Interview: Alen Babic

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“How you can be shocked when I told you what I’m gonna do to you? I’m the most simple fighter in the whole world: I just knock people out and there’s really nothing you can do” – “Savage” Babic talks about Saturday’s fight with on DAZN vs. Eric Molina, has no love lost to Filip Hrgovic, and how he really loves to KO people.


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  • Alen is a wonderful bridgerweight talent, who will go very far in that division. Since the division is in its infancy, he will have to also beat up a few heavyweights in the process. I expect Alen Babic to win a world bridgerweight championship in the next 3 years.

    Speaketh … FJB.
    Fredrick J. Brandon III.

    • Alright I’ll bite. If Bridgerweight is a thing…and whether people choose to recognize it or not, it IS a thing now…..then why would he have to “beat up a few Heavyweights” outside of Molina? Ryan Rozicki got a title shot at Bridgerweight after only 13 fights, with just about all of his fights being at Cruiserweight. Apparently it doesn’t take much to get a title shot here. Not sure there’s a need for him to stray outside this new weight class. ‘Course, if he wants Hrgovic that much, I guess he’ll have to for that…

      • As long as people think like that there will be even more weight classes and everyone will be some kind of “champion.”

  • Babic is a poor man’s Joe Frazier. To be an elite Heavyweight Babic would have to make great improvements in his foot speed, his ability to close distance quickly. He will have to make great improvements in the speed of his defensive movement as well. He will have to make improvements to his core strength, quickness and range of motion from knee to waist. That is a tall order. In the mean time let’s appreciate him as an exciting Smokin Joe tribute fighter!

    • P.S. if Babic can make those considerable improvements he will close the gap between Babic and HW legend Frazier.

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