Cotto-Marquez exhibition on PPV

Looks like the parade of former champions cashing in on pay-per-view exhibitions will continue with Miguel Cotto against Juan Manuel Marquez. According to El Nueva Dia, they will meet on June 12 at a site to be determined. The fight will be officially announced April 5. Cotto last fought in 2017, Marquez last fought in 2014.

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  • Well, because it is not April 1st, I shall continue saying NOOOOPE!!!

    However, Juan Manual Marquez is my favorite Mexican fighter among great Mexican fighters.

  • Guess we have to get used to this: exhibitions between old former champions who are coming out of retirement, well past their primes. Still awaiting Tyson-Holyfield, which would be a real fight masquerading as an exhibition.

    • Doubt any of these would be any more real than a pro wrestling match. Take the money but don’t get hurt.

  • Both of these guys are still young enough and haven’t been out of the ring that long, to where this could be pretty interesting and not a complete sideshow.

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