Loma: All the people saw what happened

By Miguel Maravilla

Three-division world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko commented on his razor-thin loss to undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“I don’t want to talk about [the decision]. All the people saw what happened today,” said Loma. “Before, I thought he would be better. He’s a tough fighter. He’s a good fighter. But he’s not a pound-for-pound fighter. I think I showed that I can still be in boxing. I’m in good shape now. And see you next time. Right now I want to go back home and support my country and support my Ukrainian orthodox church.”

Former champion Shakur Stevenson was willing to talk about the decision. “Lomachenko should be undisputed champion. He won that fight. He landed the cleaner punches and he pushed the pace,” he stated.

Lomachenko Postfight Press Conference
Haney-Lomachenko Scorecard, Punch Stats

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  • Loma was robbed! Time to stop paying for PPV fights and wait for the replays. No more PPV boxing ever again! I will NEVER buy a PPV fight ever again!!!

    • Whatever the decision is, if you watched a good fight, I don’t get the politics of stop buying Ppv…

    • Ok, you won’t buy a PPV fight but so many millions will. What effect do you think your signed $59.99 will do? Why are robberies allowed because fans whine about it but still support boxing? Fans are the reason this happens. If we loved boxing as we said we did we’d collectively demand better or go to the UFC, where there are rarely bad decisions.

    • I haven’t paid for PPV fights in a long time for this same reason. Sick and tire of shit like this.

  • This forum just oozes hatred for Haney. Any semi-complimentary comment towards him is met with negative reactions.

    “Hey that Devin Haney is a pretty good fighter”…
    Thumbs up: 2 Thumbs down: 25

    If there was a Mount Rushmore for fighters despised by the FightNews crowd, it would be: Adrian Broner, Shakur Stevenson, Clarissa Shields, and Devin Haney.

    • Lol, but there isn’t a single white person that moderates or runs fightnews, so what are you trying to say about this site? 🙂

      • @Chris The FightNews crowd would be the people commenting, not the Mods.

        • But the mods could control the crowd, and they’re letting them speak. Good on them for that, so if the majority of the crowd doesn’t like these specific fighters it must be something that they’re doing as opposed to what you’re implying.

          • @Chris Yes, of the four I mentioned, some of them say and do things that make them not very likeable. Haney’s “white boy” comments, and Broner just generally being an ass in front of the camera are examples of what I’m talking about. So yes, it’s absolutely something they’re doing that makes them unpopular. I can’t say I like any of the four myself. The only thing I’m implying is that for some people, their dislike for Haney may have had something to do with the outrage over that decision.

          • No, I think you articulated perfectly why those four fighters are disliked so much, and I’m certain this was settled before last night’s fight. People just don’t like braggadocious, arrogant and immature acting athletes.

          • That’s a lie Tyson Fury is “braggadocious, arrogant and immature acting athlete” and is accepted. Lately, he’s been catching flack because he’s delaying the Usky fight.

            Conor Mcgregor came to boxing and “braggadocious, arrogant and immature acting athlete”. He stole Floyd’s “money” gimmick and was loved for it. When he does it, he’s playing a character, when Floyd does it that is really him.

            Mexican Monster/Team are “braggadocious, arrogant, and immature acting athlete” but he’s not hated. There is definitely a double standard. w

    • You know why, we call it like it is seen. We don’t allow our personal favoritism to influence our perspective. Obviously, you do. I would be first to say Loma or any fighter got whipped. He wasn’t. Look at Haney’s face from rounds 9-12, he knew he was in trouble. His face at decision knew he got a gift. For a person like Shakur to stand there and say Loma won. I can’t stand Shakur, but that was real talk. So, keep blowing trumpets for Haney, but I will guarantee Haney may be celebrating, but in back of his mind he knows he lost.

      • “We don’t allow our personal favoritism to influence our perspective. Obviously, you do.”

        Would like to hear you elaborate on that one. You probably actually have that backwards. I had ZERO favoritism towards either guy heading into this fight. If anything, I was pulling for Loma once it got to the tenth & beyond. Also, “keep blowing trumpets for Haney”?? What are you even referring to? Anyway, I wouldn’t call that a robbery, but maybe you or somebody else can convince me otherwise. List 7 rounds you thought Loma clearly won.

        Take the personalities out of this, and it’s probably not all that controversial.

        • Loma seems a largely popular figure, whereas most seem to see Devin and his Dad as a couple of phalluses, and for good reason sometimes. Throw in Devin’s “white boy” comments, among other things, and yes, personal favoritism certainly influenced people’s perspectives in this fight. While some of us were predicting Haney to win, without a doubt the vast majority WANTED Loma to win this. THAT could be where personal favoritism influenced people’s perspectives.

        • Since you are fishing for an answer i’ll give you a response you definitely are not expecting. I can confidently say Loma won the last six rounds of the fight and he won a few of the rounds early in the fight. My tally was 8-4. Even further I predicted Loma would win the fight but lose a political decision. It’s sad when you just know a great fight on paper would be marred with such nonsense.

          • @Young Griffo I actually thought that Loma could have possibly shaded 3 of the first 4, but they were extremely close. FWIW, Max had it exactly the opposite at that point. I thought Loma won round 1, but all three judges thought otherwise.

            As far as Loma sweeping the last 6 rounds, I’d definitely give him rounds 10 & 11, but I don’t recall him clearly taking any of the others off the top of my head, especially round 12. Would have to take another look.

        • First of all, I don’t follow you or look every time you post on here, so whether you wanted Loma to win or not is irrelevant. I’m going on what you said, anything that Haney does oozes of hatred. Are you sticking up for him or what? Second, I call a fight like I see it, pretty simple concept. I watch the fight, I see who lands the meaningful shots, who controls the fight, I watch defense and who is making who miss. I don’t think little pitty pat jabs that land count more than one power punch. If you must know I felt Loma won 1,2, can’t remember if it was 4 or 5th round and basically 7-12. He landed his left hand at will. There was one round where Haney landed 6 punches and so did Loma. 5 of them were body shots by Haney and a jab. Loma landed the much better punches, but I will guarantee Loma lost that round in the scorecards. Blowing trumpets: are you acting like his wbitch by sticking up for him? Take the personalities out: who said anything about their personalities? Sure, I wanted Loma to win, but it doesn’t cloud my judgement. Yeah, Haney is a loud mouth and so is his dad, so what. You could say that about Mayweather too. Don’t know if you box or did box , but I couldn’t stand any fighter that talked shite. I always say you are only as good as your last fight, but each fight you start over. Well, I never talked shite and can’t stand one who does, but if you got beat fair and square what could you do? If you couldn’t see that wasn’t a robbery you need your eyes checked or quit scoring fights.

          • @ Killa In response to the question of what rounds Loma CLEARLY won, you said: “basically 7-12”

            Then you said: “you need your eyes checked or quit scoring fights.”

            Anyway, yes, I’ll stick by what I said. It’s pretty clear that a lot of people here can’t stand Haney (or the other three I mentioned). That appears to be a fact. I’m not even knocking it…he brings that on himself sometimes. In a legitimately close fight like this though, I think some people let their emotions interfere with their judgement. ‘Course judging by some of your posts, you don’t seem the type to let your emotions cloud your judgment: “are you acting like his wbitch by sticking up for him? ”

            FWIW, I have no problem with anybody thinking Loma won…I said myself that it could have gone either way, but calling that a robbery?? We’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

          • Whatever you say keep saying it to yourself and it will eventually be true. I’ve seen fights that could go both ways and been in those type of fights. This was close, but if you actually watched the fight, it was clear. Robbery it was.

          • I wouldn’t take any of this guys comments personally. Yes he’s entitled to his opinion but is going out of his way to play the fence just to be a troll because they are obviously bored with their own life and this is their only outlet in the world to feel important.

            The next time there’s a fishy decision like this he’ll be back to play the fence. Rince and repeat.

          • Like it or not, what’s true is Haney UD12. They won’t be asking you opinion before entering this into the books.

          • USF, Damn, sounds like you got a little butt hurt with young griffo’s comment. Probably the same way Haney will be when he continually has to defend how he got a gift decision.

          • Whether they are vile or in USF’s attempted case to be “civil”…..trolls don’t like their game being called out.

            The funny thing is I don’t care about Haney’s and his father’s out the ring antics. It had ZERO impact on how the fight was scored on my end which is another thing USF keeps going on about to deflect there was a robbery.

          • Dude, I agree. I will always be objective when saying who won or lost. I got hosed in my last fight the same way Loma did, so I know how it feels on more than one occasion unfortunately. If Loma stunk up the joint, I would say it, but he didn’t not even close.

          • @Killa The comment was meant for you, and no, there’s nothing on a boxing forum that’s going to have me “butt hurt”. The only thing Haney has to defend are the belts that he still has….assuming he stays at 135 that is. Good effort by Loma, but he’s 17-3 now. Is what it is.

        • Fightnews. Why did you block my post earlier post? I had a great analysis and you classified it as spam. Are we not free to express boxing in terms results and emotions?

    • People in this form seem to think Loma won buy a shutout. Even though Loma threw more punches, it looked like Haney was the busier guy in the ring and the decision was fair. Too late in Loma’s career to learn how to throw more punches early.

      • JJ, Then you need your eyes checked too. Shut out? No. A lot of people look at compu box to score. Judges do not have that luxury like the fans. I can’t stand hearing that word, he was busier. I pose a question to you: if I “look” busier because I throw more punches or it looks like Im throwing more punches, but I land love taps to the stomach or less than meaningful jabs I’m the winner? But, Loma without looking at compu box clearly landed the more heavier shots on Haney, snapping his head back, meaningful punches, Loma loses? Punches that controlled the fight, Haney was fighting backwards. He never pushed him like he said he was going to do especially 7-12 rounds.

      • Wait, you even admitted that Loma appeared to throw more punches, yet Haney was the busier fighter? Explain that logic please. Was Haney busy doing something else, like maybe running?

      • Your opinion is not supported by facts, Loma threw 150 some more punches and landed more, how can you support your claim that Haney was busier, oh, perhaps by avoiding confrontation. He wasn’t as brave as he was during the weigh in, didn’t think he would be.

    • What?? Shakur gets love. Haney got love until this robbery. And yall women bashers just hate women that’s why yall hate on Shields.

    • Everyone should hate racist. Even when they are racist black supremacists.

    • The Fightnews crowd is filled with a bunch of racist folks evident by their racist comments that gets lots of thumbs up. They will never accept most black fighers. However, there are forums where the fans are mature enough to look past skin color and give fighter their flows. It always great to black fans giving props to Mexican fighters or Mexican fans giving props to black fighters etc etc. You’re hard-pressed to find that level of maturity on fightnews but its a great source of info for the most part.

      Haney shouldn’t get the hate for something he doesn’t control. He’s just the fighter. The folks who hate him will hate him no matter how respectful he is. I was rooting for him but I don’t think he got the victory. Statically, he landed a better percentage. Loma had more volume thus landing more but by a small margin. I could see how it could be a draw bare minimum but Loma definitely did not lose.

      • Concur, Haney is the Undisputed Lightweight Champion, not all decisions are popular, however, Haney is not the Judge. Regardless what people say, he has never dodged anyone.

    • Well Clarissa shields did it to herself as well as Broner. Stevenson and handy I don’t know what the big deal is.

  • 5 rounds each, 2 toss ups! Nobody got robbed here. Next time KO your opponent if you feel you are so superior to him.

  • Saw the highlights. Heard the judge that had it 116-112 gave Haney the 10th. Maybe should have been 115-113 across the board, or a draw. Shakur will get Haney, if not, he’ll get a vacant title fight against Loma for one of the belts (WBC, WBO, or IBF). If Haney vacates, Tank will just be the WBA champ and have to fight #1 or #2 contender in WBA. Haney should bring his fights over to the U.K., or out of Vegas. Loma won Vegas crowd over by a long shot. Loma is a draw in a Vegas for at least 1 more fight.

  • Definitely a candidate for fight of the year it was a great fight

  • If Loma could ‘close the show’ he might still be unbeaten. At one stage in the 11th he had Haney hurt but…..It was a desperately close fight and not, in my view, the ‘robbery’ many are suggesting. Haney’s body punching was outstanding.

  • Would you keep eating at a restaurant that you always find something wrong with the food? Why do you continue to purchase fights that leave you wondering, what the hell just happened? Boxing is a business first a sport second.

  • anybody that actually thought Haney won is just biased and nothing more than a fanboy it was clear that Loma was the clear victor he landed the cleaner more effective punches he was busier he controlled the tempo his fight IQ dumbfounded Haney he made him look foolish Haney had absolutely NO answer to Lomas footwork and other than his no power right hook to the body which he only landed less than half the time he threw it was the only thing he could land Loma easiy schooled him i had Loma 9 rounds to 3 and too anybody who brings up racism are simply racist themselves and should be banned from this site

  • Wow. just Wow. Boxing “judges” doing it again. Undisputed Champion Loma is the man. The establishment goes for the new blood,, but it’s going to backfire. The checks are in the mail, no doubt

  • I would add the Charlos to that most hated boxers Mt. Rushmore list as the 5th and 6th Presidents. Didn’t see the fight, but will catch the replay. Did see some highlights and it looked like Loma was more aggressive then against Teo and had something to prove, and Haney was digging some nice body shots, but did not see the whole fight to provide an honest assessment. I will say if the decision was a robbery like many people say, including Shakur, well, that’s just the American way; greed, corruption, and exploitation, so why be mad. I think what spews a lot of the hate from these commentators on this site is that they don’t like when the rabbit has the gun because they are used to being the hunters and their fragile psyche causes anxiety and panic attacks over their own fears and insecurities. Very unfortunate…smh…mental illness is very real.

  • I wonder if they’ll have a rematch myself I hope soBut with different judges Cheatham and Moretti what corrupt fuckers

  • Unfortunately it looked like racist black supremacist Haney won. Haney did not look remarkable at all though. Haney took the right uppercut play from Teofimo Lopez, otherwise I doubt he would have come up with it on his own. Loma looked nothing remotely like his best. Nevertheless, Loma has shown special talent in his career, which Haney has never came remotely close to. I gave Loma rounds 1, 10, & 11. I gave Haney every other round.

  • Yes. All the people saw what happened, but 100 years from now, they will all be dead. The record would have read, the crowning achievement of a lifetimes body of work culminating with an older smaller , Boxer , who was arguably the greatest amateur of all time, beating a tremendously talented young fighter for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world. A monumental feat of Herculean proportions. Instead, it will say Lomachenko tried and failed in his career defining moment. No one will know what really transpired. They should take the 3 judges out and hang them from Caesars Palace rafters They destroyed a mans moment in History. I hope they are proud.

  • Watched the fight 4 times and IMHO Lomachenko squeezed by with UD. Fans and many pro boxers agree Loma should’ve been given the win.

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