Holyfield-Belfort Boxing Buzz

Jim Lampley has pulled out from announcing the Holyfield-Belfort PPV card in Florida for undisclosed reasons. He will be replaced by Ray Flores. The rest of the team is Sean Porter, 50-Cent, and Sean Wheelock

On an alternate feed will be former president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, and Todd Grisham.

PPV buyers on FITE can flip between the main audio, the alternate audio, or Spanish audio.

The freeview fights before the Holyfield-Belfort PPV begins will feature super featherweight Anthony Chavez (9-1, 3 KOs) against Diuhl Olguin (15-19-4, 10 KOs) and pro-debuting middleweight Eleazer Silva against Terry Roscoe (2-5, 0 KOs).

Holyfield-Belfort, Silva-Ortiz, and Haye-Fournier will all be eight-rounders with two-minute rounds.

Ryder defeats Jurko at light heavyweight
Holyfield-Belfort Weigh-In Results

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  • Good for Jim Lampley, this ‘fight card’ is bad enough, but who would want to be around Agent Orange the entire time.

  • Lampley has had an amazing career as a color commentator and play by play announcer. I’m sure once he heard agent orange orangutan was involved, he bowed out gracefully and above all with dignity!!!

  • By “undisclosed reasons,” I think what they mean to say is that his dignity got in the way of him participating in a shitshow exploiting Evander Holyfield’s name for a few bucks.

  • This card is just sad. No 58 year old should be fighting competitively in a boxing match. It’s a black eye for boxing.

  • Alternate feed? WTH?? I was gonna by this for The Don. If you can’t guarantee Trump then I ain’t buying baby!

    • I spent extra money to guarantee I am buying the G.O.A.T. Not 1/2 a cent, and his crew.

  • I paid $50 for the alternate announce team. In truth, I could care less about these specific fights, and won’t be subscribing to FITE any time soon. However, I am very stoked to watch & listen to the G.O.A.T, his son, Jorge, and Todd.

  • >