Holyfield-Belfort Weigh-In Results

20210909 Triller Fight Club Holyfield V Belfort Florida Weigh In Westcott 33
Photo: Amanda Westcott / Triller Fight Club

Evander Holyfield 225.4 vs. Vitor Belfort 206.2
Anderson Silva 192.6 vs. Tito Ortiz 200
David Haye 211.5 vs. Joe Fournier 195.5

Jono Carroll 130 vs. Andy Vences 129.4
(WBA super featherweight eliminator)

Anthony Chavez 129.2 vs. Diuhl Olguin 128
Eleazer Silva 158 vs. Terry Roscoe 155

Venue: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, Florida
Promoter: Triller

Holyfield-Belfort Boxing Buzz
Lejarraga, Charrat make weight

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  • Belfort was preparing for a fight with Oscar De La Hoya which was supposedly going to be at light heavyweight and within a couple of weeks after the switch comes in at 206 lbs. So what was he going to weigh for De La Hoya?

      • Gary P, I think delahoya having covid was staged in an effort to get attention. I think everybody should look the other way anytime it has to do with delahoya

  • Holyfield is 58 ! WTF ! He looks like a 35 years old from this distance ! This guy is fit ! Should be an exciting fight, Holyfield isn’t going to play around neither Belfort..

  • Holyfield looks to be in good physical shape at 58, but saw his workout and it looked like he has slowed down A LOT, and that it took him time to process his thoughts into action. Would not sanction him for an exhibition or real fight; but at least he takes his workouts more seriously than some heavyweights today

  • However slowed down (as seen in sparring) Holyfield is, must give him credit for staying in such tremendous shape.

  • Holyfield looks good on paper for his age, but make no mistake, his body is 58 years old. At his age, hormones slow way down, the risk of injury climbs, cancer risks increase, and even the brain begins to have structural changes. All this being said, this fight is a closely supervised exhibition as I can’t see anybody in their right mind allowing him to actually go full-throttle in a real toe-to-toe boxing match-up due to his health risks.

  • The MMA guy is in for a beat-down. He won’t lay a glove on Holyfield. Boxing is NOT similar to MMA !
    BTW-A ‘bad’ ref could affect this ‘fight’.

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