight again around March or April and there are so many names out there, there are so many deals on the table, in the Middle East as well. So, let’s see how that plays out.”

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    • I can’t believe I’m reacting to this. Khan needs to just go and leave BOXING alone. My GOD, please. No chin and nothing

      • Khan should be in wrestling to pick up the scraps and left of over from a just defeated and humiliated opponent. What a shame Amir? Just go away . He had been asking to fight you for nearly 10 years and you did not care and you didn’t dare. The time for this match has long past. Leave the man alone.

  • Why now when it should have happened years ago when kell was calling khan out but he didn’t have the bottle to face him so why now

  • I really hope Brook doesn’t take this one.

    While it lasted, skill wise he looked sharp against Bud, but, be it physical or psychological, his punch resistance is shot.

    Khan’s pretty shop worn too.

    The time to prove who the best fighter is (in their primes) has expired, looking back now you can see it expired 6+ years ago.

    Fighting now proves very little, other than maybe who is the least shot of the 2.

    • Bottom line: You are right! Both of these guys have seen better days as fighters. The match up now would be rather on the lighter side than fireworks during their young days. Money talks!

  • Let them fight, but at 154 (or 151 lbs catchweight). You can’t ask Brook to make 147 anymore, and even Khan doesn’t make 147 that easy. These guys probably should have fought in early 2014, but Khan wanted to waste time on Mayweather undercards fight Luis Collazo. Besides the Canelo payday, what has Khan done since the middle of 2013 to make a name up at 147 or 154? After Brook did well in the 2nd Carson Jones fight, Khan never wanted to really step in the ring with him while they were both pretty young for the winner to make some big noise at 147. Brook outgrew 147 in early 2016.

  • Now he calls out Brook after he was knocked out by Bud Crawford. Whoever lands the first punch on the chin will win this one.

  • You all forget many pugilists have many fights left in their fighting Spirit, depending on their eagerness and healthfulness resurgence. Willie Pep and Archie Moore are the boxing barometers. Not any arm-chair bandits tying whimsically. Let these men fight, if that’s their desire. You all tune in and be good lads.

    • the time period willie pep and archie oore fought in was totally different hell even Moore sold out his name when he fought Marciano the mob paid him well for that. sure they can fight and they will get paid alot more than their worth look now days boxing even sanctions youtuber circus shows so whatever

  • Both are a little faded now but it’s a 50/50 fight so still has some interest. But I still doubt it’ll happen. Khan doesn’t like Brook and doesn’t want to risk losing to him.

  • I still think there is something that justifies Khan vs Brook, even though we all wanted to see this fight a number of years ago, even though it might mainly be a supplement to the pension, I think both are well worth the addition.

  • Could this be billed as “Bud’s leftovers”?

    There is the “better late than n ever” phrase but on this one I’d go with never.

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