Joshua vs. Fury next?

Could a showdown for the undisputed heavyweight championship between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury be in the works? “There is keenness from our side and Fury’s side to go straight into it,” promoter Eddie Hearn told Sky Sports, “but we are both under contract for different fights. No negotiations have taken place. Negotiations can’t take place until we know if Wilder will step aside and if Pulev will step aside…

“As it stands now Joshua’s next fight is Pulev and Fury’s next fight is Wilder. Could a deal be struck for them to step aside? Absolutely. Would we be willing to entertain it? Absolutely. Right now the focus is on the contracts we have signed, and the winners to fight in spring 2021.”

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  • Fury dominated Wilder in the first fight and destroyed Wilder in the rematch. Even tho Deontay has a rematch clause, a 3rd fight should happen AFTER a Fury vs Joshua fight. Anyone disagree?

    • In a fairy tale land of “things that should happen”, I agree 100% with you. However, in reality, there is a legal contract with Wilder and we will see what Deontay will do. Hey, if money talks, Wilder could ask for $500 million to step aside and retire for life now. Don’t think the greedy promoters would consider that price feasible. LOL

    • Yeah but you’re speaking logically, from a fan’s perspective. How often does that type of logic prevail in boxing? I suspect wilder will be a big time fly in the ointment.

    • What should happen is Dillian Whyte gets his shot next but that’s something that should have happened last year when WBC somehow had Breazeale leapfrogging Whyte into the mandatory position

    • Arturo, I’m with you on that comment. Why look back ,as far as Fury’s concerned.

  • Technically, since the third fight between Fury and Wilder is a legal binding contract, Wilder has the full deck of cards in his hands at this point. Something tells me Wilder will not step aside and make Fury uphold his end of the bargain win or lose. Fury better not wait too long in trying to unify the titles. We know Fury’s past track record of imploding with haunting personal problems (ie, depression, substance abuse) even when he is on his “A” game in boxing. I am sure these promoters can blow smoke and give us foreplay in “make believe-fairy tale” matches, but it does not exist until the new contracts are made and the old ones are legally dissolved.

  • They western boxing gangsters want to cheat Pulev out of his title shot.

  • I wont be holding my breath, Joshua has been living off Wilder and Furys name his whole career.

  • Pulev would step aside because money is what he is looking in is fight against Joshua, and an extra and free money should be welcome. Wilder is not in that mood. He wrongfully believes in a third fight things will be different and he will be reigning again. Money is not important for Wilder, but rather to avenge his devastating loss. He can’t realize at this point that has been exposed and he is not a mathc for Fury’s cleverness and skills.No way Wilder will step aside, period.

  • Don’t see any way Wilder will give way here. I’d even say that if the step aside money was greater than his purse for the rematch he still wouldn’t do it.
    Personally , I don’t want to see Fury/AJ next because a fight of that magnitude should not be compromised by the immediate aftermath of the Covid situation.
    If Wilder has this bicep injury which is being reported and it keeps him out of the rematch then I’d like to see Whyte get his chance. In fact – as much as I want to see the unification – I’d like to see Whyte get his long deserved chance before that happens

  • Wilder and Pulev step aside and fight each other, the winner gets to fight for the unified undisputed title against the winner of Fury vs Joshua.

  • Imo wilder should let them fight. “If” Joshua wins he may have a better chance of using his right hand against Joshua than Fury within a 12 round fight. It has happened before.. a fighter beats the guy who beat the guy who beat him then people consider him one of the best and back into the mix. That might be better for his career than losing to one of the fighters twice in a row. He could say that when he fights again he wants it to be for all the marbles. Let them do the work so that he can get it all with one fight and one punch.. but he’s a fighter so he might want to go straight into the rematch. If Fury beats Joshua then it’d just be fighting Fury again except later on unless fury retires that’s the only thing because I know he wants to guarantee a fight with Fury before he does.

  • We don’t need to see Wilder vs Fury again? He dominated him. As for AJ, how many times are we going to see fight fight these meaningless fights? Fury vs AJ is the biggest HWY fight to hit the division since Lewis vs Tyson. I know Fury wants it but AJ and Hearns will find a way out.

  • Wilder wld be an idiot not to step aside. This guarantees him two big paydays. His step aside money wld be a few million im sure which is damn good for doing nothing WITH a guarantee to fight the winner. If he fights fury right now, he wld easily get beat again and now his career is over. This step aside gives him a tune up and a chance to get more practice in with a better coach

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