Holyfield vs. McBride June 5

The legends exhibition tour rolls on. Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, 58, couldn’t get Mike Tyson in the ring, so instead Evander will meet “The Clones Colossus” Kevin McBride, 47, the man who defeated Tyson in Iron Mike’s final fight in 2005. The eight round exhibition bout will reportedly take place on the June 5 Triller card topped by Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos.

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  • Mike claimed the gods have awaken his ego and he was ready to go to war. Apparently that applies when he’s fighting smaller guys. He wants no parts of Holyfield.

    • Tyson has PTSD from the two ass-whippings he got from Holy, LOL. Also, saw Mike Mollo of Chicago’s southside fame nearly murder McBride in person back in the day, he was just terrible. I can’t imagine anybody will want to see this, aside from guys like me who are die hard Holyfield fans.

      • Haha hell yeah man, I’m friends with Mollo. We trained at the same gym when he had his last little comeback. Dude is bad ass.

      • I also remember McBride losing to Denver journeyman Louis Monaco. Monaco is a tough guy, but with a record well below .500.

  • Like I have said in the past, the word “exhibition” means to not spend any money to watch and wait for the quick highlights for free. Have a good day today!

  • Stop with the
    “exhibition” crap and fight a real 10-rounder, go all out, and counted on your recorded—Exhibition means just a draw after a half ass effort of fighting.

  • Well now if this doesn’t sell this card i don’t know what will….getting more ridiculous each day

  • Why is it an ‘exhibition’ ?? Are there rules differences? Does it go on their records?

    • They pity pat like they’re hitting mits then the run around for 2 minutes and take the draw, I’d expect more watching a sparring match

  • Last time I saw McBride, he was in a horizontal position with his eyes closed, having an out of body experience courtesy of a Mariusz Wach right hand

  • There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this fight. My only curiosity in watching would be to see how bad these two look… As a Cruiserweight and even as a Heavy, Holyfield was an amazing fighter. He was a volume puncher, who threw crisp, clean combos in bunches like no other. The last vestige I saw of that fighter was his controversial draw against Lewis in 1999, in which I thought he clearly lost. The Holyfield who fought in the 2000’s was a shell of his former self and he certainly hasn’t gotten any younger since then.

  • This will be a battle for the ages. Many fans look at guys like evander see him in such amazing shape and wonder if he still has it.

    He’s clearly using supplements that defeat ageing. McBride I would guess takes a more natural approach. He is a giant. A modern day David versus Goliath. The power versus the passion. The speed versus the strength. A battle of wills hearts minds and souls. Perfect match up. Everyone ignoring the gold class main event – usually the undercards are pure garbage. With this you get a free freak show – why complain….

    • @ Niki-Thank You! I withdraw my complaint and am now a convert! Perhaps Holyfield would have been wiser to have chosen the likes Efe Ajagba or the current king without a crown, Deontay Wilder as a more suitable rival other than the fierce Galic warrior, The Clones Colosus, Kevin McBride. Based on his brutal destruction of Mike Tyson 16 years ago, he clearly poses an unnecesarry risk for The Real Deal. Why jeopardize his hard earned bid to challenge the winner of Joshua vs Fury? It makes no sense whatsoever but it’s an early Christmas present for boxing fans

      • Yeah, McBride has been working on his footwork for the last 15 years, so expect him to be floating like a butterfly. Evander knows he’ll have to get inside that lightning jab, so he’ll have to employ some bobbing and weaving tactics. This should look exactly like Ali-Frazier.

  • Hope mcbride brings his headgear cuz theres gonna be some good old fashioned headbutting going on there.

  • I’d rather see Tyson vs Tyson but boxers don’t fight like that anymore. The sport is watered down that’s why we are all so eagerly awaiting this Holyfield money grab , sad sport, oh well baseballs here

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