Haney Postfight Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

Following his victory Saturday night, undisputed lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney talked about defeating three-division world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko.

  • “The bodywork is what won me the fight tonight. I knew I had to invest in the body. I was breaking him down. He was fighting in spurts. He had some good moments during the round but he wasn’t finishing the round strong.”
  • “At the end of the day, people can say what they want to say, but the only thing that matters is what the judges had.”
  • “How much more do y’all want me to prove? I have been at 135 since I was 16 years old. I will probably move up.”
  • “I fought a different fight than you guys ever saw me fight. I took it to him, hurt him to the body, showed my versatility. I feel like I definitely proved myself that I am one of the best fighters in the world. I’m #1 pound-for-pound.”
  • “Me and Shakur are on a collision course either at 135 or 140 or 147. We are definitely gonna get it on when the time is right.”

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  • In other words Shakur isn’t next. In other words. Haney will not be undisputed in no other Weight classes

  • Haney got broke off last night. Loma beats him to the punch all night long. Can you say Haney beat Loma going to the body, I guess. There was so much more and when your opponent has you fighting on your back foot from rounds 7-12, Loma controlled the distance, controlled the fight, landed much more significant punches. End of story.

    • Nope. I watched it 3 times. I wanted Loma to bust Haney up because Haney did some chump shit pushing Loma at the weight in. That said, Loma can not say he won that fight without a doubt. The best he should have gotten was a draw. There is no hands down about him supposedly winning.

      • Well, your opinion, but Loma was going forward pretty much from the 7th round on. I believe he took rounds one and two as well. After five I had him up 3-2. He landed much more significant shots. 8-4 at least 7-5 Loma.

      • I agree. I had it 117 112 Haney. Now I know many will disagree but let me explain. In then first 9 rounds I honestly thought Haney won 7 of them. I gave rd 3 to Lomo and had round 1 even. Now I understand many will disagree but can anyone honestly say Lomo dominated any of those rounds I gave to Haney? You may be able to say Lomo edged some of the rounds I gave to Haney but did he win any of the first 9 rounds so convincingly that no one can argue? Yes Lomo won 10 and 11 hands down and those were the definitive rounds in the fight. The judge who gave rd 10 to Lomo is wrong. Those rounds were Lomo’s …no question. However….those rounds count no more then any of the others. I as the judges thought Haney edged out rd 12. Again people may disagree however can you give rd 12 to Lomo without question? My point is at least in my humble opinion this is not like Canelo – Bivol where the judges were giving obvious Bivol Rounds to Canelo. This was a fight that had 10 very close rounds. In a fight like that one can have a wide score if they favor a certain thing a fighter is doing. i.e. I liked Haney” right hands to the body. Of course people may disagree as it is subjective and like I said the rounds were close. But this is not a robbery. Yes it looks bad on Haney that a man that is smaller and more then a decade older handed him his butt in rounds 10 and 11 but it still only earns him two 10-9 rounds on the scorecards. Yes Lomo had the bigger moments but boxing is not scored that way. Hey I am sure if a 35 year old Roberto Duran had a competitive loss to a 25 year old Milton McCrory fans would react in a similar manner. Anyway that is my two cents.

  • Something has to be done about the judging, or is it the payoff that matters, look at what they did to GGG.

      • Watching the third fight without sound, neither fighter did anything. Another draw to a 115-113 either way. The horrible commentary with the 10-2, 11-1, Canelo bore no resemblance to what happened in the ring. Even worse, Bivol dominated Canelo, winning at least 10 rounds, and those Nevada judges were one round away from a unanimous 114-114 draw!

  • How did Haney’s dad seem so confident after round 10 telling his son he was winning the fight? It was pretty even after 10. And that 1!judge that gave Haney the 10th, he must not have believed in scoring even rounds. At worst, round 10 was a 10-10 round, no way you can give that round to Haney. And Haney didn’t dominate the 12th, and lost the 11th. If Haney moves up to 140, they have to put him in tough. They should burn this guy out with tough fights, no matter who the promoter is, and have him retire at 27 or 28. If they put him in tough at 140 (not Rolly), he’ll have a draw and a loss on his record before 2026.

    • I also thought is was very close after 10. Haney definitely didn’t dominate the 12th, but that doesn’t really matter. Loma clearly won the 11th, and Haney probably squeaked out the 12th (he won that round on all 3 cards), but both rounds were 10-9. Moretti giving Haney the 10th was a bad call, but flipping that score of course wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Don’t know if Loma thought he had it in the bag entering the last round, or if he was a little tired, but he failed to build on that big 11th round he had.

    • You all over the place in your comment, write better or don’t say sh_t!

  • I was a pretty good fighter. But it was the writers who made me great.

    Jack Dempsey

  • Shakur smokes him. Both are kind of boring though. Haney does not have enough for the top guys at 140. I think Ryan Garcia is too strong and too fast. Haney not good enough to take advantage of Garcia’s weaknesses like Tank. Tank beats Haney as well. I’d also favor Prograis and possibly Taylor if looks as good as expected against Teo. Haney is very good but delusional. He thinks beating a limited fighter like Kambosas 2x merits pound for pound rankings. He said he would show he’s a level above a smaller fighter but barely won. Win is a win though.

  • Haney should stop running his mouth and Shakurs name should definitely not be spoken by him or his dad since they both know they’re gonna avoid him like the plague. There’s real no money and Haney knows he’ll lose. And he’ll move up in weight to avoid any discussion about Tank. Tank would knock Haney into yesterday.

  • Apparently, we are going back to when the Mob ruled Las vegas & the sport of boxing. Loma won the fight without about but the problem here was that betting odds were against the Ukranian. If the judges had given the fight to Loma, the Casinos would’ve lost a lot of money. Which would’ve made the bosses in Vegas very angry. We all know that accidents happen. People fall of windows, etc.

    • “Apparently, we are going back to when the Mob ruled Las vegas & the sport of boxing. ”

      We never left. The mob has always ruled LV and boxing.

  • I couldn’t watch the whole fight .. but was able to catch a few rounds and then highlights later I’d say it feels more like a Draw. I did notice Haney landing to the body a lot and Loma fighting in spurts like Haney mentioned particularly toward the end of the rounds. Haney did a few things that most people won’t see in between punches and slipped a lot of punches from Loma as well. I wouldn’t have been comfortable with Loma taking all his belts based on last night alone but a draw would’ve been ok. I don’t really listen to the comments or most people online because.. well, you know why. I have to see it myself. Maybe I’ll catch it sometime if they have a replay on espn+ or something. Then I’ll type my opinion about it but based on what circulating it feels more like a very close competitive fight. Some people are biased or favor certain things that don’t reflect every second of each round.. so to me it feels like a draw. Nevertheless, we have to respect Haney for fighting and wanting to fight. At least the man is fighting.. no complete one sided stipulations.. look at the other guys I feel like they’re retired. Despite not always agreeing with the judges decisions I want to see more fights. But like I said I’ll hold my final judgement for now.. after I watch the replay

    • Very good assessment of the fight. I did see the whole thing, and my main take away is, if you go for the king, do not miss. I hate to say this, but its true. Champions in their home town, with their judges, have the benefit of the doubt. That was Haney. Its clear to me that the first 6-8 rounds were close, which means they likely tip towards the champ. On the other hand, it was also clear that Loma was never in danger, he pushed the pace (as Shakur said) and despite those hard body shots, didn’t really slow down. And Loma clearly confused Haney, especially with that overhand left, and resetting his feet. Which became apparent in later rounds, when he definitely hurt (stunned) Haney. So, short of a TKO, I don’t see how Loma could have overcome the bias against dethroning a $ making king.

  • Shakur Stevenson said it best; Lomachenko is the real undisputed Champion of the lightweight division. Enough said.

    • Of course he said that. He wants a big payday with an easy win so why not. Another loss for Loma vs Shakur.

  • it’s about the money that’s why haney win. no haney, no honey and no money.

  • Diabolical decision, seems like nothing has changed in boxing.
    When it was one organisation being influenced by ” the mob” it was bad enough,how they must of rubbed their hands with glee when 4 governing organisations were created for them to “influence” ! Comical really. And fair to say this shit happens in other countries too as well as in other sports . Sad times

  • Haney barely and luckily won. He knows Shakur will school him. Will avoid this fight until he can’t.

  • In summary, Loma and Haney was a great fight. Look how much controversy it has stirred up on this webpage with posts over who won and lost. Haney has not been the first fighter in boxing history (nor the last) to be given controversial/debatable decisions. What we have to do is hope he takes the rematch with Loma and if he does not, maybe he will select an opponent that will challenge him just like Loma.

    • I’m sure Team Haney will listen to all offers, but for now, they don’t seem interested in a rematch. Bill Haney said it wasn’t necessary, or something to that effect. Devin seemed to sidestep the question. There are a lot of options for Haney at 135/140, and Loma is a pain in the ass to deal with in the ring, so Haney may look elsewhere unless a rematch is mandated because of the controversial decision…and even then, he can always bolt to 140. I’m thinking no rematch, but it’s probably a better idea than Tank. Tank almost certainly KOs Haney.

  • Haney better look the truth in the eye and realize where he came up short because one day that truth will be standing in the ring with him and his name is Gervonta Davis.!!

  • Haney is now the guy people tune in to see lose.

    Tired of the cocky fighters and theirs dads. Both the Haneys and the Lopez’s can take a hike.

    While I’m at it so can Andre Ward and his bias take on fighters. We know who you like Andre. We get it. We all get it. Enough.


    • You accusing Andre Ward of “his bias” take is like accusing him of breathing. We’re all biased to a certain point. Just look at the fight new comment section. Tim Bradley hates Tank Davis and it shows in his comments. Teddy Atlas was biased toward Lomachenko who was 7 fights in his career over Andre Ward who was 30 fights deep in his career and won the Super 6 tournament against the best of the best at 168. You’re hard-pressed to find an unbiased fan or commentator. Believe it or not, even your biased.

  • Haney definitely got a gift and the cook made the right food for the boy. Loma won most the rounds as the boy was trying so hard to keep up with the master of boxing. Something has to be done with the bad judging in boxing, it just is so horrible.

  • Loma should retire before he turns into Roy Jones.
    Either that or move down to 130 because at 135, he is nothing more than a gate keeper. Overrated!

  • Lomachenko won in a competitive fight. They need to correct the decision and discipline two of the judges and ban Dave Moretti. He’s on the take no doubt.

  • I was at the fight and had decent seats. Looked close up until the half way point and Loma defiantely should be the undisputed champion. He rocked Haney many times at the end half of the fight. Many Haney fans including myself thought Loma took it. Maybe 116-112. Another BS decision. People threw drinks at Haney and his Pops that they didn’t show on TV. Bill was arguing with fans leaving the arena… show that lol

    • We can’t always go by people’s reactions. How many times did Jack Johnson win and the crowd threw items and made comments or when Pernell didn’t get the well-earned decision over Chavez in San Antonio because they were worried the people would riot? The crowd was already biased against Haney so not a good indicator. People lie but stats don’t. 116-112 is ridiculous and there is no way Haney got such a lead from his in-ring work. Loma was busier by 159 punches but landed more shots by a narrow margin. Loma definitely didn’t lose if we’re looking at the stats. Bare minimum it was a draw.

  • He rematches Kambosas but he clearly doesn’t want more smoke with Loma. When everyone thinks a person beat you….except for you, your family and close friends….then something is wrong. If there’s any discussion of someone being better than you…the idea should be to erase all doubt. Fighters these days just don’t have that mentality.

    Even Floyd a guy who’s hated by a lot of people. When people thought he lost or had a close fight he’d rematch. He had an unexpectedly “close” fight with Maidana so they fought again. Most people (myself included) thought he lost to Castillo and he rematched him and it wasn’t close.

    The fact that he didn’t at least offer a rematch to a (clearly slower, undersized, and pst his prime) Loma is shameful.

  • I initially went for Haney prior to the fight. After the fight, I believed Loma won. The only thing that matters is the stats. I can now see why it would be called a draw. Volume vs percentage. Loma threw 159 more punches and landed a higher percentage of jabs by 1%. He landed 14 more punches in total. He landed 9 more jabs and 5 more power shots. Haney landed a higher percentage in total punches 27% to 22% and power shots 41% to 30%. Volume gives Loma the edge (by a small margin) and percentages give Haney an edge by a small margin. So who wins?

    The issue with boxing is inconsistency. Sugar Ray Leonard the nod to become the new champ over Haglar, who most thought won. Pernell Whitaker got a draw against Chavez who most felt he dominated the fight. It appears Loma was pushing the action and landing the more effective shots. Loma said post-fight that his dad always told him to leave no doubt in the ring. The stats leave doubt if he did enough to beat the champion. The fight should have been a draw bare minimum. Loma didn’t lose.

  • Bob knows how to slip that under the table money. Haney got slapped up. Real fans are not blind. Boxing fell off.

  • Loma won this fight by FAAAR he took 8 of the 12 rounds, and made Haney look like a rank amateur.Funny how 80 % of the boxing public has Loma winning, we need as I said for years a federal boxing commissioner enough is enough already, and Haney BOUGHT the judges

  • I think a big problem here and overall is that judges refuse to score 10-10. I had three rounds 10-10.
    If its close…it is OKAY to score it that way.

  • Nevada boxing commission has gone woke! We are watching in real time how sports are becoming increasingly more political every day. The only way to ensure a win is a knockout now. Sad.

  • I want to know where is Devin mom, and I’m only asking because of the sh_t his dad be wearing; looking like Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch with that polyester short set on.

  • No Haney, your judges were Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Hellen Keller. That’s why you won the fight.

    The three judges should have been neutral

  • Delusional AF. Yeah, move on like this didn’t happen!!! WE ALL SAW IT!

    Redeem yourself with a rematch overseas!! Otherwise you will not be taken seriously. You will always be the lucky bastard that got away with that gift decision.

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