Kambosos: Teofimo not a true champ

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Australia’s next world title hope, IBF #1 George “Ferocious” Kambosos Jr will be in action against undisputed lightweight world champion Teofimo Lopez on October 4 at the Madison Square Garden Theater and he’s confident he’ll dethrone Lopez. “I’m going to beat this guy by any means necessary,” Kambosos told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s been a long time coming, and I don’t see any way he can beat me. They talk about certain aspects of his game, but my game is better all around.

“I don’t think he deserves to be a champion. He takes it for granted. He laps it up too much, wants to show off too much. He’s not a true champ and the fans see that. A lot of fans see his fakeness.

“He needs a big wake-up call, he needs to be humbled, and I’m coming to do that.”

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  • George Kambosos, Teofimo beat someone considered unbeatable, and as far as I can see will be too strong and and too quick for your style. You get hit a lot and after seeing your last fight you need to improve your defence a great deal

    • Who Lomachencko? If so, how is he “considered unbeatable” when he already got beat prior?

      • You mean cheated. Salido came in overweight and hit Loma with low blows over 15 times and never once received a warning.

  • “I don’t think he deserves to be a champion.”
    – Anyone who beat Vasyl Lomachenko for the belts is a champion. Flat out.

  • Why would they put this fight during Monday Night Football? Why? Because Ryan Kavanaugh’s is that toons Trumpies buddy and co-owner of triller.smh

    • They pushed it up to the 16th. There’s no way at $50 this would sell on a Monday. This would’ve done good numbers in Australia but here not so much. Kambosos is so full of himself that I have almost no faith in him winning a round yet alone the fight.

  • I’m rooting for Kambosos. Teofimo may be good but he’s a really rather unlikable guy, and he has yet to fully prove himself beyond a close decision over Loma.

    • Johnathon, you are being too kind by labeling teofimo unlikable . Sr and jr are the most wishy washy duals in boxing followed closely by the Charlo bros.

    • kambosos is truly a tool his confidence is sickening the only thing that’s going to happens is that we wont be hearing form after this fight when he is gone from a severe beating

  • Not a fan of Teofimo, who barely beat an injured Lomachenko, and hasn’t at all been active, but the lack of humility in Kambosos suggests he may not have what it takes to beat him. So many trash-talking fighters these days. I prefer fighters who have more respect for the sport and for fellow fighters.

    • Nearly all fighters go in a fight injured, including Teo when he fought Loma. Most times a fighter has to fight through a lot just to make it to the fight. Its just becomes excuses if they dont drop out the fight. Loma had the positioning to make that call.

    • “I prefer fighters who have more respect for the sport and for fellow fighters.”
      – So do I, which is another reason that I like Pac. And this is also why I have a lot of respect for Arturro Gatti (RIP) and Mickey Ward.
      – Gary G

    • Sounds like you’re making excuses. If Loma was hurt he should have said he had “covid”. Loma beat himself by coasting. He learned nothing from the Oscar vs Trinidad match.

      • If I remember correctly, Vasyl did very little for the 1st five rounds or so, then ran of rounds in which to catch up.

  • Kambosos can talk what he thinks and wants. But Lopez is Lopez and he is what he is. I hope that October 4 is already final date of their fight. Good luck Kambosos.

  • It’s going to be so embarrassing as a fellow Aussie if George loses after all the crap stuff he has talked.

  • He can do it. Teo is very great in movement. But the question is can he move good with a high volume is punches coming at him?

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