Haney-Lomachenko Scorecard, Punch Stats

Haney Loma Scorecard

By Miguel Maravilla

All three judges, Tim Cheatham (115-113), Dave Moretti (116-112), David Sutherland (115-113), scored round twelve for undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney. Had Vassiliy Lomachenko won the final round, the bout would have been a draw on two cards (114-114).

While most observers consider round ten to be Loma’s most dominant round, Moretti (116-112) awarded that round to Haney.

Stats according to CompuBox, favored Lomachenko:

Haney-Lomachenko CompuBox Stats

Haney Lomachenko
110 (50)LANDED (BODY)124 (9)
Loma: All the people saw what happened
Haney survives Loma, still undisputed

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  • No excuses. Loma won fair and square. He was robbed even Shakur said it. Haney never landed anything significant in the fight. Those who thought Haney would run the table are full of shite.

    • Loma threw hella punches but connected less percentage wise. Look at the above compubox stat sheet the Haney won because of precision boxing not flailing away.

  • I had it Haney. Let the detractors rant, none of it changes the outcome of the fight.

      • Even if that judge would’ve gave lomo round 10 the score would’ve been 115-113 for all 3 judges which means Haney still would’ve won

    • Troy, true statement, but the people know who won that fight and other fighters know who won that fight, and most importantly, Haney knows who won that fight too. It was written all over his face.

    • Well the result won’t change but as long as you know you know in your mind haney lost that’s should be hurtful

      • Thanks for the heads up, dumass. What is more powerful, to a fighter knowing that the masses believe you lost and will continue to question you about it or the masses knowing that you were the winner with no doubt? Haney said it before the fight that he wanted the respect of knowing that winning against Loma was the true undisputed champion. He did not get that and he will be questioned about it his entire career. Other fighters smell blood in the water and will be jumping at the chance to fight him. Forget the money. These guys will tell you it’s about everyone knowing I’m the guy and I earned it. Haney did not, simple as that and it will hurt more because he knows it himself look at his face it tells all. Dumass.

    • Did not see the fight, and many of the rounds were close from what I have read. I remember many years ago, when Lara found Paul Williams. I had it a draw, even before the scores were read. But had I been a judge, I would have been suspended like the other judges were.

      • What?!?! Paul Williams was one of my favorite fighters at the time and it would be hard for me to give him more than 2 rounds in that fight. His head was getting snapped back multiple times every round. How did you find 6 rounds to score for him? Were you drunk? High? Or just stupid?

      • I liked Paul Williams a lot as a fighter as well, but no way in hell did he win that fight or whould have been a draw. That should have been a clear cut victory for Lara.

    • Troy, you buddy are a disgrace. Haney could have been knocked out and you’d still be convinced Haney won.

      I think you have a man crush on Devin and likely even have body art of his images on it.

    • These same people saw Canelo winning the first GGG fight, its not who won but who they wanted to win.

  • Dave Moretti is clearly either corrupt or, best case scenario, incompetent giving that tenth round to Haney. the latter would be giving him the benefit of the doubt, which he doesn’t deserve in my opinion. Disgraceful.

    • The guy is like 75 years old. More proof that these dinosaurs just can’t see the action. They need to get rid of all these 60+ year old judges.

      This is a young man’s game. Could it be corruption, sure? But regardless you think someone that is this old can clearly see the fight through their heavy prescription glass?

      Enough is enough. There is always one thing in common when there is terrible scoring and it’s usually the person with the terrible score is very old. I got hate when I made this comment last week but how many times does a senior citizen need to ruin great fights?

  • Scoring so bad, we just have to go with what we saw actually happen. Haney was clearly beaten by Loma. Loma is a better fighter. Loma is undisputed champ. We can’t keep letting bad judges distort reality. At least Haney knows he was beat, you could totally tell after the fight.

  • Loma made it into the IBHOF. He can now relax, retire, and train others.

    Haney now has to face TANK.

    Good luck with that, DEVIN.

  • So, for those of you who are screaming robbery, you must have seen at least 7 clear-cut rounds for Loma. Just out of curiosity, which 7 (or more) rounds do you think those would be? Looked to me like there were enough toss-up rounds that this could have gone either way.

    • From the judges cards: 2, 3, 8, 10, 11 all should have went to Loma. From the judges cards, rounds 6 to 9 were all close, none of the judges unanimous. And, Loma should have went all out in the 12th and not played defense.

      • “Loma should have went all out in the 12th and not played defense.”

        That’s for damn sure. He should have pressed his advantage more in the 11th as well. He landed a few great shots, then just decided to coast when Haney appeared to be a little shaken.

    • I had Loma 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10 and 11. Rounds 2 and 7 were close. My real problem is with finding seven rounds for Haney. It was a close fight but 12 might be the only clear Haney round and its not like it was dominant. A draw is technically possible, but I watched the fight and Loma won it. He knew it, Haney knew it and so did the crowd. Bad decisions are part of boxing and a big part of why the sport is on the ropes in the US where most of the bad decisions seem to happen.

  • How does Harvey Dock sleep at night giving 8,9 and 10 to Haney, are you for real? Cmon…

  • This is what’s wrong with boxing. Pathetic judges like Dave Moretti that clearly and deliberately reward the wrong boxer for winning rounds he clearly lost. Pathetic judges who are either on some type of drug or even under the influence or paid off or maybe even had someone place a bet at a sports book.

    Bill Haney the scum bucket, I hope this douchebag lowlife knows that he is viewed by most decent fans as the sleaze ball he is. No scruples no moral compass.

  • Not sure what the outrage is about. Haney wasnt all that impressive, but that was no robbery. I didn’t see either guy do much really. I heard the sky broadcast and they were pathetic. Gushing over every miniscule shot that landed. Neither guy landed any totally eye catching punches. Haney’s hard body shots carried the fight. You can’t pay attention to the crowd or the commentators.

    • Sounds like a fan who’s upset that their fighter is getting dragged by the entire boxing community Haney knew exactly what it was, his face said it all!!

  • This is the problem with the sport. Clearly the whole arena was on the side of Lomachenko, so when he loses a fight that was close, everyone cries robbery. I didn’t see it close. Lomachenko spends too much time playing chess, not active enough and then bitches when he loses a decision. His fans are even more delusional. I’m no Haney fan either. They did the same thing when Loma lost to Teo. The sport is about clean punching. Didn’t see much of that from Lomachenko

    • What?!?!?! Everyone in boxing said Loma started too late in the Lopez fight and that why he lost. No one ever claimed he was robbed or Lopez winning was a bad decisions.

      You’re clearly just making shit up because as you said “you’re no Haney fan” but you clearly dislike Loma a lot. So much so that you make up fake robbery allegations in a fight that everyone agrees Loma lost.

      • No, i’ve seen SEVERAL people say that Loma beat Teo. To the point that they even say he beat Teo with one arm etc.

    • Hard to imagine you really watched this fight. The much smaller man was usually on his front foot and Haney was cornered a number of times. As for clean punching–its not all the sport is about as anyone who follows boxing knows–but GTFOH.

  • Boxing is dead because of these corrupt judges. I wonder why the Nevada Boxing Commission is not doing something about this obvious anomaly everytime there is a big fight.

  • Judge Dave Moretti is as corrupt as they come. His scorecard shows how blatantly crooked he is. Why does he keep getting work on title fights?

  • I expected Haney to win, but he sure as hell didn’t. I had Lomachenko winning 8 rounds simply because he was landing much cleaner and more effective punches. Haney was pushed back all night. Haney def won some rounds, but was second best.

  • First I have not seen the fight. I am 66 years old now, and Dave Morretti is 78. I guess his 10th round scoring perhaps shows how old he is getting. I remember him being one of the judges at Holmes-Cooney fight. Maybe one of the judges, Mr. Cheatham, should have his last name changed to Cheathim. While racial prejudice did not play a role here as all the judges were caucasian, Why is it allowed first that all the judges can be American, but what is worse, from Las Vegas. Haney lives in Vegas.

    • People complain about decisions in other countries, but I’d never box in the US if I was from somewhere than North America. I’d never sign a fight in the US. There are bad decisions everywhere (UK, looking at you!), and I’m likely biased because most of the fights I’ve seen are staged in the US, but my God are the decisions here are bad.

      The crazy part is that I fully expected Haney to get a gift from these judges. That’s the scary part, you can always guess which fighter is going to get any close-ish round.

  • The Judges were paid off , no way Haney won that fight at all , and he think he ready for Tank , yea ok

  • Loma won the fight. Like it or not. Moretti should retire from judging.

  • Mr. Promotor,
    It isn’t that you can’t see the solution. It is that you can’t see the problem.

  • Bad part about this is my brother and I said it after round 10. They don’t wanna give it to Loma, too much money involved to see the younger ones fight. If they were going to rob Loma like that at least make it a split or majority decision. But to call it unanimous is insane. Fights are won by the aggressor, cleaner shots, and damaging punches. Haney did nothing g to back Loma up hurt him or stop his barrage. Loma did all that to Haney. There were 2 points ts in the fight where he punched Haney square in the face and Haney threw his hands up and retreated. Loma never did. He threw 160 more punches and landed more jabs, body shots, and power punches where is the loss?

  • The outrage is killing me. This was a close fight PERIOD. Whether you think Loma won, Haney won, or it was a draw. It was also one of the better fights this year and fought at a very high level. Why not just enjoy that? Instead we’re here crying about a fake “robbery”. This fight was 6-6 or 7-5 either way. The big fuss is literally about ONE bad round on a scorecard. Loma won round 10 but that really had no impact on the outcome. As boxing fan, I want more of these types of fights instead of the mismatches we usually get.

  • Haney complaining he was fined $400,000 for shoving Loma. LOL! Now he’s running around calling Loma racist names as it it was his fault. Haney is a sorry piece of work.

  • The announcer interviewing the winner of a preliminary fight asked him who he’d like to fight next. “The winner of the main event”, he replied. “Do you think you’re ready for Haney?”, said the announcer. The fix was in.

  • The problem with the decision results in the Lomo/Haney is the point system that’s used. Unlike a 10/8 round, there’s no way for the judges to really differentiate in a 10/9 round just how much more effective one fighter may have been than the other. For example, rounds 1, 4 & 5 were given to Haney, but they were really really close and he may’ve been given the round only because of an extra jab or body punch, but he never came close to hurting Lomo. On the flip side, Lomo absolutely dominated 10 & 11, yet he was given the same 10/9 score.
    Overall, did Lomo do more damage and win the fight, yes. But two of the three judges probably scored it correctly based on the scoring system in place. I mean, can you imagine the uproar if one or two of them had give Lomo a 10/8 round for the 10th or 11th round?

  • Right back to the live odds at all sportsbooks who had Loma -500 fave going into final round. This is a guy that started -+200 underdog. -500 fave into last rd.
    Basically that says if u don’t get knockdowned multiple xs or KO in rd 12 uve won the fight. The only problem the sportsbooks didn’t know fix was in. Great fight but clean effective punching, which is supposed to be pro boxing, was all Loma

  • Nobody should ever take the champ belts on a close fight as this. At best a draw. Not enough to walk with the champ belts.
    A. Wright

  • Can’t score looking at tv. Need to be at ringside. Been around boxing 70 years and this is amazing.

  • Lomachenko won that fight no ifs, buts, and about it. The judges need to get their eyes examined.

  • Phony decisions are par for the course in Mafia Vegas. Wake me up if the in-house judges there ever render an honest decision in a high profile fight.

  • In one of the prelim fights the announcer asked the winner in the post fight interview who he’d like to fight next. He responded, “The winner of the main event.” The announcer responded, “Do u think u r ready for Haney?” The fix was in.

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