It’s Double TRILOGY Week

This coming Saturday (December 3) brings not one, but TWO boxing trilogies.

The first trilogy matches WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs), returning from a brief retirement, against Derek Chisora (33-12, 23 KOs) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The Gypsy King, a 25:1 favorite, is looking to go 3-0 against Chisora, having previously defeated Del Boy in 2011 (W12) and 2014 (TKO10). ESPN+ will stream the fight in the U.S. The fight is PPV in the U.K.

The second trilogy matches Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada (43-3, 28 KOs) against Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (51-3, 41 KOs) in a rubber match at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Chocolatito won the first fight by unanimous decision in 2012. Estrada won the second fight by split decision last year. Chocolatito is a 2:1 favorite to win the third fight. The WBC super flyweight title, formerly held by Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, will be on the line. DAZN will stream.

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    • Fury vs Chisora is nothing more, but a hyped sparring match. Basically, it gives a Chisora a paycheck to be battered and played with in the ring.

    • Still dont get how organizers can get behind a Trilogy when the 1st two fights were uncompetitive. If you dont know what privilege looks like…
      Good for you Fury!!!

  • Not watching Fury/Chisora but definately Estrada/Gonzalez. Gonzalez should have won last time imo but still a great fight.

  • I do not think Fury – Chisora is a PPV? I agree with the comments… it really should not be happening and definitely should be 10 rd non title fight. That said if I am home and its on for free I will watch. I do not think Choc – Estrada should be looked at the same way. Their trilogy is special. Their first two fights were classics and the winner of the rubber match is far from pre determined. These two trilogies really should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • I think Fury – Chisora might even be comical. Two old friends having a spar. Dubois – Lerena is on that undercard, that, might be interesting.
    Estrada – Chocolatito, on the other hand, should be fantastic and that’s a pretty decent card. Nothing special, but decent imo.
    Got a couple of nice cards on Friday as well.

  • Fury does what pleases him, he doesn’t care if we like or not who he is gonna fight, lets hope his next fight will be against Usyk or Joyce, in the meantime why waste time in watching a sparring- exhibition session?

  • Gonzalez vs Estrada is belong to the group that not matter how many times they fight, the fight is expected as a package of action and intrigue as it was Pacquiao – Marquez, Barrera- Morales, Gatti-Ward, Chacon-Bazooka Limón and few others. I hope they retire after despite the result, both are past their primes and over 30 with 100 fights combined

  • Chisora already has anger issues, probably the result of a chemical imbalance and continuing to take shots to the head for a paycheck is detrimental to his health, and we may have another Ike Ibeabuchi on our hands. Money ain’t everything. Sorry guys, have never really gotten into the weight classes under 126 lbs, not that there haven’t been some decent fighters throughout history, often looks like two dwarfs fighting and they don’t normally score emphatic KO’s.

  • You guys bashing Fury are ridiculous. He did everything he could to fight AJ. Usyk is out until next year with injury. That’s about it in the HW division anyways. Someone said he should fight Joyce?? LOLOLOLOL!!!! The slowest human being on the planet would get out worked and embarrassed by Fury!!! Joyce is terrible. Dude throws punches like he has 80 pound weights tied to each arm. It’s pathetic to watch!

  • all week the fury fight has been adverticed free on ESPN, now its on espn +. i am 84 years, big boxing fan, now i wont be able to see it, are the fighters getting gready, or what, somebody out there push a button so i can see the fight, would be so nice

  • I disagree with the odds in this one altough rooting for Chocolatito but 2:1 is way too much. Estrada is the fresher fighter in my opinion, Chocolatito is still a great fighter but no more the killer he once was..

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