Haney survives Loma, still undisputed

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Photo: Emily Harney

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undefeated and undisputed lightweight king Devin “The Dream” Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) retained all of the belts in a hard fought twelve round unanimous decision over former three-weight world champion Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Loma started faster than normal. It was a highly tactical fast-paced bout with both fighters having their moments. Loma came on strong down the stretch with clean left hands. In the end, judges had it 116-112, 115-113, 115-113 for Haney.

The size difference was evident from the opening bell. Haney jabbed as Lomachenko punched in bunches and was more productive in the first. Haney connected with a right hand in round two but Lomachenko connected flush on the inside with combinations. Lomachenko kept up the pace in round three as Haney still appeared to be making adjustments. Stalking and keeping up the fast pace, Lomachenko lurked as Haney was fighting off his backfoot jabbing, Lomachenko slipped and took Haney with him as things got a little rough.

The referee issued a warning to Haney in the fifth for shoving with his forearm, shortly after Lomachenko got the better of Haney backing him to the ropes with a combination. Haney began to go to the body and get inside in round six but Lomachenko countered with fast combinations, shortly after Haney was issued another warning this time for holding and hitting behind the head. In the eighth, Haney pressed more as Lomachenko tagged with counters but shortly after Lomachenko ran into a stiff punch from Haney stopping his momentum. The jab was effective for Haney in the eighth, neutralizing Lomachenko’s movement and speed.

Working off the jab in the ninth, Haney and Lomachenko boxed as Haney was fighting off his backfoot, Lomachenko pressed. Late in the fight in the tenth, Lomachenko connected with a flush combination as he stopped Haney’s momentum. A solid right hand by Lomachenko in the eleventh backed Haney as the former world champion and two time gold medalist seemed comfortable in the championship rounds. The twelfth and final round saw Lomachenko pressing as Haney sticked and moved most of the round.

After completing twelve competitive rounds the judges scores were 116-112, 115-113, and 115-113 as Devin Haney pulls out an unpopular unanimous decision.

Haney-Lomachenko Scorecard, Punch Stats
Nakatani KOs Moloney, wins WBO 115lb title

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    • What a total sleazeball scumbag Bill Haney is. For him to say the fight wasn’t even close is a lie straight from hell. He knew in his heart of hearts that the fight was EXTREMELY close but has zero balls to speak the truth. Like didn’t he know millions of people watched the fight and were listening to his filthy lies?

      My heart really goes out to Loma because even though it wasn’t a highway robbery, the wrong man got the decision and that equally scum judge who had it 116-112 already had that scorecard filled out before the fight! Just like the 3 blind and paid off judges who had that overrated clown Mayweather winning over Castillo1. Oh well such is life.

      • The sport of boxing has really hit the skids these days with corrupt judges and inept referees.

    • Haney sucks loma won hand’s down he will lose to tank or Shakur.

  • Great victory for Muratalla, somehow, I thought the stoppage was a bit premature.

    Good fight and good win for Valdez. Oscar Valdez got hit too many times, if he was fighting a puncher he would have been hurt. Also, Oscar missed a lot with too much head hunting, work on the body. In the 12th round with a clash of head and a punch Lopez got hurt.

    Haney vs Lomachenko for me I saw Loma won by 116 to 112, a very close fight. Clear rounds for Loma 10 & 11.

    • Haney-Loma was hard to score. Thought several of those rounds could have gone either way. I thought Loma had him rattled in the 11th, and should have pressed Haney more there, but he backed off and coasted the rest of the round for whatever reason. I thought Loma blew the 12th as well….all three judges gave that round to Haney…and cost himself at least a Draw. 7-5 either way or a Draw would have been fine with me. Very close fight.

  • I dunno. I thought Lomachenko won by two points. Not that it matters. I am slowly giving up on boxing. Just far too many iffy shenanigans going on for my liking

  • Wonder will the big 3 fight each other, Tank, Shakur, Haney or avoid each other?

    • You know the answer to that. Something something wrong side of the street, yada yada promoters, time ain’t right, my pee-pee hurts….who knows what the excuses will be.

    • Well it’s not like these guys have the boxing ballz of Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran… nor the boxing ballz of Oscar, Mosley, Trinidad, Vargas… not even the boxing ballz of Pacquiao, Marquez, Morales, Barrera !
      Those 12 guys were ALL down for Best vs Best , Prime vs Prime, no hiding behind their respective “sides of the street”….

  • Very close fight. I could see 115-113 either way. Probably 114-114 would be the best score. Lomachenko had the flashier moments. Haney was a little more consistent. Haney would get KO’d by Davis and outboxed by Stevenson. He is a level below those guys.

    • You know nothing about boxing if you think Loma lost!!!! He clearly was victor by 116-112 or even give another round to Haney. Boxing is killing itself with these crooked decisions. Fuck boxing!!! I’m disgusted

      • Plain and simple you must be up the champion and he didn’t do that. He gave the champion a good fight though but with that being said any close decision goes to the champion that’s why he’s the champion.

    • Jody, I agree with your assessment. If the fight was a “robbery” it was only in the sense of how lopsided it was. I could have seen going to Haney by a point or so. But for me a draw was the most justifiable.

      And, yes, Haney easily loses to Tank and Shakur. Probably loses to Loma in a rematch too.

  • Another damn robbery. You can tell Haney thought he lost, when the decision was announced for him he was totally surprised. And he needs someone in his corner who is a real boxing coach, not someone just milking his son’s glory like some desperate Hollywood parent.

  • I can admit when I’m wrong. I said Haney would win but Lomachenko was robbed. He won that fight. It’s now evident Haney isn’t at a certain level.

  • Even though I believed Loma should have won because of his relentless pressure, this was such a good fight that I’m not upset about the decision. Haney is proving he truly is the best at 135. I believe right now that Haney and Tank are the two most talented fighters to beat. Props to both Haney and Loma for putting up such an entertaining fight.

    • I’m a Haney fan but he is truly not the best at 135. If he got his as cleanly by Tank and he was hit by Lomachenko, he’d still be asleep. He has apparent weaknesses from the JoJo Diaz fight that he has not corrected and Lomachenko exploited them again.

  • I don’t get why against Teofimo and Haney that Loma decided not to fight with urgency until the second half of the fights. Although the youngsters are talented Loma is the better fighter when he’s throwing punches.

  • Wow man Loma looked great I had it a draw. But another terrible decision

  • Haney lost. It was close but they gave it to the wrong guy. I love boxing, but it gets so effing frustrating watching it with this bullshit decisions. No wonder so many fans are turning to mma instead of boxing.

    • This comment shows your mental age. Learn how to use words to express yourself. Perhaps, you’re trying to say you’re upset with the judges.? Haney isn’t a judge.

  • Highway robbery! Loma landed the more telling shots & Haney was lucky to go the distance. However, I think we all knew the fix was in before the fight!

  • Another horrible decision in a major fight. I’m so close to giving up on boxing. I love the sport but continuing to see men fight their hearts out, clearly win a fight and have some bullshit scoring by judges makes me want to never watch it again. I’m watching les and less of it now and soon, I probably won’t be watching at all.

    • Meee too!! Its sickening. Corrupt judges/refs, and how decisions are now bought- make me ill. And yes, seeing warriors give it their all, winning against the odds, just to get royally screwed, is shitty beyond knowing.

    • You’re not “giving up on boxing” lol. The moment Crawford vs Spence is announced you’ll be back lol.

      • That fight might already be past the point of people caring.

  • Very difficult fight to score, even though Haney won the fight, the real winner was Lomachenko that with his performance against an obviously larger and younger man by a wide margin, proved his greatness, despite being clearly on the twilight of his boxing career, keep your head up Loma

  • After the 11th round Draftkings had Loma over a 4-1 favorite. Pretty obvious he won. Haney has a lot of problems with southpaws. I don’t think it will work out well for him against Shakur or Tank and then at 140 you have Taylor, Regis, and Catteral. He better hope Teo wins, to me that’s his best chance at a big payday and a possible win.

  • Haney got a Christmas gift just like when Floyd chickenweather got a judges gift against José Luis Castillo

      • Thank you. Golovkin was a great champion who was treated very poorly by the boxing establishment.

        • GGG like Lomachenko, their teams foolishly allowed all American based judges to score their respective fights. I’m a firm believer that when two fighters from differing nations fight they should not allow any judge from the country they represent.

      • Or when Miguel Cotto was robbed on his fight with the much larger Canelo.

    • Or when Chavez fought Pernell Whitaker and didn’t give him a rematch. Floyd rematched Castillo and left all doubt to rest.

  • Thought Loma did the more convincing work. Had it 116-113 (7-4 and 1 even in rounds) for Loma.
    Haney will most likely move up and they’ll put him in with Rolly Romero for the WBA’s cracker jack prize or the IBF’s Matias (who can crack but is highly limited). If Loma was hurting him, Prograis will demolish him. Teo is still a question mark at this point (he looked atrocious in his last fight, so I could see Haney beating that version of Lopez) and I think Taylor’s on his way up to 147. He’s too chinny and they only hit harder as you go up in weight, and he’s not going to boil himself down to 135 again to fight Stevenson, a fight that has the potential to be the most boring since Michael Moorer VS Vaugh Bean.

  • Both Loma and Haney did well. Haney was able to use his hand speed and go to the body very well through most of the fight. Loma was hit to the body the most in this fight than any other fight I have seen him in. I did not see any scenario where either fighter was hurt. Haney, in my opinion, was slightly more effective with his power punches than Loma’s fast arm punching effect that enthralled the crowd.
    Rematch? Why not! Let’s see it!

    • It was a super close fight either way scoob. I was thinking that loma won but he closed the bout stronger in the tenth and eleventh and it was easy to forget haney banked earlier rounds. I’ve never seen loma get hit to the body that clean that much either, he had a lot of trouble adjusting to the right to the body which surprised me. I thought it was a great bout to watch!

    • Loma stunned Haney with a few shots..Scooby… particularly on the inside…Loma did his homework …in the Linares fight Haney ..could not handle Linares quick inside punches…Haney hurt by Linares….noticably during that fight…Loma used his quick hand and hurt Haney a few times in the fight…Haney would hold on the inside…Haney must improve on that….Tank is a killer with those quick inside punches..Tank has one punch KO power….surprised you missed that Scooby ….you have a good eye for boxing…enjoy your posts

      • Thank you for the reply Sean. Have a good evening. I would love to see a rematch.

  • another bad night for boxing but haney is younger and top rank can make more money for a longer time. the three crooked judges showed up although the ref did a good job all in all it sucked

  • Lomachenko clearly won. It was.s competitive fight. Haney sure was the dirtiest fighter and the ref just let it happen. Haney couldn’t beat much less knock out a diminishing Lomachenko without a gift decision.

  • Time for Haney/Davis or Haney/Stevenson. Poor Cruz has to force somebody to fight him.

    I hope Haney stays at 135 for 1-2 more fights before he goes to 140.

    • He said he’s going to 140 for his next fight back about four weeks ago.

    • He should of fought Shakur when he had the chance. They gave him the opportunity.

    • Well said. No one wants to touch Cruz cause he’s too dangerous. Even tanks “win” over Cruz wasn’t convincing. Tank v Haney is the best match up. I reckon Shakur isn’t the hype he’s made out to be. However, it’s all exciting cause who really knows. How about Cruz v shakur?

  • Wonder why boxing is losing fans? This is the reason! I’m no boxing expert but clearly Haney is NOT at the same level as Lomachenko. Bill Haney the father doesn’t won his son to do a re-match and clearly he’s delusional if he believes it was a landslide victory. Clearly it was not! Not even close!

  • The people in the crowd are generally a good barometer of who won the fight, and it wasn’t Haney. I will re-watch this fight with the sound off and a pen and paper in hand, scoring each round on the criteria for scoring a fight. But from what I saw, this fight was at the very worst for Lomachenko a draw. Haney better not lose those belts, otherwise he will be the B side with short money against anybody at 135 or 140. He is such a garbage fighter to watch. Even his homeboy Shakur said Loma won the fight.

  • Loma won this match, Haney is a good fighter. Judges can be disgusting….

  • Did anyone notice that after Haneys dad received that phone call at the end of the fight he suddenly got excited? He even hugged his son before the winner was announced. Was it Bob Arum telling him dont worry your son won?

  • It could have gone either way or a draw! Loma connected the more clearer head shots but needed to be more consistent between rounds and hanney connected more body shots and some partial headshots! Loma shined in the later rounds but, the last round decided the winner. If loma would have boxed the 12 like he did convincibly in the 11, I think loma would have won! Over all, great fight and both proved to be in their A game! 140 for hanney seems to be packed with top dogs for him to handle succesfully as he does 135! Shakur vs hanney would be a nice one if he stays but, at 140 tank is the man to take on!

    • no it couldn’t have gone either way cause they had the 3 crooked judges with their crooked marching orders

  • I guess casual fans don’t understand how boxing is scored. It’s round by round ok. If it was no scoring and just pick who won at the end of the fight then Loma won. But since Haney won more rounds with no knockdowns in the fight he got the decision. If Loma would have upped the pressure earlier he might even have stopped Haney in the later rounds.

    • Agree Walker …Loma could have stopped Haney with relentless pressure…Loma is fighting like an aging fighter…seems as if he fights in spurts because he cannot sustain the attack,..but I am actually beginning to believe it maybe Loma’s mental make up…that is his “heart” ….that is Loma maybe afraid to engage with the beast in the division….Loma did the same thing with Teo…Loma could have stopped Teo but Loma seemed as if he was afraid to engage….Loma style is effective pinpoint punches and combos then Loma uses that masterful footwork to immediately move out of punching range… sometimes this hurts Loma’s ability to finish….somewhat like Pacquiao fighting style but Manny is relentless with his attack while maintaining his movement…. interesting stuff

      • Walker…though…Loma did come out different this fight instead of punching and retreating like Loma usually does…Loma tried to force the fight….Haney just did a lot of holding ..Haney being the naturally larger fighter…Holding was effective for Haney on the inside

  • I always take good big man over good little man.

    Haney had great body shots but he fought stupid a lot by going right to him. And he really had no answer when Loma pressed and threw combos. All he did was hold at that point.

    There were a lot of close/difficult rounds to score tho.

    But with that said I think Loma probably should have won that fight.

    Loma blocked a lot of punches and took over down the stretch. Which was surprising to me because I thought Haney was slowing Loma down with the body shots. But Loma really picked it up over the last half of that fight and took over. He had Haney hurt a few times and reeling.

    Haney is younger, longer, and probably 20lbs heavier and Loma conceded to a 9am weigh in so he Haney could fully rehydrate.

    I picked Haney to win for those reasons, but I just don’t feel good about the decision after watching Loma tag him so easily when he came forward.

    Haney does not respond well to getting hit or fighting backwards. He needs to jab and get off first because his countering ability and head movement is lacking.

    Loma is a little beast. Lots of Respect to both fighters for putting on a high level chess match.

    Haney is lucky he didn’t fight Loma 4 years ago.

    Loma should probably retire at this point or get a match against Tank then retire.

    Haney needs to run to 140 to avoid Shakur.

    • Great eye of the fight SteveG…Linares exposed Haney when Linares hurt Haney badly with the quick inside punches…Haney’s only answer…albeit…very effective especially in this fight is to hold….Haney needs to learn how to effectively smother the punches while close and weave his way out of harm..then move…instead of freezing up…a lot easier said than done though

  • Well it was a close fight so I don’t care who won but I will say this. No way Haney punished anybody and no way he can ever beat Tank or anyone with a punch at 140.

  • I did not see the fight, but had thought that Haney would win. After what Haney did yesterday with the shove though, I thought the judges might favor him in close rounds, and also because of the Ukraine situation. I won’t say who really won the fight, having not watched it, but I would ask, how is it fair to have two Las Vegas judges judging this match when it is in Las Vegas, where Haney lives? Nevada has time in and time out shown there bias. I remember even many years ago, A WBA light heavyweight championship fight between a dark skinned boxer from Spain, against a guy from Khazahstan, both names who I can remember. But the man from Khazakstan won a split decision and the WBA title. I thought it was a robbery, as I thought the Spaniard won 8-4. But once again, Las Vegas judges, the boxer from Khazakstan fought out of Las Vegas. earlier the Spaniard had defended the title against the same man in Khazakstan and won. See, you get a fairer decision in Khazakstan than you do in Vegas.

  • 116 112 Haney.. wasn’t impressed by Haney or either guy. Competitive fight but Loma didn’t do enough to me and Haney just doesn’t do much either. He is a safety first fighter without much variation. I’d Loma was younger he wouldve won but Haney landed the better shots in most of the rounds. I’m not a Haney fan, but Lomachenko isn’t the fighter from 4 years ago….So Haney pulled it out by boring decision as I predicted. Keep either guy away from Stevenson. Both get schooled

  • I told everybody here on the comments what was going to happen tonight go back and read my comments. I said before the fight began that Rolando Rolly Romero along his referee Tony Weeks will probably be fighting against Haney next in a unification winner take all at catch weight for his belt and Haney’s. After Romero’s impressive come from behind victory with the help of Weeks it has earned him this oportunity. This is Rolly’s shot at greatness. Rolly will have Weeks inside while Al Haymon, Leonard Ellerbe and the and the PBC boxers posse will be there trying to trip Haney from the outside of the ring, eventually Mayweather himself distracts the referee when PBC boxers Tank Davis and his pal Caleb Plant double up Haney and knock him out cold all while Romero is laying on the ropes almost senseless himself. Caleb Plant shows Tony Weeks that Haney is out cold on the floor and Weeks declares Romero the winner! Soon every WWE wrestler and every UFC fighter will be boxing for the PBC. While Haney and Barroso will have to fight for the newly created WBC Junior Bridgerweight world championship for half their pay in sanctioning fees. Afterwards WBC president Mauricio Suliaman will write about how it’s the greatest championship ever in the history of boxing right here on good ol’ Fightnews.com and that the winner must face Jake Paul in 30 days or be made the champion in recess or some BS like that. Thats most likely to happen next after this fight. I think this fight was rigged in Haney’s favor by the promoters before it began and just like last week this fight is a total sham. Welcome to boxing in 21st century folks! It’s a well oild BS machine. You gotta love it folks! You gotta love it.

  • This was a great fight between two elite fighters that was marred by a bad decision. Haney did some great work to the body but Loma just was more effective in imposing his will and landing the cleaner blows throughout much of the fight. I had it 115-113 Loma. There were many close rounds that could’ve gone either way, so 115-113 for Haney, while questionable, isn’t egregious. Dave Moretti’s scorecard of 116-112 for Haney borders on disgraceful. Being he’s the same guy who scored that second round between Tank and Garcia even, a round in which Garcia was knocked down, it’s my opinion Moretti should be suspended or, at the very least, investigated.

    I also think Max Kellerman’s commentary and inflection in how he obnoxiously over-emphasizes everything he says is god-awful. Hearing him and Joe Tessa-bore makes me never want to purchase another ESPN PPV, and I probably won’t.

    Like a lot of folks here, I’ve loved this sport so long but wonder why I stick around with the repeated questionable decisions and biased commentary. It just makes me feel so fed up and sickened given the ongoing bullsh*t. It’ll never change.

    • Situation of decisions, old as time will never change. The one sport where everything is subjective and sometimes even dishonest. I just like to watch top knot boxing and score it my self. If I was a boxer I might feel different.

    • Walter said it was a bad decision, but afterwards says it was a close fight with many close rounds. Sounds like a total contradiction. That’s the problem with boxing. When fans cry robbery in a close fight that’s what makes a mockery of the sport. Last week’s stoppage for Rolly, that was a robbery. This was a close fight that was edged by Haney, who clearly doesn’t seem to have the fan base of Lomachenko. How the hell does Haney fight in his own city yet the whole crowd is with Lomachenko? Pathetic to see

  • Horrible. Again the young supposed star gets the undeserved nod!! Bullshite!! No way did Haney win that fight! He was lucky he didn’t get ko’ed! Loma taught him a painful lesson tonight. Loma beat him up n’ rocked his ass several times. Judges were corrupt AF, ref was sucking Haneys d**k- letting him hit behind the head and use forearm. But since haney is a young rising star he gets away with this? THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME LOSE INTEREST IN BOXING. Corrupt unethical actions ruining a sport I love.

  • I thought for sure that Loma would outlast Haney, who acted as if he was going to easily dispatch Loma. Loma instead took him to hell, and should’ve won this fight. Loma deserved this win. To hell with Haney. I wouldn’t go across the street to watch him fight. I agree with others that Loma was robbed. You can bet that there will be no rematch. Haney wants no more of that. Loma the smaller man, the greater fighter. This outcome was fluff and hype over substance and true greatness.

  • Loma GGG feels your pain, I was there for GGG canelo 1 and tonight, same reaction from the crowd. You gonna believe the judges or your lying eyes?

  • I had it 115-113 for Lomo but a couple rounds could easily have been called the other way without me arguing. Even better was smelling something nice in the parking lot and trading a beer for a great pre-roll.

  • Before you raise your blood pressure to the point of needing a bottle of pills a day, RELAX.

    Haney will get his. Haney lost tonight, but was given a gift decision. We all know Haney lost. Haney knows he lost. All 3 judges should be ashamed of themselves.

    Don’t worry, folks. Haney will get his.

    NEXT UP for Haney >>> Tank Davis.

  • Haney is overrated. Young guys like Shakur Stevenson or Gervonta Davis will slice him & dice
    him like cheap hamburger.

  • Lomachenco was slightly better. He did not lose, he looked the winner, expecialy as he finished the last couple of rounds fresher and smarter than the champion.
    But he was the challenger and these days flashy movements from an arrogant champ can be enough for impressing the judges.

  • Damn. Damn. Damn. I just said what would happen earlier today. What a sad state were in when you can call the finish a mile away. Loma got screwed by Top rank ala Pacquiao in Australia. Haney will not be giving Vasili a rematch anytime soon. He will now try to age him out.

  • The boxing match was technical, tactical and thoughtful.

    Loma had her moments. Certain parameters must be taken into account: weight, size, power of the blows. As he is not the champion, he had to look for victory by taking more risk. He missed his fight, he gave more blows but lacked power and above all had less decisive moment. It’s not because we finish the end of the round that it’s won. He didn’t know how to dictate his plan.

    On the other hand: Haney scored points with his series. He was more impactful and had his moments. More precise! He took risks. Don’t be fooled by political or other emotions. The debates are open! Be correct with yourself.

    Haney WON!

    • Typical comment from a Haney fan boy. Stick to wrestling entertainment where the fix is always in!

  • I was on the job but followed 4 round by round sites. 2 lomachenko, 1 Haney and 1 draw. Very few rounds appeared to get across the board agreement except for a late Lomachenko surge. The espn live “who’se winning” poll was about 55-45 Haney through 8 rounds and finished 80-20 Lomachenko at the final bell.

  • Lomachenko won that fight! Good fight by Haney who faded badly and was wilting under the pressure of being out positioned and feinted onto the ropes. Then wacked with combos. Loma’s angles were too much for Haney and Haney was nailed repeatedly with lead lefts that hurt him. Nice try by Haney, who landed excellent body shots that had zero effect. Loma should be the undisputed Champ. Another rotten hometown decision by Las Vegas Judges. You think the Boxing commission would put in neutral country judges, but that would be too up and up. Haney is the upcoming bread and butter and Loma the foreigner. This boxing commission and everyone under it is pure Shite! Kudos to the Referee. At least unlike Tony Weeks, he did a very professional job.

  • Another robbery in the US for the away fighter, Loma should be undisputed.
    Dont know what the judges over there which fight they were watching.

  • I told you Loma is one of the greatest amateur and pro of all Times ! Younger he would’ve knock Haney out …

  • Loma is another Oscar ! Robbed so many times it becomes ridiculous lol

  • Good tactical fight I had it 115-113 Haney. ESPN commentator’s be very biased so if you’re listening to them they always lean towards one fighter. I felt Haney won most of the early rounds with Loma having a strong 10th & 11th. One commentator said he had 7 rounds circled that could’ve gone either way but most he gave to Loma so for those calling it a robbery is comical.

  • What an absolute JOKE of a decision!! As soon as they announced the “winner” I shut my tv off. I can’t stand the sight of that ugly POS!!! Quit saying “it could’ve gone either way” because there was only ONE way it could’ve gone and that is a decision win for Lomachenko. At they very most, Haney won 5 rounds. They absolute MOST! Lomachenko pressed the action, landed much harder and cleaner shots and his defense was superb. The rounds that Lomachenko CLEARLY won he won big and was the obvious winner of the rounds, Haney had zero rounds where he was a OBVIOUS winner. What a robbery!! I’m so pissed off about this and so sick and tired of this constantly happening in boxing. This sport sucks!!! After 22 years I’m just about done watching it. It just gets worse and worse. Go on any site or watch any YouTube video related to this fight and read the comments and you will see that just about everyone agrees that Lomachenko won, even Haney fans. Pathetic.

    Also, Moretti is one of the biggest piece of shit judges in boxing. The second I heard his name I already knew what his scorecard would say. Crooked scum!!!

  • Any unbiased person who watches that fight WILL dispute who the champion is!

  • …and still…Loma just doesnt do enough early to win fights and looks ordinary in there. I would like to see Shakur vs Loma next. Haney should move up and try to get a fight vs Kingry.

  • Very close fight but Loma won, imo. He dictated the tempo of the fight and had Haney confused most of the night. I was shocked to hear the decision.

  • After this fight, the only fight I honestly want to see at 135 is Tank Davis vs Lomachenko.

    • I actually don’t want to see that fight.

      I’d rather see Haney, Tank and Lopez all face each other.

      Think the scoring would be more believable in these fights.

  • PPVs have long since priced me outta watching big fights, but a lot more than the price are the unscrupulous judges and commissions. I’ve been watching boxing for over 70 years and never have I ever seen boxing in a place where you could predict the outcome simply by where it’s being staged. Pretty much that way in Vegas, and to be honest, several other places.

    I didn’t see this fight, and truthfully, I thought Loma would lose legit, but from all the comments from these folks that did see it, it was just another Vegas heist. Might as well start watching rasslin’ again, like I did back in the Chicago Amphitheater days in the early and mid-50s. It seemed to be less scripted than boxing is these days.

  • KP, there were several rounds that were close but Loma did enough to win, IMO. It’s a bad decision because there wasn’t even one scorecard for Loma, which is bad. 116-112 for Haney is just ridiculous. That scorecard really is what made this decision crappy. It’s not the worst by a longshot, and you can make the case for Haney winning 115-113 or the fight being scored a draw. But 116-112…outrageous.

  • I wouldn’t call this a robbery. Loma lost a lot of early rounds and came on late. Most fans (including myself) remember the second half more than the first and don’t credit the winner with those early rounds. Lets add into it and those close rounds that could go either way normally go to the champion. I know when I watched the final round I thought Loma backed off too much and that was the difference between the loss and a draw. Loma seemed to win most of the second half and I think that’s all people are remembering. This is one of those rights that could have gone either way or a draw.

  • It is obvious that you saw a very different fight than the rest of this planet, probably a few like the 116-112 Moretti’s scorecard could give round 10 to Haney. Body language and comments post fight from both contenders undoubtedly gives hints of who is the real winner and does coincide with above comments of the fight. With all respect I honestly have to disagree with you perception

  • Unpopular for Loma’s entitled fans….this is not Ukraine….here there are no sacred cows…you win some and you lose some…..if you dont want judges….KO the opponent or forever keep your peace

  • Robbed. This is an L for boxing. The true winner was Loma and everyone else lost. Especially the fans for the corrupt judging.

  • I believe Loma was robbed. He landed cleaner shots, set the pace most of the fight against a bigger opponent and this at his age!
    Sometimes he was just schooling Haney.
    Haney didn’t look a winner in this fight.

  • 116-112 judge must be banned for life.
    Haney,indeed, was ” surviving” in this match.

  • forget about the dec., it will stand. but what a great fight, amazing pace and effort from both fighters, and if anyone is taking a poll i feel ( hardcore fan since early 70’s ) lomo won 7-5. will haney be that good when he’s 35? no. and the ko. in the co main event was a all-time top ten. brutal.

  • I rewatched the fight thoroughly tried to watch it as a judge not as a fan and in all honesty I had Lomachenko winning this fight 8 rounds to 4, in the worse case scenario 7-5 still for Loma. To this day my sacred rule when it comes to world title fights regarding fighter from different countries, no judge should be from the home country of either fight.

  • Most fans and pro boxers saw different with Loma as the winner. It was a robbery.

  • The really sketchy thing is that Top Rank clearly knew Haney was going to win before the fight. They were running bit pieces on “what’s next for Haney after he beats Loma” all week, and they even called him the winner before the fight happened in Muratalla’s post fight interview. Muratalla said “I want the winner of the main event” and the interviewer said “there’s a lot of big names out there, you think you deserve Devin Haney.” When they’re calling Haney the winner before the fight and then Loma gets robbed by the judges like this, it looks very suspicious.

  • 1. Close fight, but 116-112 was wrong.
    2. Haney would win a rematch per Loma gave it all he could but Haney has more tools that were not utilized.
    3. Body shots count as much as head shots and the punch stats were close; so calling it a robbery is ridiculous.

  • HANEY LOST THAT FIGHT- IT IS A DISGRACE TO HAVE THREE US JUDGES WHEN ONE OF THE BOXERS IS FROM THE US—Throughout the fight Haney was being pushed back his head snapped back time and again-and the compubox shows who landed the greater number of punches in every category-OUTRAGEOUS!!-This result needs to be reversed!!

  • I challenge any of you all to turn the television down and watch the fight. You are being influenced by what the commentators are saying and the reaction of the crowd. There is no way you know boxing and how it is scored and can’t see that Devin Haney clearly won the fight. All three judges had him winning. How do you accounted for that? I personally only gave Loma rounds: 3, 10, 11, and Loma definitely didn’t win more that 5 rounds. I like Loma and if he had won I would say so, because these guys dedicate that lives to this. Stop being bias and watch the fight. Teddy Atlas, had the audacity to say Loma is a better pound for pound fighter that Andre Ward. That is ridiculous and I lost all respect for him, because he is bias. His word mean nothing. Watch the Fight!

  • Haney won the fight. Loma is a great fighter and no one is going to look great against him with all those angles he gives. Devin Haney clearly won a tough fight against Loma and that is no disgrace. He wasn’t fight a scrub.

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