Golden Boy Restructures Staff

Golden Boy Promotions has announced David Tetreault will step into the role of Chief Business Officer and Equity Partner. He joins existing partners Bernard Hopkins and Eric Gomez. Tetreault will strategically drive in all TV and streaming licensing deals, media, entertainment, marketing, communications, corporate development, sponsorships and co-manage all financial aspects of the company.

In addition to Tetreault’s promotion, Golden Boy long-time team member Marco Pelayo has also been promoted. Pelayo, will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer.

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  • I really hope that GBP can keep on building or rather rebuilding. It seems that many of the fighters on their roster have either been dumped by the company or weren’t happy and left the company the main one being the cash cow Canelo.

    I have always suspected that Oscar would return to his old self in cross dressing or using kitchen utensils. I seriously hope that he is really set free from that behavior but something tells me he has a garterbelt or fishnet packed away someplace ready to resurface in it. Please Oscar burn those skimpy disgusting outfits once and for all your kids will find out, it’s just not worth it man!

    • If Oscar wants to get high with hookers, wear fishnet stockings and play with utensils – it has nothing to do with nothing. Its just continuing to kick a man while he’s down at this point. I see Oscar getting in shape and talks of getting back in the ring, at 48. Thats an inspiration and something for him to be proud of.

      • NJ: Exactly. Agreed brutha. Restucturing a company means that shit wasnt working right and needed to be fixed. Kudos to Oscar for not only seeing that but accepting it! I hope he can rebuild his brand and create another elite stable.

      • I hear you and you have a point. I should have figured there’s men out there who support men cross dressing even encouraging it such as yourself NJ Boxing. You have a point though if that’s what you like to do then who am I to judge or knock that behavior. I personally think it’s wrong it’s immoral and very feminine but I apologize for judging yours and Oscars behavior. I was wrong.

  • Hey Bobby Chaliano II, let’s all agree to put our “morals” aside and talk boxing, yes restructure is good hope it pumps new blood in the organization’s raster, but losing Canelo was a big blow to GBP

  • Just to be clear, when the article says “staff”, it’s referring to the employees who work for him, correct?…You never quite know with Oscar

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