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  • Paul brothers are the biggest douche bags on earth, but even worse are the absolute morons who made them rich in the first place.

    • The same happened w/ that stupid and absurd show, “Keeping up w/ the Kardashian” I am astonished how many morons paid to see that CRAP!!

  • Did this guy really jus say boxing is now his job?? Lmao. Omg. That really makes him sound stupid. Its a Hobby for u dude. Ur not a real fighter. I get it. Fight some random “celebs” for fun and look stupid doing it, but dont call it ur job. Thats a disgrace to the rest of us where boxing was our job. We dont fight, we dont eat! Thats the difference idiot!

  • I didn’t hear a 5 million counter offer??? I hope Dana takes a few million off these POS and gives it to Roy Jones !!!! for his next fight.

  • Thank God for the FF button. Stick to your little cards your a clown. Don’t ever say you’re a professional Boxer. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL JOKE

  • This is just funny, both he and his brother are a walking joke. Die covid and bring back real bouts!

  • Guess YouTube can now manufacture pseudo-greats on sketch paper and still demonstrate how to make money selling tickets to the side show. Times are changing and I am not sure this is for the good if you are a diehard boxing fan.

  • In regards to the boxing match-exhibition between Floyd Mayweather versus a YouTuber, I am repulsed and frustrated by this travesty. The WORST part is that this ridiculous sparring session will be supported by a PPV platform and several non-knowledgeable “boxing pundits” who are paying top $ to make this crap possible. I really despise these types of events, It diminishes boxing in all its dimensions. Last but not least, a note to boxing commentators, these stunts using buffoonery and horseplay damage boxing in its entirety. You being part of this are RESPONSIBLE. BOXING OPINION will NOT be commenting at all about this or any similar absurdities. Thanks for listening!

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