Ruiz-Arreola kickoff press conference

Former unified heavyweight world champion Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. and all-action heavyweight Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola previewed their PPV showdown during a virtual press conference Tuesday before they battle May 1 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California,

Ruiz and Arreola were joined by their renowned trainers during the press conference, with Eddy Reynoso discussing Ruiz’s current camp, and Joe Goossen analyzing Arreola’s preparations.


“I’m really motivated for May 1. We’re both training hard and working every day for this one. My mentality is where it needs to be and I’m ready to put on a great performance.

“Eddy sees the potential that I have and he told me that I needed to be disciplined if I was going to work with him. I don’t think I’ve ever been truly 100 percent dedicated until now. I’m surrounded by great champions like Canelo Alvarez, Oscar Valdez and Ryan Garcia, who help motivate me and it’s a blessing to be learning from Eddy every single day.

“Working with Eddy has helped change my mentality. His mentality is that we can’t take anything for granted in this sport. We’ve been working on a lot of different things and I have the ability to do a lot of new things with Eddy. I can’t wait to show everyone the new Andy Ruiz Jr. on May 1 because I’m more motivated right now than I ever have been before.

“I learned a lot from every trainer that I’ve had and I’m grateful for all of them. With Eddy, he likes to perfect every single punch and every movement in the ring. That level of detail is something that I’ve never had on this level.

“Arreola is a warrior who can take a lot of punches. He’s strong, but we’re going to stick to the game plan and remain disciplined.

“Losing my last fight was devastating. I didn’t do the things that I was supposed to do. That was the most important fight of my career. I had been waiting to become champion my whole life and I started doing things I never thought I would be able to do. I don’t want to make those same mistakes again, and that’s a big part of what’s motivating me.

“Now that I’ve been dropping weight the right way, I feel amazing. I feel like I can do a lot more things that I couldn’t do before because of my body. The sky is the limit for me.

“I still have a grudge inside of me about the second Anthony Joshua fight, because I don’t want to go down that path again. I just want to stay disciplined for this fight and all of the big fights coming up in my future.

“I learned from sparring with Arreola that we’re both warriors. We don’t give up. We love to receive punches and give them back. When we’re in that ring, it’s just business.

“This is going to be an all-action fight. I know Arreola is training really hard and I’m excited for whatever he’s going to bring. I can’t wait to show the people out there all of my improvements.”


“This is a fight that I’ve seen coming since the first time I ever sparred Andy. Back then he was just a pudgy kid and I thought nothing of him, until he threw those hands. Those hands were fast and lethal. I knew at that point that one day this fight would come.

“I’ve been ready for this fight for a while. At one point he wanted to be like me, and now I want to be like him and become heavyweight champion. He deserved everything he got, and now it’s my time to do everything to change history and prove I’m an elite heavyweight.

“I’ve been giving it my all in training, but we’re going to keep working. I’m excited for May 1 because this is definitely going to be a rock ‘em sock ‘em type of fight.”

“I know Andy is looking strong and that’s going to make this a great fight. This is a fight people should be talking about. There’s more work to be done, but I’ll be ready to shock the world on May 1.

“It wasn’t so much the punch output that improved for me in the Adam Kownacki fight, but it’s the fact that I could throw combos when I wanted to. I believe the worst I should have gotten in that fight was a draw. Either way, my plan is to be in even better shape for this fight against Ruiz.

“There are not too many things that I regret in my life. Yes, I found more discipline later in my career, but I’m not one who draws on the past too much. There’s nothing I can change except what happens tomorrow.

“Now that I have this new added energy inside of me and really this new love for the game, it makes it easier for me to get in the gym and listen to Joe.

“Andy was very unassuming when I first sparred him. I didn’t think he was going to have the hand speed and skills that he had. I had a rude awakening that day. We were putting hands on each other. Instead of quitting, he kept coming. It was a fun sparring session. That’s why I was one of the people who predicted that he was going to beat Joshua the first fight.

“I know that I have to bring a smart game plan. At the end of the day, we’re going to have the rock ‘em sock ‘em moments. Andy has great hand speed. So I know that if I don’t bring my hands back, I’ll get caught.”

EDDY REYNOSO, Ruiz’s Trainer

“Andy has given so much time and has been so dedicated to his work inside the gym. We’re excited for May 1. He is motivated and learning a lot every day.

“We know that on May 1 we’re going to be dealing with an aggressive fighter who is going to bring his best. Andy is excited about the challenge that Arreola presents.

“May 1 is going to be the second beginning of Andy’s career. This is the start of his pursuit to become champion again. We respect Arreola, but we’re going to go in there to get the job done on May 1.

“Andy is strong and he has a tremendous focus. I have to congratulate Andy on his effort and dedication so far. I do believe that on May 1, everyone is going to see a much different and improved Andy Ruiz Jr.

“I talked with Andy and his entire team and they gave us the confidence that Andy would work hard. He’s done exactly that. The focus is for him to once again become world champion. There are a lot of great fighters at heavyweight, but we all believe that with this hard work Andy is going to show who he really is.”

JOE GOOSSEN, Arreola’s Trainer

“These are two fighters known who are noted for what they do best, and that’s going for the knockout. They let it fly right away from the opening bell.

“Eddy is training Andy right now and that’s a great match, just like me and Chris are a great match. I expect both fighters to be in fantastic shape. I know that Eddy would not be training Andy unless he was dedicated to the program.

“We’ve been training for months now. Chris has been very dedicated and honing his skills getting ready for May 1. Both guys want to win. The pressure is on both guys to work hard for that. Neither guy believes they’re the ‘b-side’ and that’s how they should feel. When you have two skilled fighters with that mentality, it’s going to be a great fight.

“When have you ever seen either Chris or Andy in a bad fight? They both give it their all and if I wasn’t training Chris, I’d definitely be watching. When it’s all said and done, I believe this is going to be a fight that goes down in the history books.

“Andy’s style is Andy’s style. Like he said himself, the difference is what he can do with a different body. It’s going to be a new and improved style. It’s hard to change your whole style, but he’s going to show that he’s added on to his style.”

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions

“Dignity Health Sports Park is the premier outdoor boxing venue in the U.S. It’s been home to some true modern classics. Something special happens when fighters walk down that tunnel. It’s like gladiators entering the Colosseum.

“Andy Ruiz Jr vs. Chris Arreola is guaranteed to be another great battle between two Mexican-American warriors from Southern California. Throughout their history, the minute they stepped into the ring, these fighters have electrified boxing fans.

“This fight will be a slugfest. Both fighters have fan friendly, all-action styles and it’s safe to say that both Ruiz and Arreola have never walked into the ring just to win—they want the knock-out. So It’s going to be bombs away on May 1.

“We’re really excited about this pay-per-view card with four all-action toss up fights. We open the action with the young top prospect Jesus Ramos taking on Javier Molina in a matchup that’s boxing’s future versus a veteran Olympian. We also have a rising star in Sebastian Fundora against a real contender in Jorge Cota. Plus, the co-main event with Omar Figueroa against Abel Ramos has the potential to be a Mexican-style Gatti vs. Ward type of fight.”

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  • I hope both underachieving talents get their heads out of their asses and give us an A+ performance.

    The Buffet is closed, gentlemen. And now let’s get to work.

    • I believe this will be a good scrap. They might not be body beautiful but they can fight and will leave it all in the ring that night.

      As far as the bonehead comments from Jennifer she seems to get off on body beautiful men this is not a bodybuilding contest this is boxing as long as they are in shape and give the fans their money’s worth quit whining and stop being so pessimistic or go watch a body building contest where you can check out all the muscles you want in men!

    • True but they are banking on Mexicans to buy this which means it can potentially do ok.

  • Andy looks great but if Arreola shows up hungry he may make this fight competitive. There will be NO knockout and most likely Andy will win a somewhat boring decision.

    • I could see that happening. Andy wants to show how “new” he is and won’t be the killer that brought him to the table.

    • Though I think Arreola is on the downswing for some time styles make fights and it should be fun to watch. Lately so many seem to want to reinvent themselves. I cant see this not being a KO win for one of them. But you may be right. I see it turning into a brawl.

    • Though I think Arreola has been on the downswing for sometime styles make fights. Should be a fun one to watch. I see one winning by KO. Maybe not.

      • Ruiz’s hand speed will be the deciding factor in this fight. Chris will be peppered to death on counters and Ruiz will TKO him. My prediction.

        • Agree Ruiz by tko ! He is way too fast for Arreola who is going to eat shots till the second round and will be tkoed between the 6 and the ninth !

  • this fight is just awfulll. what a terrible disgrace
    still time to cancel it and find Ruiz a real opponent for ppv.

  • Would have loved to have seen this fight with Areola in his prime. Unfortunately, we’re probably 5-6 removed from that. Always enjoyed watching both these guys fight.Hopefully Areola has enough left to at least be competitive, but I don’t think it will play out that way. I’m guessing Ruiz by lopsided decision or late stoppage.

  • I don’t know, Chris Arreola just turned 40, he has been fighting forever, KO’ed by Stiverne back in 2014, he just has too many miles on the clock. Hope he has one more good fight left in him to be able give his best.

  • >