It’s On! Chavez Jr. vs. Anderson Silva

UFC legend Anderson Silva has agreed to fight Julio Chavez Jr. in “Tribute to the Kings” in a boxing match on Saturday June 19th to be broadcast on pay per view in North America.

Anderson Silva, considered by many to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, will take on former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. in a boxing match on June 19th at Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico. Silva of Curitiba Brazil was the longest reigning middleweight champion for the UFC. His pro boxing record is 1-1, 1 KO. Chavez, Jr. has a record of 52-5-1, 34 KOs.

“When I look back at my journey, I see that nothing has been in vain! I am extremely happy for the opportunity to test my boxing skills with Julio César Chávez Jr. I train continuously, always am striving for resilience and to overcome obstacles. Fighting is my everlasting breath,” said Silva.

“I have rededicated myself to the sport I love and I will be ready to face anyone in the light heavyweight division starting with Silva. I will be prepared to be victorious on June 19th,” said Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Keith Schoen, of Schoen Entertainment, working in concert with Armando Bareño of Global Sports Streaming (GSS) have secured the deal with Anderson Silva for this bout with Julio Chavez Jr. The promoter for this event is Jorge Toscano of Toscano Boxing Promotions and Saul Rios of Borizteca Boxing Promotions who are represented by Attorney Gino Mazzanti.

“This promises to be an epic battle between two superior fighters with a global fan base. Everyone associated with this pay-per-view promotion, and fight fans from around the globe are super enthusiastic to see these two great fighters meet in the ring,” said Keith Schoen. Anderson Silva is represented by ICM Partners, and managed by Talize Sayegh of Ducais Talent Management.

Said Jorge Toscano of Toscano Promotions, “We are excited to complete this deal and bring an entertaining night of boxing for the combat sport community.”

Fellow co-promoter Saul Rios of Borizteca Boxing said, “Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA fighter, and a great boxer so to have him fight Chavez Jr. for his first fight after leaving the UFC makes for an intriguing night of boxing.”

Armando Bareño of Global Sports Streaming stated, ““When you hear the names Chavez, Camacho, and Alvarez you know those are big names in boxing. Now adding Silva’s name to boxing; this made a special night even bigger with the GOAT of MMA fighting in a boxing match.”

“Tribute to The Kings” will be live on pay-per-view and will also feature a special exhibition bout that will see Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. make his final ring appearance against Hector Camacho Jr. Camacho will be honoring the legacy of his late Hall of Fame father.

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    • Pete, people putting this crap together are an embarrassment. Funny thing it the one who wrote this article seems so excited over this garbage. Has anyone seen his sparring at wild card back in the day? Chávez will look world class against him.

  • OH NO! Graveyard time. They should have scheduled this on November 1st or 2nd, that happens to be a Mexican celebration called”el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Death). Well, we can’t denied that people behind this hype failure have some imagination

  • Just when you thought Chavez Jr was gone! He’s baaaaaaaack! Maybe Chavez should fight on Streetbeefs on Youtube! Yes, it’s that crazy now!

  • What is going on in the world of boxing these days? Seriously? Anderson will be 46 by then and he didn’t look good as a boxer. That said, he has a chance to make the quitter Chavez Jr quit again.

  • From the article (I’m not making this up): “This promises to be an epic battle between two superior fighters with a global fan base. Everyone associated with this pay-per-view promotion, and fight fans from around the globe are super enthusiastic to see these two great fighters meet in the ring,”

  • This is the first time I’m going to look forward to seeing a JCC jr fight. I can’t wait to see the Spider.

    • Jake76, there was a time where he looked to have potential. Then he got lazy and it all went away.

  • Geeeeezzzz!! Chavez, Jr. should sit down and rethink this matter but feel free to pursue your lawful tasks in life. Geeeeezzzz (x2)!!!

  • Events like this are happening has well has De La Hoya coming back and Tyson vs Holyfield is because the fights everyone wants to see are not happening. No Crawford vs Spence and every day passes with still no date/venue for AJ vs Fury which is starting to look like may not happen this year.

  • Jr nothing like his Dad. No character, depth, integrity, dignity. He’s “rededicating” himself to the sport of Boxing by fighting an MMA fighter in the Boxing ring. When will the absurdities of this society end? Gruesome!

  • So are we not going to be able to take boxing seriously anymore? Don’t get me wrong, legitimate boxing is now talent rich with plenty of intriguing fights to be made, but we keep getting indundated with this crap! PPV’s featuring YouTube influencers and reality stars, 55 year olds fighting 60 year olds, retirees making ridiculous comebacks. Everybody wants a piece of the pie and apparently there are people willing to shell out to watch!

  • MOFO man. LMAO Boxing has been reduced to sideshow acts like the old time MOFO freak shows. Whats next? Sanctioned events in nursing homes? F***ing three 30 second rounds among former pugilists? For the last piece of cheesecake.

    • Its not boxing. Its mma. the best athletes cant make any decent money so they are regulated to boxing purse scraps. But its deserved for a discipline developed by an inferior athlete.

  • Look guys he is Mexican, what do u expect he is doing it for the money nothing more nothing less.
    They come from a 3rd world country you cant hate on that.

    • And they will always buy. Why do you think Andy Ruiz vs Chris Arreola is PPV? Ruiz is guaranteed to win.

  • Let’s be realistic. Sh1t fight, just like several others upcoming (Youtube bellend vs wrestler FFS). I’ve always been against circus-type bouts, but i’m starting to wonder if it’s hurting boxing or actually helping to get people somewhat interested in what has sadly become a niche sport. Can’t decide. Still won’t watch it though, abhorrently awful

  • I’m annoyed by the Headline “It’s On!” Really? Why would anyone want to watch this.

  • It looks like the new phase of boxing is going to be this. It will not be serious boxers fighting each other to se the best. It will be freak shows trying to bring in as much money possible. Boxing is entering the pancrase/pride fc era. Boxing as we knew it will soon be a thing of the past.

  • It’s On makes it sound like they’re going to announce Fury/AJ or Bad/Spence or something mouth watering

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