Julio Cesar Chavez robbed at gunpoint

Ring legend Julio Cesar Chavez has reported on social media that he was robbed at gunpoint in Mexico City by two thugs on a motorcycle.

Julio Cesar Chavez: “I’ve just been the victim of a robbery, putting a gun to my head, taking my watch and my chain and from Jorge his watch. There is no doubt that life can be lost in a second. We have to weep about the danger in Mexico City and beware of the motorcycles that go around it.

“I want to clarify that not all motorcyclists are criminals, but it’s important to be aware of the motorcycles on which there are two people riding because most of the time they are the ones who assault people. There are good people in Mexico.”

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  • they definitely just wanted their $65 back after Chavez’s son’s performance against Canelo

      • JUST like promoters laugh at fans who fall for their set up predetermined fights and highly questionable decisions by “friendly” judges.

      • Coach, I guess you know less than a little how life is in Latin America. Being robbed in the street is so common over there that it really isn’t a tragedy or a big news unless the person gets injured, but normally it’s minor and they don’t bother to call the police or resist the attack because it can make things unnecessarily worse. It just ends up being a bad day then the laugh comes with some drinks in between talking about the incident with friends. That is the life over there.

      • Maybe blame the corrupt government who caters to drug cartels. This is why there needs to be a wall.
        This coming from a Canadian.

  • There are 175 Million people in Mexico and the stats indicate that there are 150K that are good people.

    • The good people have been disarmed. Now only the criminals are armed. Same thing the Antifa commy scum/liberals want to do here.

    • Lived and worked in Mexico for 3 years, the unethical business and cultural corruption in Mexico is overwhelming. The “mordida” or bribe is a way of life, can’t tell you how many times a bribe was demanded even for the simplest transaction and forget about the police.

      EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING is corrupt or easily corruptable!

  • Mexico has a very strict gun control policy, same as the commy scum/liberals want to institute here in the USA. What that means, of course, is only the criminals are allowed to be armed.

  • Reports are circulating Eddie Hearn just arrived in England with a new gold chain and watch he said he picked up for cheap in Mexico

  • I think what he needs to understand is that it’s not wise to be out there with chains and watches that look to be valuable.

    • Sad state of affairs when someone can’t wear what they want for fear of being robbed.

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