Japan continues all-cancel policy thru May

By Joe Koizumi

A week has seen the coronavirus situation in Japan worsened day after day since March 23 when the JBC/JPBA meeting was held and decided that boxing shows would resume in May. The next liaison conference meeting, however, took place a week later yesterday (March 30), when the JBC/JPBA made a new decision to extend its policy of canceling all cards through the middle of May.

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Photo: Boxing Beat

Every day we see the growing figures of coronavirus infections especially in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, the biggest three cities here. It is already such a critical time that our government is now discussing whether or not to proclaim a state of national emergency, and many sports events have been already canceled or postponed. For the sake of the health of the audience, participants and/or people concerned, it will not be a wise move to stage boxing shows too soon against the government’s and the public’s moral dissuasion. We should be cool and patient until the COVID-19 situation should become improved.

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