Jonathan Guidry: We’re gonna shock them

GuidreyBy Karl Freitag

“It’s a big opportunity for me to show my talent, that I really can fight,” said WBA #13 rated heavyweight Jonathan Guidry during a teleconference with reporters on Tuesday. Guidry (17-0-2, 10 KOs) challenges WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan (21-0, 15 KOs) on January 29 in Warren, Ohio.

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s gonna go the distance,” said Guidry, “but we prepared ourselves for it just in case it happens that way. I don’t think nobody will make it past seven or eight rounds.

“He’s a big guy. He’s got a real good jab, but once we get around the jab, we’ve got to work in on him…I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for my whole life. We’ve been doing two times a day training and I lost easy like 30 pounds. I’m in way better shape. I feel a lot better, a lot stronger and we’re ready.

“I’m going to fight my heart out. I’m the underdog, so they might be overlooking me, which I hope, and we’re gonna shock them.”

Interestingly, Guidry revealed that he once fought Bryan in the amateurs, dropping a three round decision in 2011.

“We’ve got a lot more fights now. I believe I was an amateur fighting at like 215 at super heavyweight, so I was kind of small and he was big. Now I’m at 250, a lot smarter, a lot faster on my feet, and a lot stronger, so we’re ready.”

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  • Is it wrong that I want this kid to win, solely to show what kind of fantastic joke the “WBA World Championship” title has become?

    • I’m right there with you. If Bryan rolls an ankle or hurts his back or a shoulder or something and Guidry wins, it would be a freakshow result fitting of the WBA.

      • A bit like the circumstances when the IBF saw fit to strip Tyson Fury 10 days after he beat Wlad and matched Charles Martin against Glazkov – a nothing match that ended in an anticlimactic injury, which summed the whole thing up.

        • The IBF will do that. They stripped Fury, Canelo, GGG. They stick to their rules more than the others but they have trash rankings. They’ll have mandatory challengers rated low or not at all by the others and when they fight for the title, it’ll look like it.

    • Won’t matter as long as fighters continue to pay sanctioning fees for these worthless belts.

  • The art of confidence is used as a tool to increase a fighter’s internal drive to win! Guidry is riding on the confidence train and realizes this could be his magical moment to shine as a fighter. I respect that avenue and wish him luck. He has a hill to climb and I hope his physical and mental gear both have him prepared to do so.

    • Don King is cashing in with setting up the weakest “champions” of two divisions to eventually sacrifice to Canelo

  • Who is this guy? They all always say the same thing. “I have been waiting for this chance all my life”.

  • I agree with Mr. Guidry, this is not going the distance. but I don’t think any one will be shocked.

  • Guidry is in a privileged position to be facing ATG Trevor Bryan. Bryan has been ducked by Fury, Joshua and Usyk and is the rightful lineal heavyweight champion of the world. While Guidry is a top five heavyweight and would probably give any heavyweight of any era a great fight, he should be more respectful to one of the greatest heavyweights who ever lived in Trevor Bryan.
    “Alright Mr King, I read your note so can you please put the gun down now”

    • Do you have a newsletter, or perhaps an HBO special on the horizon? Because this? Is comedy gold.

  • trevor bryan has man boobies i respect him as a person but as a boxer hes a joke i belive if he wins this fight he will lose soon hes fat saggy and rather bloody crap

  • If Guidry wins some how (Bryan injury or disqualification) Canelo will move to heavyweight and talk about making history as the heavyweight champion

  • Wow, someone for the rest of their life would say they were world champion, and that I fought for the world championship please!!!

  • >