Exclusive Interview: Christy Martin

By Jeff Zimmerman

Newly elected Hall of Famer (2020 class) and legendary Christy “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” tells Fightnews.com® in an exclusive interview how she became a fighter, what it was like fighting for Don King and being showcased under “Iron Mike” Tyson’s cards, her thoughts on Claressa Shields and woman’s boxing today and being on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1996. She also discussed the mega showdown with Lucia Rijker that didn’t happen, where she got her nickname “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” and her big show this Friday, June 11 – Orlando Fight Night II – at the Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center – with some great young talent.

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  • Didn’t know this about Martin until a recent article I read, but she was stabbed several times, shot, and left for dead by her Husband back in 2010. Good to see she’s recovered and apparently doing OK.

    • Yes, I recall when the news covered the story. Her ex-spouse managed her as a fighter. Martin was a “female sensation” coming from the state of WV making it big time as a pro-fighter back in the heyday. Martin was a gritty pressure fighter with a work rate used to chop fighters down. Props to her for her success as a fighter and the perseverance to recover from her downfalls in life.

      • Yes, she was fun to watch. Got a lot of leverage on her punches. She did a lot to put women’s boxing on the map.

  • Salute to the legendary Christy Martin. She hung on cards with some big giants (Trinidad, Tyson, Chavez). She was loud and hard charging. Good old school techniques.
    Some of the women she named, from her day, I doubt would be as famous today. There are no Playboy photoshoots in 2021 to boost a womans Boxing career these days. The 90’s were different as far as celebrity.
    If you dont know Don King is hands down the best Boxing promoter of all time, you dont know Boxing!!!

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