Interview: Stephen Fulton Jr.

Philly’s only current boxing champion Stephen Fulton Jr. appeared on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer. The WBO super bantamweight champion tells us what we can expect in his unification fight with Brandon Figueroa and why he should be rated as one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best. Fulton also talks about possible future fights and just how long he will stay at 122 pounds.

Fulton Jr. says unification fight with Brandon Figueroa will be an easy KO

“He doesn’t use his range, he doesn’t use his height so technically I’ll be the bigger fighter, I’ll be the taller fighter, I’ll be the rangier fighter, he doesn’t use it. He doesn’t know how to use those abilities that he has, he only has one way to fight. (Question) And you believe that fight will end in a knockout? Yes for sure!”

Fulton Jr. says he should be rated pound for pound after Figueroa fight

“When I become victorious over Brandon, I believe I’ll be considered in the pound for pound. Not only that, I believe I will have the fight of the year candidate, and after that I see I could be fighter of the year!”

Fulton Jr. on a possible fight with Naoya Inoue

“I see me wiping him out clean! He’s too small for me, he’s too short, his reach isn’t there, I’m not going to sit there for those power shots all the time. He’s good, but he’s not better than me. I believe what happen to Nery will happen to him.”

Fulton Jr. says he’s staying at 122 until he becomes the undisputed champion

“There’s never been an undisputed champion at 122, I need to be the first to do that…and then move up and probably face (Emanuel) Navarrete for that WBO.”


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    • I can see Monster beating Fulton. I think Monster would be too small to go after anyone bigger.

    • If there is anything we learned from the Mayweather/Paul embarrassment, is that bodies do diminish with age, and size does matter. Mayweather struggled with a PEDESTRIAN. Imagine if he fought a real fighter.

      • It was an exhibition and Floyd literally carried him at one point after a right hand to the head. Have to keep the money fight with the other Paul brother a reality

        • I am liking this, because you are right. However, I am not paying for this shit again. I hope the other Paul brother beats Money’s ass.

  • Though not a fan of The Rainbow Bomber, I think Figueroa will be too strong for Fulton and stop him in the 9th round. Naoya Inoue is very smart and knows his physical limitations.

    Brandon is clearly the better fighter between The Figueroa Brothers. Their sister might be the real star in the family, though. I respect Omar. The Rainbow Bomber is better.

  • Very good, crafty and fundamentally solid fighter! He definitely beats Figueroa as I think he’s overrated! As for Inoue….Not that easy Bruh! That dude is a legitimate killer!!!!!

  • Fulton is a live underdog against Figueroa because Fulton’s overall boxing skills are solid.

    However, at times, there are fighters out there (like Figueroa) who display sturdy chins, extreme pressure, high punch volume and loco determination to create dark waters/great discomfort for opponents with solid boxing skills.

    Fulton better mentally prepare to go through hell or else he will lose to Figueroa. I guarantee you Figueroa will mentally prepare to go through hell against Fulton.

    As for now, I am leaning slightly towards Figueroa.

  • Inoue has hit his peak at 118, and Fulton has the style to give him fits. I love Inoue, but he needs to stay at 118. He was feeling them shots from a bigger Moloney.

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