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  • Don’t bet your house on it. Wilder couldn’t do it when Fury was coming off a long lay off and once Wilder gets hit with regularity he’ll revert back to what he knows.

  • The way I see it is that Deontay lost the last fight, thought he was cheated, pushed for the contractually obligatory rematch, fought for it in court since Fury didn’t want it, and won his right to another shot. They said he was done. They said he was scared. Obviously he’s neither

    • Actually, Wilder delayed the third fight, missed meetings etc to avoid it all together. Only once the Fury-Joshua fight was signed did he make a fuss, hoping to get paid step aside money, but it backfired when Fury said no way to that and cancelled the Joshua fight. Wilders own trainer Scott even recently said when asked about it, “yeah, I’m not sure why they didn’t just pay the step aside money at that point”, that was the real plan. Wilder can’t box at all, and the third fight is going to look just like the second did. Get your list of excuses ready.

    • Sorry but he conduct himself like a cry baby and can’t accept a defeat like a real champ. No one cares about him, most people are rooting for Fury who is a real champ ; he showed people you can be a champ again after facing depression, drug abuse and being overweight. Bum squad’ s ego make him look pathetic + he can’t even fight , he’s the weakest champ i remember since a couple of decennies.. Nothing interesting in Wilder in any way.. Hope Fury retires him for good, there are plenty of very good HW who are way better than Wilder and who are climbing the ladder like Rrgovic, Yoka, Dubois, Joyce etc..

  • Other than listening to Ray Flores as cheerleader, I enjoyed this clip. Should be an entertaining fight, and that’s all I’m looking to see.

  • Wilder may not be an ex con/jd but he is such a knuckle dragging fool with such a lack of boxing skills that Fury has the formula to beat him 9 out of 10 times. Wilder is my BridgerWeight / BoogerWeight champ until 2030. The chicken legs kinda make him underweight for today’s HW era.

  • I just hope they bring back that AMAZING undercard they had before Fury allegedly got “covid”.

  • Ohhhh brother, Wilder is talking about wearing an outfit to the ring. I respect him wearing it for “his people, his tribe”, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The last time he wore an outfit he got his arse handed to him and made excuses about his outfit being to heavy. He needs to stop worrying about that and enter the ring with no gimmicks. If he loses this fight, its over for him.

  • I can’t stand Wilder no more.. Can’t fight and he’s not a champ in any way just a pathetic looser with a massive ego..

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