Joyce knocks out Dubois in ten

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In a much-anticipated showdown between unbeaten heavyweights, WBC #11, WBO #11, IBF #13 and Rio Olympic silver medalist Joe Joyce (12-0, 11 KOs) used his jab to break down, then knock out WBO #2, WBC #7 Daniel Dubois (15-1, 14 KOs) on Saturday night behind closed doors at the historic Church House in London, next to Westminster Abbey.

Joyce connected repeatedly with the jab in round one and kept landing the jab all night long. Dubois connected with most of the power shots, but Joyce took Dubois’ punches well. Meanwhile the Joyce jab closed Dubois’ left eye. The end came in round ten when Joyce landed another jab right on the damaged eye and Dubois took a knee where he was counted out. Time was :36.

Big win for the 35-year-old Joyce, who was a +320 underdog.

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  • A consistent jab will take even slower, limited fighters a long way. Jabbing is truly a lost art and Joyce has perfected it.

    • Agreed! I remember the late great Archie Moore would always Use the jab, chin/shoulder relationship.

  • there you have it, I never got in the DDD bandwagon, he just got knocked out by a slow fighter with a decent jab, people were saying DDD was the future of the heavyweight division,, ha ha ha !!!

    • Yeah, I mean the guy has some glaring flaws. I never understood the odds on this fight. To me it was a pick em and they had Dubois favored like 4 to 1

  • I’m back in the groove here. I said a while back this is gonna be a good fight. Dubois would need to win within the first 6 rounds, if not Joe Joyce would win by late round stoppage. The thing tho is that Dubois is barely 23, which is great learning experience for him and will certainly help him improve in the future. But the thing that many will say is that Daniel Dubois “QUIT”. I’, Thinking maybe if he had finished that round then his corner and or doctor could stop the fight. It’s gonna be hard for Dubois to get the respect of many fight fans and he’s gonna have to dig deep and not just quit.

    • I am out of the groove. LOL….I predicted Dubois a victory on his speed and movement. I think maybe I will start flipping a coin instead of using any hypothesis. Have a great evening.

  • A bit disappointing to Dubois give up like that. Why the hell wasn’t Dubois’ corner using an enswell between rounds?!? The corner work in Dubois’s corner looked like the corner work in Mike Tyson’s corner 30 years ago when Tyson lost the title to Buster Douglas.

    • They were using endswell. It just didn’t work on account of the 6,000 jabs bouncing off his face.

    • Enswell is not a cure-all. It only does so much to stop swelling. In that short amount of time, you can’t do all that much to bring swelling down, only hope to mitigate it a bit. Another thing is that some do more damage with an enswell. They attempt to “move” the swelling only further irritating the area.

    • Easy work for Tyson Fury yes, but for DW, he struggled against Ortiz in the rematch until he knocked him out late. I don’t think DW would want the Joe fight anyways.

      • Ortiz is ten times the fighter Joyce and Dubois are though. I can’t stand Wilder, but he easily beats both of these guys by KO

        • Remember how Fury beat Wilder.With constant presure.And DW gave up after 3 rounds.Joyce puts constant presure,have perfect sledghammer jab and excellent footwork and ring IQ. Plus he is big and have long arms.All nightmare for Wilder. Wilder would have to land something early to win , or he would get destroyed by Joyce. And Joes chin is smoething to.

  • DDD HAS NO TRAINER but he outboxed JJ. Too bad he kept exchanging jabs.

    DDD should fire the joke named his trainer, he entered v nervous rd1 and 2 and lost lot of energy.

    Clown trainer was sleeping whole fight. No plan B, no advises to avoid jabs, no nothing.

    JJ is a joke, scoring only with the jab… but he is big.

    DDD has no future with this clow, JJ has no future at all.

  • Figured Dubois lacked the power to hurt Joyce and it was just a matter of time before Joyce took him out.

  • I said a few years back that he was not an elite fighter. Powerful yes but nothing special and I also said he reminded me of Clifford Etienne. The C or B class fighters of the 90s would be dominant champs today. That’s how good the 90’s heavies were. No disrespect to either fighter tonight but neither fighter is an A class fighter and I don’t say that to be disrespectful in any way because they are brave warriors who risk their lives in the ring.

    • Either Joyce or Dubois would’ve murdered Etienne. He was a crazy hooker with no defensive acumen at all. If you could take Etienne’s punch, you could stand in there and smash him out. He was extremely limited. There’s a reason he was hand-selected by Mike Tyson’s camp when it had become obvious Tyson couldn’t beat a legit contender anymore… it was an easy win. Sorry, but that comparison is a million miles off.

      • Yes, you are right! Tyson did cherry pick Clifford the Black Rhino for a match up so Tyson could escalate his questionable status at the time. Last I read years ago, Etienne ended up back in jail and is serving a lengthy prison sentence.

      • And Dubois has defense? He got jabbed to death by a fighter who is slower than a turtle with a crutch. You missed my point with the comparison. Both were touted as punchers but were overhyped and fell short when they stepped up. They both have that hunched stance too. You cant say Dubois nor Joyce would murder Etienne. Etienne was chinny but he had a fast left hook and overhand right. One thing you can say about Etienne though is he didn’t quit until he got hit with a heavy shot. Dubois quit after a jab. I am sure his eye hurt like hell but he did something Etienne didn’t do. Closest thing Etienne came to quitting was against Tyson when he spit his mouthpiece out but he got blasted with a power shot.

  • Lack of amateur experience was really noticeable on DD’s part. Reminded me of Michael Grant. Really tough to get to the next level without that pedigree.

    • He had 75 odd amateur fights, thats plenty, considering Rocky Marciano had 9 and we all know how he went. He’s got power but not enough for the granite chin of Joyce.

  • That finish is gonna follow Dubois around for a long time. ‘Quitter’ will be thrown around for a long time. Happy for Joyce though. He really does have an amazing chin. A lot would argue it didn’t get fully tested, but i think it only seemed that way because of how well he absorbed the shots. This fight was a victory for a great jab and a solid chin. I think both attributes really shocked Dubois early on.

    • Dubois prob has a smashed cheek bone or eye socket after eating that many jabs from a big fella. So don’t throw the quitter tag out there just yet.
      Worrying he didn’t adjust to the jab all night though, needs a new trainer! He’s not finished at 23 that’s for certain.

  • What did i say ?!!! Yes how much boxing expert were not giving the respect Joyce earned in his carreer ? His opposition was better and he was an olympic silver medalist; like Wilder Dubois learned that a big right hand isn’t enough to become a world champ those day’s. My props to both though for taking the fight..

    • Like Wilder Dubois learned that a big right hand isn’t enough to become world champ? You know Wilder was the WBC World Champ because of his right hand right? Wilder has limited has he was won fights and the WBC Title with his right hand. Dubois doesn’t have the power in his right that Wilder did for sure

      • He wasn’t shit the real boxing fan’s knew the windmill was just a paper champ cherrypicking and that the real champs were AJ and Fury. Wilder was a champ only because there are way too much belts in boxing. Je was the same type of champs than Charles Martin, Bermane Stiverne, Briggs, Chagaev, Maskaev, Liakhovitch or Valuev !! That’s the type of champ Wilder was.. With two belts or one at stake like that was the case 40 or 50 years ago never he would’ve been HW champ of the world. He hasn’t enough skills..

  • Joyce’s jab was punishing and he kept the distance. DDD tried to walk through the jabs and when he landed big shots and saw Joyce has a great chin he was shocked. Very impressed with Joyce’s chin kind of like Ray Mercer in his prime. Joyce was very relaxed between rounds like it was no big deal. IMHO Joyce could even absorb a punch like the 5th round uppercut by Povetkin against Whyte. DDD kinda quit when his eye swelled shut (said the couch potato….). BTW Joyce will KO Usyk.

  • Very excellent heavyweight contest. Evenly matched by 2 top tier fighters. Disappointed by the outcome, though. Rematch!

  • The key to victory for Dubois would have been to go to the body which he didn’t or couldn’t do.
    I don’t think Joyce can be hurt to the head so you have to fight smarter against him.
    Yes, he’s not that pretty to watch, slow (although probably quicker than he looks when you’re opposite him) but his engine is amazing and is a hard fight for pretty much anyone

    • Joyce flips that jab hard and fast. He may not be fleet of foot, but his hands move pretty well. I could t figure out why he kept trying to dig the uppercut behind the jab because it was never there. Had he dropped the overhand right behind the jab, he’d have had A much better chance of hitting paydirt. Also, credit him for knowing his own toolbox. He didn’t get drawn into a firefight with Dubios and instead stayed behind his jab all night. He fought a disciplined fight.

  • You’re right about the jab, but Dubois isn’t a slow of limited heavyweight. In fact, he may have been faster and more powerful puncher than Joyce. That said, Joyce is equally as good and fought a smart fight. Rematch!

  • Congrats to Joyce Joyce he shutted up the most of the opinions (incluided the mine), and shattered the bets. Only with a good jab and an excellent chin and strategy beat the inexpert Dubois. Great upset !! He called Usiiiik Usiiiik in the final interview, funny…The experts opinion Usik will win easily by points, but maybe Joe will shut their mouths again…

    • He has zero chance of beating Usyk. He’s way too slow and plodding. Usyk will move around him with ease because Joe is just too slow to cut him off. It’ll be by UD because on the flip side Usyk has zero chance of knocking him out , real good chin shown by Joyce.

      • You are correct, Usyk could move all night long in the ring and win on points. However, I think it’s fair to say Usyk would not knock Joyce out. I don’t think Usyk has the power to stop Joyce and would have to win on points; he has no choice in this case. My 2 cents.

  • Daniel couldn’t get Joe out if there early. Joe reach with that jab was landing at will. That eye shut and Daniel went out like a pro. He didn’t get embarrassed. This is a lesson for him to learn and get better.

  • Not the slugfest or the thrill we were expecting, but rather a tactical battle with the more experienced fighter prevailing upon a hard, stiff jab. This contest reminded me that you need more than decent tack to flatten the tires of a bib truck.
    In the nine round the fight was over, when Dubois complained to his corner about his eye. Irresponsibly his corner response was to send him to get more punishment to the wounded eye, Dubois didn’t have no choice, but to stay down after the last hard shot to his eye. Say he is a quitter is unfair, is just lack of knowledge of the sport.

    • when you are not biased (ex Loma), you write beautiful:)

      how much this loss do you think it’s because DD corner?

      • You look carefully, Joyce was full of determination, confidence entering the ring. Dubois was the opposite. That is only the fighter’s matter. Dubois’ corner make a contribuition to the loss, no doubt, because they never give the fighter the right advice to avoid Joyce’s jabs, he was just a seating duck before that.

  • Joyce is like a fighter from the early 1900s. He takes punishment and keeps on throwing. Nobody wants to fight this beast.

  • Nice one Joe, smart tactics well executed.

    Answered a few Qs about them both – DD is still young so theoretically can come again – think he needs to lose the muscle in favour of a bit faster movement and better stamina.

    Joe didn’t really take too much punishment this fight and never looked tired, ready to move onwards and hopefully upwards. Be good to see him in there with someone like Parker, Whyte or Wilder to see if he’s world title challenger material.

  • I said Joyce with his engine would wear down stop DDD…….Joyce had to much exp …

  • that moment when a promotions up and coming golden cash cow gets his superman cape tore off

  • The way Dubois was slowly broken down, this could affect him psychologically from here on out. Great win for Joyce, but his time is limited. Dubois could come back but he’s a one dimensional slugger, and a boxer will beat a one dimensional slugger 10 times out of 10.

  • Joyce beaten Jennings, and stiverne, plus he was a Olympic silver medalist, give him his due ,plus he faced a young unbeaten ko artist, that proves enough for me.

  • I never understood the oddsmakers decision here. I had Joyce in what I thought was a pick em fight, but for those of you who didn’t watch the fight, this was career shattering. The guy quit after getting jabbed in a swollen eye. If that’s enough to get him to stop fighting he really needs to re-evaluate things.

    • He was also probably more or less mentally and physically broken down after ten rounds of pressure and battering.
      Dubois needs more quality around him, if he gets that it will be shown rather quickly if he can adjust or not.

  • man vs boy…as soon as danny landed his big shots and nothing I mean nothing happened to was already over..

  • Daniel Dubois is a bum. He needs to either drop down to cruiserweight or retire. He just got dominated by a big super slow old average heavyweight. And to top it all off he quit, which shows he ain’t got the heart to grit his teeth and fight through the pain, big red flag for future.

  • Don’t know how Joyce does it as he is as slow as a crippled turtle, but he beat the overrated but well regarded Dubois clean.

  • Congrat! Two things surprised me in this fight. First, I was not aware that Joyce was so much bigger than Dubois, the second is that I thought Dubois would own the first part of the fight and Joyce the second part. It turned simply out that Dubois did not have the range nor the tools. Joyce was in the fight from the very start and still had the best to come. I didn’t expect that.

    Joyce is very tough to face, a pressure boxer that never stops, tonight he also proved he could handle a powerful boxer. Joyce is not at all easy to target. Usyk is smaller, not at all as powerful, but he has still beaten Joyce. To me the question is how can Usyk take the fight after the first 5 – 7 rounds?

    Dubois is a gentleman, wish him the best, he’s young and have potential but he needs to improve as a boxer, his skills, he was exposed in this fight, full steam ahead is not enough, it works against low-ranked boxers. Honestly, to step up against someone like Joyce, without facing truly competitive boxers prior to such fight, is such a risk.

    Hats off, the fight was done even though in the middle of a pandemic! I will still follow both with interest.

  • Constant/relentless pressure, jab and a great chin on a big guy is going to be a rough outting for anyone. Dubois wasn’t ready for the pressure or to tag a guy with his Sunday punch and not get him outta there. Dubois arms are too big and will wind him quick with someone walking him down and pressing action.

    Joe Joyce has alot of energy for a big guy.

  • Credit to both boxers for making this fight happen, no dodging no ducking. Joe’s chin is some granite right there, Dubois caught him clean with some massive shots but it did not move Joyce in the least bit, the chin was the man of the match lol and reach advantage which Joyce had, he thoroughly used it to his advantage just pumping those stiff hard jabs, he hardly even threw a bomb with the right hand, just pumping that piston jab, though many of those jabs should never have touched Dubois face, Dubois had absolutely zero head movement, his head stood in the way of the jabs and to add to that his corner never once gave him advise on how to deal with the jabs or recommend some head movement, his trainer failed him no advice at all. I think Dubois will come back stronger, people talk about him “quitting” and the psychological impact that it could have on him, but I think he is a smart young man who knew that his eye was completely SHuT and he could not see those jabs coming at him, so why would he risk more damage to the eye or permanent damage to it, when Joyce kept targeting it? Better to be smart(perhaps fight another day) and know when you are beaten, then to go out on your”sword” and have one blind eye (and not able to fight again) so credit to Dubois and Joyce. Any elite heavyweight will have major problems facing Joyce.

  • So called boxing experts call these guy’s world class? OMG. I am shocked that they are even on a top 10 list. Middle club level in my opinion. Even his win JOYCE will go nowhere. He will be knock out in 2 rounds when he meet a high ranking boxer. DDD will go nowhere with his stamina. That is his weakness at least for now.

  • Congrats to Joyce for the win and having a clear strategy, but I have to honest, I was not impressed with him.
    He looked very slow, he leaves his jab out there, his footwork was nothing special and very limited head movement. All in all he looked very amateurish, but he got the win, so props to him.

  • A good win for Joyce played his hand nicely but of a shake up for Dubois …. but putting it all in perspective if you were to put a younger mike Tyson in the equation with them both , he would have eaten them up one after another on the same night

    • Thinking of of it – All the prospects at age 23, 26, 28 etc. and Mike was only 21 and HW champion of the world already!

  • The slow Joe Joyce just fooled a lot of folks who like me thought he would get knocked out. Dubois took that knee realizing this was not his day and he wanted to keep his eye.

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