Lomachenko Postfight Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

At the post-fight press conference, Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) talked about his defeat to undisputed lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In a fight that saw Lomachenko do everything possible and in the end he came up short as Haney pulled out a controversial unanimous decision win.

Here is what Loma had to say at the post fight press conference.

“It is what it is, I want to say thank you. Bob, your company gave me a second chance. See you next time…I know I won the fight. I controlled the fight and every round.”

Promoter Bob Arum added, “Everybody was stunned about the score, but I’m not going to comment on the score. I am the promoter.”

Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas announced that Team Lomachenko will file a protest with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“This is the biggest robbery. For the other team, Christmas came in the summer. We will appeal but we want to show there has to be justice. Somebody needs to end this injustice.”

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  • Everybody knows (including the commentators that i listen to) that Loma wins except the Judges

  • I can’t anymore boxing is a joke we see it time after time it’s the American way it’s not about skills anymore it’s about your relationships sad boxing isn’t real anymore it’s a dying sport

    • I fully agree. In boxing, there’s always been the cash cow who the promotors and networks and everybody else who stands to profit off of is heavily influenced to win. All the advantages sway towards that fighter; last week it was Rolly, this week it was Haney. As long as Haney is on top, you will never see lose lose a close decision or be the victim of a controversial stoppage.

  • It’s time to get rid of some belts and implement a new way to judge these fights. Boxing is dying under the weight of this nonsense. Just imagine if more than one NBA team per year could say they won the championship game, or if four different teams in the NFL could say that they were last years Super Bowl champions, it’s ridiculous as much as it is nauseating trying to peace together who is the legit champion in any given weight class, let alone hoping to ever see it resolved by getting them Into a ring with each other. The fact that a “champion” can avoid other champions, and number one contenders for years on end is another issue that only boxing as a sport has to deal with and it flat out spells corruption and makes a mockery of the title. And no one can disagree that boxing judging has a serious problem when he comes to tallying and scoring fights. Coupled with the influence of money, boxing has become a joke.

  • did not see the fight glad i didnt pay for it this has not been a good month for boxing after the rolly romero mess what can you say about the future of boxing most of the polls say loma won the fight haney probably wont fight in a rematch boxing is becoming more of a joke can see why mma is taking over

  • Best fight of Loma’s career. The sanctioning body should immediately declare a rematch.

  • well i wouldnt call it a robbery but Loma clearly outboxed and exposed Haney who had absoutely NO answer for Lomas straight left and counter jabs and hooks and he his movement had haney baffled hell even the usually very biased top rank judges were dumb founded all of the even blabber mouth punchy Bradley were just making up crap they ALL had Loma winning lol the ONLY thing they all kept saying was Haneys right hook to the body hahahahaha thats the only punch he seem to be able land and that was less than half the time he threw and if Haney had any power he couldhave slowed Loma down but nope Mr cant bust a grape did nothing but get educated and then gifted……..

  • Well, you can’t trust most people in this game, period; it can be a very shady business.

    Marvin Hagler

  • its probably is because he wasnt explosive enough, when your trying to win all those championship belts you cant just sit around and trying to defend yourself like you already own those belts in a normal way, but you have to fight like there is no tomorrow, yes most of his shots were difinately connecting, but you have to more explosive in every round, most of the time he was just running away or running towards him in more of a defensive way, lomachenko lost cause he was too defensive, he took the mayweather approach coming into this fight!!

  • You know they say when you go for the champ, don’t leave it to the judges. Haney was the champ fighting in his town, with American judges. Still, it was shocking to see how this was scored. A draw, possibly, at least a split, unanimous and lop-sided? Wow. Terrible decision.

    • Even though it was a bad decision, it was far one of the worst. Will not be overturned, perhaps Haney can decide to do it again.

        • No, I think the first Holyfield Lewis fight was the worst decision I’ve seen, but every one thought that Lomo had won.

  • It seems like these ringside commentators either work for the promoters or the networks with their clearly bias comments on the fights. Making up imaginary images of what is going on in the ring that we the public are not seeing. Haney is mediocre at best and was exposed tonight. Stevenson will expose him even more. We need better judges and these need to be investigated. Rosenberger clearly won his fight over Ali. All in all it was a sad night for boxing.

  • Reminds me when that trainers fighter Vyacheslav Glazkov won a robbery from Steve Cunningham a few years back.

  • When you have people scoring the fight 115-113 for Loma and it goes the other way, that isnt a robbery. They can protest all they want but hopefully nothing happens because nothing should. Loma vs Shakur next please.

    • I had it 116-112. The reason I think it sucks is that there’s literally no way you could have scored 6+ rounds for Haney. Maybe 5 tops. There were a lot of rounds where Lomachenko was so much better that it would have been criminal to give those rounds to Haney. My wife, not a boxing wizard by any stretch but a decent casual observer, thought it was a wipeout in favor of Lomachenko. When that is obvious to the most casual of viewers, it makes decisions like this all the more insane.

  • Protest to the Nevada State Athletic Commision? they are the problem.

  • In my own way, I am a very simple person.

    I think whoever was the best should win. In soccer, for example, whoever scores the most goals wins. It is agreed that it shall be so. It’s a simple principle.

    Haney is an extraordinary boxer. I thought he would win comfortably. It didn’t turn out that way. I was wrong and I’m not ashamed of it.

    A kind of resignation sets in. Not just for me.

    Regardless of what people saw, what people say and express here, the fight will be forgotten in the future. What remains for those interested in boxing are the official numbers, they show that one of the boxers won this fight somewhat narrowly but still clearly.

    A winner deserves to have his hand raised and hear the cheers while shouting his joy. It didn’t turn out that way. Instead, he got an ice-cold bucket of water thrown over him.

    It annoys me immensely.

    • It happens in boxing so frequently… the hard part is you usually know going in which fighter is going to get every round that is even marginally close. And yet we watch it anyway.

  • Loma won in my opinion but he did show his age a bit too, he couldn’t finish off Haney when he had him hurt a few times, Loma should not fight Gervonta Davis .!

  • Unfortunately it looked like racist black supremacist Haney won. Haney did not look remarkable at all though. Loma looked nothing remotely like his best. I gave Loma rounds 1, 10, & 11. I gave Haney every other round.

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