Tyson Fury arrives in Australia

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has arrived in Australia and will be in attendance on Wednesday night at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne to support close friend and former world champion Joseph Parker (31-3, 21 KOs), who will clash with Faiga “Django” Opelu (15-3-2, 11 KOs) in a ten-rounder for the Commonwealth heavyweight title.

Fury also revealed that he’s considering fighting in Australia himself.

“Over the next few days we’re going to be traveling around to a few different states and looking at some potential venues for my next fight,” Fury told NCA NewsWire. “Australians are always crazy boxing fans, so it would be great to get the Gypsy King Down Under. We’ll find out more over the coming weeks…I’m trying to fight in the UK. I’m trying to fight here. I want to be a heavyweight champion that fights on different continents, not just at home or in America.”

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  • “Tyson Fury arrives in Australia”

    Who cares.

  • I’d run to Australia as well if I got caught out chatting s.hit about Jon Jones.

  • Unless there is an Australian fighter there is zero reason to have heavyweight title there..it’s like picking Russia without having a Russian be in main event ..I assume he wants bs fight with Parker there ..the Middle East is crazy which is reason they can afford to pay for a fight without any vested interest but that’s it

    • Yes and no. Australia is capable of hosting massive international sports (e.g. tennis, cricket, formula 1) events for one and is a sports crazy country. I hear you but there are exceptions such as iconic fights such as Thriller in Manila, Rumble in the Jungle. I think Fury should do what he needs to and focus on getting the Usyk fight signed otherwise he risks a major slump in popularity.

  • Kind of lost interest in Fury after all of the posturing and delays w/Usyk……

  • No fight..
    lots of talk from Fury
    However, Fury showing up to see the fight is more interesting than the actual fight

  • As usual full of S-it
    Looking for a fight in Australia lol
    He’s gone there for a few beers and nothing else

  • I sure as shit would want to go and see the mighty Gypsy king fight in Oz if it gets done but yeah prob just a bunch of hoopla

  • Tyson should make the fight with Usyk. It really is the only fight to make for Fury.

    • Exactly. Plus it is not like he needs the money in order to fight Usyk.

  • Fury has morphed into a prime dosser. Goes to show what money and fame can do.

  • So, the coward Fury is looking to fight an Aussie bum. Really Great!

  • Melbourne to Kyiv = 14,770km……… possibly couldn’t get further away…..Just saying 😉

  • >