Kingry vs. Fortuna set for July 9

Rising lightweight star Ryan “Kingry” Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) will defend his WBC interim lightweight title against former WBA super featherweight champion Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (36-2-1, 25 KOs) in a 12-round battle on Friday, July 9. Information regarding the venue and the undercard will be announced shortly. The fight will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN worldwide.

Ryan Garcia: “Fortuna is eager and will be ready, but so will I. No one can beat me in the lightweight division, period. I’m going to show the world who I am.”

Javier Fortuna:  “Ryan Garcia should take this fight very seriously and train properly because he will be facing, by far, the best fighter of his career. Hopefully on fight night, there will be no excuses for his loss. I expect this fight to be a war while it lasts, but I have too much of everything for Ryan Garcia. His last fight showed how easy he is to hit. And his power won’t mean anything to me. But mine will put him to sleep.”

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  • Besides Fortuna being stopped a few years back, this should make a for a decent maybe entertaining fight until Kingry mans up and fights Tank, or Haney. #ManUpKingry

    • He will never man up. Oscar recently told the press Garcia and Haney will never fight. He made up a b.s. reason why. Ryan is Oscar’s golden boy and he will not let him fight Tank, Haney, Lopez and God rest his soul if he was allowed to fight Manny. PROTECTED!!

  • While the big fights arrive, this is a very decent match up. Hope after this fight (if Ryan wins, as is expected) a fight against Haney (the most feasible) can be arranged, if he wins of course on his fight against Linares. Fight against Teofimo or Gervonta are almost impossible to make, we all know the feud between Oscar and Floyd and Teofimo will ask the lion share, so, no point to believe either fight will ever happens

  • I Hope Garcia improves on his head movement since his last fight where Campbell dropped him to remind his defense is important. Garcia has good hand speed, but that is only part of the total package to be in the elite. Time will tell!

  • Ryan’s last fight with Cambell was for the right to fight for Haney’s WBC title. He beats Cambell and than maneuver around fighting Haney for the WBC title. Who does that? usually the champ maneuvers around his dangerous mandatory, not the other way around.
    Lomo gave his title up and now Garcia forfeits the opportunity.
    If Haney is avoided while he has the WBC title in his hands than how the heck the fans expect him to fight a big named opponent?

    • The WBC has 3 lightweight champions. Technically that makes Garcia Haney’s mandatory and Haney Lopez’ mandatory.

    • Haney is all risk and no reward. I don’t see him producing an entertaining fight against any of the young lightweight crop. The promoters know it too and all of these guys understand the money aspect. Garcia vs Tank guarantees the most explosive match of the group and Lopez is THE guy right now, so the title players adds value and he has shown entertaining qualities too. (Although, his match with Loma really didn’t produce huge fireworks.)

  • It is a big fight between Manny Pacquiao(Pacman) vs Terence Crawford this coming June 5,2021.Good luck Pacman.

  • Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (36-2-1, 25 KOs) Pretty formidable record. Hopefully Garcia will land on the mat. He’ll never make it past Davis regardless. Hes beaten some tough competition, but can’t beat the cream of the crop.

  • Guys like Ryan are what’s wrong with boxing. I’m tired of these meaningless fights and claims of wanting to fight the best. Call out Lopez. I know he wants that smoke. Lopez vs Garcia will sale. It’ll never happen because to an extent he’s protected. I don’t see him beating Tank, Lopez or Haney. They all flatline him.

    • Top social media star though. seventeen magazine. Doubt he would have much of a problem attracting a foxy spanish harlem mona lisa though. I do wish I had his hair I’ll give him that.

      • Feel free to drool over him you like but we don’t care about how he looks or the women he gets. Oscar had the same going for him but at least he had the balls to take on the best.

  • QueenRy will be in risk of losing in this fight which is a stepback fight…

  • Oscar basically gave a b.s reason to the press why Garcia will not be fighting Haney. Get mad if you want, but facts are fact. Ryan is a protected fighter and we will continue to watch him fight these pointless fights that lead to nowhere.

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