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  • It’s time to get rid of some belts and implement a new way to judge these fights. Boxing is dying under the weight of this nonsense. Just imagine if more than one NBA team per year could say they won the championship game, or if four different teams in the NFL could say that they were last years Super Bowl champions, it’s ridiculous as much as it is nauseating trying to peace together who is the legit champion in any given weight class, let alone hoping to ever see it resolved by getting them Into a ring with each other. The fact that a “champion” can avoid other champions, and number one contenders for years on end is another issue that only boxing as a sport has to deal with and it flat out spells corruption and makes a mockery of the title. And no one can disagree that boxing judging has a serious problem when he comes to tallying and scoring fights. Coupled with the influence of money, boxing is becoming a joke.

    • Agreed. Boxing needs a major revamp, that includes better scoring, otherwise it is finished!!!!!!

    • @Johnathan York Excellent points. The multi-belt per division thing is beyond ridiculous. Wouldn’t mind seeing fewer weight classes as well. Who is in position to make these changes though? Who makes the alphabet groups go away, and will implement a new scoring system, etc..?

  • Loma was punching Haney’s face.
    Haney was punching Loma’s arms.
    Judges should be checked for drug abuse.

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