Gore gets first round TKO

Former NFL star Frank Gore (2-0, 1 KO) scored a first round TKO against Joshua Romero (0-3) in a heavyweight clash on Saturday night at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas. The former 49er running back connected with some huge shots prompting a referee’s stoppage. The 39-year-old Gore won his pro boxing debut in May after getting his feet wet in an exhibition fight on a Jake Paul undercard last year.

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  • This is why boxing is dying, An old former football player and Youtubers get more scribes in the media than honest hard working real fighters, not forgetting better paid.

    • Boxing’s dying, but it sure isn’t due to retired football players stepping into the ring. If you’re looking for something to blame? Blame the fact that boxing’s decentralized, with no equivalent of a UFC, NFL or Major League Baseball governing the sport.

    • Julian, I always find that you give thoughtful, insightful comments on this site. It amuses me and also irritates me that this comment got a thumbs down. People…

  • With a pathetic fighter like Tyson Fury operating as champion, it’s no wonder that these non-fighters, retired NFL football players, YouTubers, and retired NBA basketball players are getting attention. I guess Gore is headed for a match with gimmicky Paul. He fits the profile: black, shorter, a non-fighter, retired, over-the-hell professional athlete, little to no fighting experience, maybe even struggling with CTE and easily prone to concussions. It’s quite pathetic, which is why I have completely turned by attention to the lighter weights.

    • Lol you know 99 percent football players and boxers don’t have CTE right? That is just something white liberals made up to justify when these guys do something they shouldn’t do.

      I do agree that Tyson Fury is trash and pathetic though.

      • How many pro fighters have you been around? How do you know 99% of them don’t suffer CTE? I have been around many.. MANY accomplished amateurs with prominent signs of drunkenness/CTE, let alone the pros that I’ve met, trained alongside, and conversed with. I assure you, your 99% assumption is way off.

  • If Fury ever fought one of the Klitchko brothers he would be nothing to write about because he would be knocked out in the first round.

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